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I’ve Never Been In Love Before (Owen Grady x Reader)

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As requested by anon: could you please do one where reader is out in the park when I-Rex gets loose and is in the jungle with Zach and Gray & Owen’s going crazy & when he and Claire find them reader gets SUPER badly injured & Owen freaks the frick out because I need some protective/worried/loving angsty Owen in my life!

Owen vowed never to fall in love. He’d been hurt too many times in the past. Not by women, though, but rather by the loss of friends during his Navy days and his family that had shunned him for joining in the first place. He was ashamed, in a way. After all, he was supposed to be tough and strong, and yet, under that sarcastic, laid back exterior that he’d built up, he was lonely, scared, and empty. And even worse, he’d been brought down to the point that he was afraid of something he’d never even experienced before: a meaningful, romantic relationship. His raptors offered him some comfort. A distraction. A small presence to ever so slightly fill that gaping hole within him, but he refused to allow himself to love creatures that would happily tear him to shreds if given the opportunity. No. Love was not an option for him in any capacity of the word.

And then you came along.

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Photo Opportunity - Zach Mitchell

Pairing: Zach Mitchell x Reader

Characters: Zach Mitchell, Gray Mitchell, Karen Mitchell, Scott Mitchell, Claire Dearing, Owen Grady

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 909

Author: Hannah

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Hadestown Masterpost

So, people are writing to me asking for the Hadestown bootleg, but the truth is that… it doesn’t exist. Seriously, all the gifs you can see on my blog are from promotional clips that can be easily found on YouTube and I’ll link them to you right here:

Hadestown: Why We Build The Wall #NoWalls (Videoclip of the song)

Working in the Theatre: Casebook (The cast in rehearsal)

“Hadestown” Excerpt from New York Theatre Workshop (The end of Wedding Song)

Vermonters in Hadestown (Clips of Our Lady Of the Underground, Hey Little Songbird and a new song)

Don’t Miss HADESTOWN: Just Extended Thru July 31! (A simple advertising)

Bringing HADESTOWN to the Stage (More of the cast in rehearsal)

These are the videos I use for my gifs and edits, there’s no bootleg of the show that I know of, only official footage, which is not much but at least it’s something. Now go and enjoy.

Time For Us (Zach Mitchell x Reader) Part I

(Zach Mitchell x Reader Soulmate AU)

You were running out of time.

The time on your wrist was ticking down the seconds, but there were still a couple hours (three, to be exact!) until you would meet your soulmate. Out of the million that visited Jurassic World every day, one of those people were going to end up as your soul mate.

Having your work and personal collide was going to be interesting. Currently, you were work as an internship as an assistant to Claire Dearing and without a doubt you would agree it was hard work, but worth it.

Spending most of your time aiding her and working with her other assistant Zara, you also had alone time to in which you enjoyed watching the dinosaurs and families enjoying their time. But atlas, you spent most of your time working, like you did now. 

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1 & 19

Request: 1 and 19 with…. Zach?

Six months.

Six long months.

It had officially been six entire months since the sickening events at Jurassic World. Thinking back to that night still gives you the shudders and nightmares still haunt your dreams.

Thunderstorms became a new fear for you. The rain you could handle, it was the thunder that made you jump. It’s surprising how similar the sound of thunder can sound like a faint dinosaur roar. Perhaps one day you’ll overcome this fear and you can enjoy thunderstorms like you use to. But until then, thunderstorms will horrify you.

You sat on your living room couch with your knees pulled up to your chest and your thumb hovering over Zach’s number in your phone. Being home alone during a storm was the last thing you wanted to face right now.

You tapped the call button and you nibbled the inside of your lip while you waited for him to answer.

“Hello?” His voice muttered, he sounded tired and a feeling of regret played in your stomach.

“Hey, um, I was calling just to see what you were up to.” You ran a hand through your already tousled hair, nervously.

“I’m with my girlfriend.” He stated sounding annoyed and bored. Of course he was with his girlfriend, he was with her all the damn time. She annoyed you, she was way to clingy to Zach.

You had a small crush of Zach that had developed years ago and only increased after that night six months ago. He was so caring and gentle with you that night.

“Oh, um, that’s cool.” You didn’t know what else to say but when the thunder grumbled you remember the real reason you called him.

“Can you stay on the line for just a couple more minutes?” You asked knowing the sound of his voice would help calm you. A couple of minutes couldn’t do to much damage, his girlfriend could survive two minutes without having his attention.

“Why?” He snapped, he seemed on edge tonight and that made you nervous. You hated it when he got snappy with you, it hurt your feelings to be honest.

“Because I wanted someone to talk to while the storm gets through its worst.” You knew he was acting this way because his girlfriend was around, he always acted like this around her.

“Go whine to one of your other friends. You have other friends right?” Sarcasm worked like venom and tears built in your eyes. You did have other friends but none of them understood the fear you had like Zach did.

You would fight back but with the fear circling in your chest and how his voice seemed to stab you in your chest, you just couldn’t.

“But I’m scared…” You whispered, trying not to break into a thousand pieces.

“See if I care.” His voice sounded so mean it scared you, where was that boy he was six months ago?

“Zach!” Tears started pouring from your eyes and your voice went high from cracking.

Before you could make it through his name, he hung up. Leaving you alone in the dark while the storm raged on and the sadness consumed you.


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“This is awesome” you smiled as you, Zach, and Gray walked through the park. Zach didn’t seem to be very interested but you were ecstatic.

“Sorry if Gray’s a bit annoying” Zach muttered giving his brother a look “he’s a bit of a dinosaur geek you know”.

“It’s not a problem at all” you assured “your brothers adorable”.

“Not as adorable as me” Zach smirked.

“Yeah sure” you giggled pecking him on the cheek.