Text Confession

I originally saw the picture of Scott in his #OnePulse shirt when it was reposted by one of my mutual followers on Instagram. A smile crossed my lips, because I am and always will be truly grateful to have role models that are so active in a cause that matters so immensely. I clicked on Pauly’s profile, because I wanted to see the original post and show my appreciation with a like. Upon scanning the comments, my heart instantly sank.

So many people were not talking about the shirt. A large amount of the comments were about how “hot” Scott looks, or how well the shirt shapes his figure, or other things of this nature. Guys… it’s not bad to recognize how attractive Scott is. We do it all the time. But… that’s the problem.

The picture was meant to show Scott’s pride. It was meant to display a wonderful person standing up for the things important to him. Scott didn’t take this picture for the purpose of being viewed as attractive. He took it to speak out. He took it to be a part of the cause. He took it to show the t-shirt in a light that makes one think about the subject of the art. This picture speaks more words than many of his Snapchat selfies or Instagram photos do. And yet, all some people can think to say is, “How can someone be that hot?”

It’s okay to recognize Scott’s beauty. Really, it is. But when you’re really deciding what you’re going to take away from a photo or a video, think about why it was taken. Think about the deeper meaning of the shirt. When watching the Hands lyric video, find something more to say than, “Scott and Mitch look so perfect.” Don’t look at Scott and Mitch as just attractive people. Because honestly? They’re both way more than their looks, and I think that we, as a fandom, should make an attempt to recognize that more.