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“We’re all super, super close so I always know that I’ll be able to see them. [They’re] a phone call away. I think what I am going to miss the most are the crew, who are so incredible, and every person who worked on the show has made such an impact on my life…They’ve been in my life for the last seven years and they’re really, really important to. I am kind of leaving a family.” - Ashley Benson


8 Casts of PLL - Through the year (2010-17).
Spencer Hastings - 7 years (1-7)
Ezra Fitz - 6 years (1-4 & 6-7)
Caleb Rivers - 7 years (1-7)
Emily Fields - 7 years (1-7)
Aria Montgomery - 7 years (1-7)
Toby Cavanaugh - 7 years (1-7)
Hanna Marin - 7 years (1-7)
Alison DiLaurentis - 5 years (1 & 4-7)

PLL cast on their favourite ship:
  • Lucy Hale: Ezria — possibly because I am a little biased.
  • Shay Mitchell: I’m going to have to say Emison on this one.
  • Janel Parrish: Haleb! Always have, always will. Their chemistry is smokin’.
  • Ian Harding: My own. Duh. Actually I really love the ol’ Alison and Emily storyline.
  • Keegan Allen: Spencer and Tobias…duh.
  • Andrea Parker: I ship all the original couples, but I am captain of the Emison ship!