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The Recruit (Chapter 10) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 54″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Rob Russells & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Slow burn, some touchin’, some dirty talking, kissing, cursing..

A.N.: Not that long of a chapter but one I enjoyed writing to show how Mitch is dealing with his past with Katrina and his future with y/n.

Summary: Mitch talks to y/n about his past relationship and what it could mean for the two of them.

Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten - Chapter Eleven

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Mitch pressed his cheek against your hairline and watched your fingers as they brushed through the hair on his chest. You nuzzled your head further into Mitch’s neck, and he turned his head slightly to kiss your forehead. You found his free hand and intertwined your fingers in his, closing your eyes with a contented sigh as you enjoyed the feeling of your skin pressed against his, under the blankets.

“How are you doing?” Mitch asked quietly.

You purred. “I’m happy. How are you doing?”

“No flashbacks or nightmares? Nothing.. triggering from last night?”

You shook your head against his chest. “There’s a real difference between what they tried to do and what we did last night.”

Mitch nodded, then paused and you lifted your head up to look at his face. “I want to talk about last night.”

Your heart sunk, and you tried to keep your face from showing your true emotions. “Okay.”

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Word Count: 1777

Player: Morgan Rielly (Toronto Maple Leafs)

feat. Mitch Marner + the Leafs

Warning/s: relationship conflict (mentioned), mild swearing

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

“Do not do this! Do you hear me, Nylander? Are you trying to get yourself killed?”, you exclaimed in shock, watching the Maple Leafs Rookie climb on top of a railing. 

“But I can do it!”, he insisted.

“You are not going to do a backflip off a fucking railing in the middle of Toronto! Get down there, right now!”

The rest of the boys around you laughed at the exchange between you and their blonde friend. But they weren’t any better anyways. They were just as bad as William, who thankfully decided to take your advice and climbed back down, although he really wanted to show off in front of his friends.

“See, I said he wouldn’t do it! He’s too chicken!”, Mitchell grinned.

“You wouldn’t even try.”, William pouted.

“My turn then.”, Mitchell said, accepting the unspoken challenge.

But before he could even start climbing, you got a grip on his arm and dragged him away from the railing.
What would’ve happened if you decided not to join their late night walk? They could’ve gotten themselves killed and then you would be left to be the one saying: I told you so. Gosh, although some of them were legally adults, they were acting as if they were ten years old sometimes

“Hey!”, Mitch complained.

“Do not test me, Mitchell.”, you warned.

You gave the tiniest Rookie a light shove, causing him to almost trip over his own feet. But he caught himself and continued to walk next to Auston instead.

“You’re no fun, Y/n.”, he complained. 

“Agreed.”, William added.

“I’m the only one that’s keeping you alive when your girlfriends are out of town. So you better stop pouting.”, you disagreed, unable to hold back a chuckle.

“Okay Mom.”, the Rookies said in unison, all of them giving you a smirk. You turned to Morgan and rolled your eyes, making him laugh. 

“Why do they keep calling me Mom? I feel so old.”, you whined, leaning your head onto your boyfriend’s shoulder. 

“Because you’re their Rookie-Mom. We don’t make the rules.”, Mo smiled. 

He leaned down to place a sweet kiss on your lips, causing the boys in front of you to giggle or do fake gagging noises.

“Ew. You’re so gross.”, Auston complained. 

But a single glare from your side was enough to keep him in line, making Mo laugh again as he laced his hand up with yours and pulled you closer.

Your initial plan on how you would spend your Thursday night included a blanket, the couch, and a book. That you would share that blanket with Mitchell didn’t cross your mind until he appeared in front of your door though, looking distraught and sad, asking for your advice.

Mo was still out with Jake. What kind of advice would Mitch need from you? Girlfriend advice, as he established. Mitch looked like a kicked puppy when you let him in, trotting over to the couch and plopping down against the armrest as if he was at home. You promised to be right back, making two cups of tea to help cheer him up. And when you came back, Mitch had already pulled the blanket over his legs. You handed him his cup and sat down against the opposite armrest, sliding your own legs under the blanket next to his. 

“Careful. It’s hot.”, you reminded him. For a second, Mitch’s sad look disappeared and he had a smirk on his face.

“No shit, Mom.”, he joked, but after that, he started to mope again.

“You want my advice or you just want to share your sass?”, you asked, a smirk on your lips as you arched one of your eyebrows at him. Mitch rolled his eyes, but he sighed.

“I had a fight with Steph.”

“Why? What happened?”

“We didn’t have any groceries left. Steph normally picks them up, but tonight she decided to go out with Syd. So she asked me to pick them up from the store.”

“And what exactly is the problem with that?”, you asked.

“I had plans to meet up with Mats. So I said no.”

“And you couldn’t pick them up before or after you met up with Auston?”

“But why? I mean it’s her job! She could’ve squeezed it in too.”

“Why exactly is that her job? She’s your girlfriend, not your personal assistant.”

“That’s what she said before she stormed out, like half an hour into the conversation.”, Mitch muttered. He carefully took a sip from his tea, staring into his cup instead of at you.

“There’s something you didn’t tell me.”

“Before she stormed out I said something. And I think that’s the reason she left. Normally she wouldn’t just run away from an argument. But I didn’t think it would have such an impact on her!”, he groaned in frustration.

“What did you say?”, you asked, gently nudging his knee with your foot.

“I told her that she should be the one to get the groceries because I’m the one who brings home the money.”

You squeezed your eyes shut for a moment, trying really hard to suppress a facepalm.

“Mitch. Of course, she was mad enough to leave after that. Of course, it’s true that you earn the money, but if I remember correctly you were the one who offered to provide for both of you. That means you can’t use this as leverage to make her do things that you don’t want to do.”

“I didn’t mean it that way. I don’t get why this is such a huge thing.”, he muttered in confusion.

“You asked her not to search for a job so your limited time together would be more. She agreed. That means she trusts you enough to depend on you, but if you use that against her, that trust might disappear. Because what you said is basically: I pay, so you do everything I say. And that’s not what a relationship should be like.”, you explained.

Mitch’s eyes went wide while you spoke. Realization hit him like a train.

“I fucked up big time.”, he whispered faintly.

“No, don’t worry. This was the first time you said something like this?”

Mitch nodded.

“Just drink up, get groceries and wait for her to come home. And apologize. You can explain yourself, just don’t do it again.”

Mitch sighed in relief. For a second he had feared that he had screwed over his entire relationship but now he was much calmer thanks to your advice.

“Thank you, Mom.”, he said, a slight smile on his face as he took another sip out of his cup.

You gave him a smile back. Only then did you catch the eyes of Morgan who was standing next to the front door. He was smiling at the scene he had witnessed, motioning to the door of the bedroom. He didn’t want to interrupt your bonding moment with Mitch, and he feared that he might make things uncomfortable if Mitch knew that Mo was aware what was going on in his relationship.

After Mitch left to clear things up with Steph, you joined Morgan in your shared bedroom. Mo was already under the covers, wrapping his arms around you as you slid beneath them next to him. 

“You did well with the Kid.”, Mo smiled.

“Only trying to be helpful. I didn’t know being a Mom would make me so tired though.”, you yawned, a sleepy smile on your face.

“Get some rest and tomorrow I have something planned before the game.”

“Night Mo, love you.”

“I love you too, Y/n.”

Yeah, no. Sleep was not an option. Your body would’ve shut down immediately, but you were woken up every ten minutes because Mo was deciding to play windmill with his arms, tossing and turning the whole time. This went on for hours. He would move a lot and when you asked if everything was okay he would say yes and be very still for a couple of minutes until you were asleep. Then everything started again.

“Mo, what are you doing? It’s been hours. Why so nervous, honey?”, you asked, turning around to face him. Mo looked at you with wide eyes, a smile on his face at your sleepy appearance. 


“No, not sorry. Just tell me what’s on your mind or we won’t make it to that thing you planned.”

Mo battled himself for a moment before he sighed and relaxed.

“I had this whole romantic thing planned out, that’s why I was with Lucy and Jake tonight. But seeing you and Mitch just mixed all of that up.”, he confessed. 

“Mix what up?”

Mo sat up in bed and you followed his example, a slight frown on your face. What could possibly distract him this much? Nothing had distracted Mo this much, ever since you knew him.

Mo turned around and reached down to the floor where his pants were, pulling something out of his pocket.

“Mo.”, you gasped when you spotted the black box in his shaky hands.

“Lucy and Molly helped me plan out this whole romantic dinner. I thought of everything. We would have had dinner at your favorite restaurant, where we ate cake on our first date, that you love so much. We would have that exact cake for dessert and then take a walk in the park right across the street, with the little lake. I really thought about everything, but you. 

You always catch me off guard and you never stop surprising me. Every time I think “that’s it, it’s a problem”, it’s just not. You moved here with me without asking questions. You accepted the team as your family just because they’re my family too. Hell, I never thought you would even go out with me, and here we are.“, Mo rambled.

Tears started to prick at your eyes at his words, but they also forced out a smile that was playing on your lips.

"I love you, Morgan.”, you smiled, “My amazing ice cream cake enthusiast.”

“I love you too. So damn much. Y/n Y/l/n, will you marry me and take care of all of those Rookies with me?”

A watery giggle escaped your lips at the mention of the Rookies, but you nodded frantically.

“Yes! Of course.”, you managed to say, jumping over the bed into his arms.


The inspiration for this mix came to me while casually browsing ebay. I figured I would make a mix of songs I’m currently digging to accompany people on their online shopping adventures, something people can get hyped on while spending all their hard earned cash on stuff they would barely use. Whether you’re endlessly browsing similar products, finding the lowest prices, or amidst a spirited bidding war this mix seeks to lighten the online shopping experience and transform it into a dance party of sorts. Also inserted in the mix is the song “Truly” that’s coming out on my upcoming EP “Promise” — one of my favorite songs off the release.

I hope you all like this mix and I wish a fruitful and robust online shopping experience to all!

Michael Jackson - Rock With You (SteLouse Flip)
Neon Bunny - It’s You
Prizm x Alicia Keys and Usher - My Boo
Lindsay Lowend - Body Party
Stardust - Music Sounds Better (JAWS Version)
Mitch Murder - Ocean Avenue
Cats on Mars - Pon Pon Pon (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Cover)
Basenji - Speak with a Dofflin (Sable Remix)
Ryan Hemsworth - Ryan Must Be Destroyed (Wave Racer Remix)
Louis Futon - Sir Rock
Spazzkid - Truly (feat. Sarah Bonito)
VesperTown - Royal Flash (Tokyo Hands Remix)
Avec Avec - Moon Prism
Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells (Lazerdisk Bootleg)
Valles - St. Lucia [feat. Vallès] (L’Étranger Mix)
HARRISON - Down, B, Up, B
Spazzkid - Flotus (Flying Lotus Cover)

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Mitch Marner Pt. 2 - I’m Deaf

Hey I was wondering if you could do a part 2 to “mitch marner I’m deaf”?

Author’s note: I would love too!  I’m sorry if this sucked. I’ve been getting over being sick so my mind is still a little mushy. Enjoy my dear! -Julianne

It has been about a four month since you first met Mitch. You had to say the boy had a soft spot in your heart. It was also the first time a guy has learned sign language just to talk to you.

“Hey.” Mitch signed as he took a seat across from you. “Sorry I’m late. I got stopped by the press.”

“That’s okay, I’m glad you made it.” You signed back.

Mitch just smiled. After last weeks game, Mitch took you on your third date. He also asked if you would be his girlfriend at the end of the date.

“How was the morning skate?” You asked.

“Good, Auston and I had fun seeing who could get the most pucks in.” He signed back.

You giggled. “You signed puck wrong. It’s puck you signed the correct way.

Mitch just shook his head and laughed. “You would think I would nail that one.” He leaned over the table and placed a sweet kis to your cheek. Which caused your cheeks to turn red.

“Hello, I’m Seth I’ll be your waiter today, can I start you guys off with some drinks? The waiter said pulling out his order book.

You looked over at Mitch “Iced tea please.” You told him. Mitch shook his head.

“She will have an Iced tea and I will have a coke, please.” Mitch said to Seth.  And with that Seth was off to get your drinks.

“Does it bother you, that…well that I can’t hear?” You signed. The face on Mitch was mixed with hurt and sad. He thought for a moment before signing back.

“I don’t really care. I love watching you as you speak with your hands. I love how you always make different faces depending on what we are talking about. I don’t mind placing your orders or helping you speak to the the guys. I like you for you, not because you can’t or can hear.”

You could feel tears coming. You had boyfriends before but never one that made you feel just as normal as he was. You always hated not being able to hear, and sometimes you just wished that you could take a magic pill to make you hear. Mitch however never treated you any different. He learned sign language just to speak to you, not to help you speak to the other guys, like some people did. He didn’t make you feel awful for need him to say something for you. That was something new for you.

“Thank you.” You said back to him while wearing the biggest smile.

“For what?”

“For treating me like a person and not a charity case. No guy has ever done that for me.”

Instead of saying anything back, Mitch just leaned over the table and pressed his lips to yours. “You’re welcome my love.” He said before pulling you into another kiss.



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