mitch what are you doing at a park at like night

Mine’s Better (Auston Matthews)

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Can you do an Auston Matthews imagine when you are from Southern California (like San Diego area not LA 😂) so you always “jokingly” talk bad about AZ and then one day he post a video of you to arguing over which state is better and he posts it on Instagram and everyone thinks it’s the cutest thing ever.

Word count: 1171

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How you managed to end up in one of the coldest countries in the northern hemisphere was beyond you. After growing up in sunny San Diego, everyone was shocked when you decided to move to Toronto with your boyfriend, Auston. The move in itself was easier than you had expected. The two of you had a nice little apartment, a close group of friends that actually weren’t after being friends with the ‘rookie phenom’ known as Auston Matthews. You even enjoyed the city and your classes. The one thing that you couldn’t get used to, and probably would perpetually complain about, was how damn cold it was in Toronto.

You were used to waking up and seeing a beach outside your window, not five inches of snow. Where your feet were once adorned in either Chacos or nothing at all, you now had to layer socks and wear heavy boots. Your wardrobe that once consisted of nothing but t-shirts, shorts and bikinis were now replaced by cardigans, jeans and sweaters. Worst of all, your cute little convertible was traded in for a heated car with 4-wheel drive.

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Just Watch pt 2

Auston Matthews x Reader

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, slight language, major cheese!

POV: Third Person

Summary: A sleepy and woozy (Y/n) leads to Auston confessing some things

NOTE: Here’s part one!

Originally posted by mttymrts

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It had been a couple of weeks after (Y/n)’s breakup, and nothing much had changed. She still went over to Mitch and Auston’s from time to time, still fought with the latter of the two boys, still cried a lot and still did everything she could to erase her memories of her past relationship. 

It wasn’t working though. 

No matter what she did, she didn’t feel right. Sleeping in her own bed was hard, instant feelings of regret washing over her whenever she got under the covers. The emptiness next to her, a constant reminder of what had happened. She was losing sleep as well as her mind. 

That’s when Marns asked her to spend a few nights, try and get some rest and try to relax. 

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Auston Matthews - Proud

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I’m SO sorry this took me so long but I wanted to make sure it was perfect and I know nothing about ballet lol But I had so much fun with this, even if I started over like ten times! Thank you for requesting this :D

Request from @i-am-a-lost-girl16  :  Hi! Can I request an Auston Matthews imagine where you’re a dancer and he (and some of the team) come to your performance of the nutcracker? Just lots of cute fluff :) I love your writing!!!

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Auston Matthews #4.2


Anonymous said: Please please pleaseee do a part 2 to the auston matthews imagine you just did 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 soo good


Anonymous said: Can you do a part two of your recent Auston one? How they end up watching movies after the fire please !!!

Anonymous said: Please do a part 2 to the most recent Auston Matthews imagine!

deannaard said: Can you make a part two? This is just so cute and cuddly

okayleafs said: this was so cute! you should definitely make a pt 2💗

boo-boocmf said: Please do a part 2. This was SOOOO good.

A/N: wowowowow i was not expecting so much response from this imagine but damn thank you all so much <3 sorry if this sucked haha i wasn’t sure if i liked it honestly

Word Count: 1,747

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“Auston’s coming over?” Steph questioned while looking over at you, her eyes only leaving the road for a moment before she was focused on driving once again. You shrugged and then bit down on your lip. “I mean, you two were pretty cozy by the fire,” she smirked now. 

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Auston Matthews - Part 29

Really long… preparing for more angry messages and asks…

I stare at my phone screen a long time, my fingers hovering over my keyboard with Auston’s name at the stop of my screen. Stifling a groan I click my screen off and throw myself back onto my bed. Ever since Mitch texted me earlier today all I can think about is Auston and the fact that he hasn’t talked to me. I don’t think he would have let Mitch text me unless he was okay with it, but he hasn’t texted, called or snapped me in the last three days.

               Does he even care anymore? I think to myself and quickly shake the thought out of my head. Of course he cares. Auston may not have said it, but I know he cares about me just as much I care about him. I just need to be patient. I spent the last twenty-one years of my life without him, I can stand a few more days.

               My phone rings on the pillow next to my ear and I nearly roll off the bed. I fumble with the screen and finally accept the call.

               “Hello?” I say.

               “Hi, honey,” my dad’s rough voice comes through the other end and I can’t help but smile.

               “Hi, dad! What’s going on?”

               “Still plan on picking me up at the airport tomorrow morning?” He asks.

               “Yep, bright and early at 8:15,” I repeat what my mother told me on the phone yesterday morning.

               “Good girl, you’re going with me to the game on Tuesday with me, right?” My dad asks, a little bit of hesitation in his voice.

               “Yeah? Why wouldn’t I?” I ask him, frowning at the ceiling.

               “Hey I don’t know! You moved out, didn’t know if that meant you were too cool for me or something,” he says defensibly and I giggle.

               “You’re safe dad, we already know I’m cooler than you yet I still choose to spend time with you,” I say, rolling my eyes.

               We chat a bit more until three o’clock hits and the Leaf’s game comes on, being one who can’t talk to anymore while watching hockey, I hang up with my dad and snuggle down into my couch with Zalla and Andie. This is the Leaf’s last game on their short road trip and the first night of a back to back, coming home to play the Blues tomorrow. While my dad primarily works for the Red Wings, he travels around looking at other team’s prospects and possible trade bait, which is why he’s coming when St. Louis is in town.

               I had debated whether or not to watch the Leafs after Auston left, but it was the only way I didn’t feel quite so alone in this big house in a big city. Though I don’t cheer when they score, I just watch, much like my first game in Toronto with Auston’s family. My mind wanders to Mitch’s message about coming over when they get home, being a Sunday, their game is early and they will be home early tonight. I debate with myself if Auston will come with him or not. I highly doubt he would come, but I can’t help but get my hopes up.

               The game ends in overtime with the Hawks scoring just seconds in, a score of three to two. The urge to text or call Auston is almost overwhelming and let out a wail of despair when my phone goes off but it’s only a snapchat from my friend. I miss him. I miss him so much.

               Auston POV

               I stare at my lock screen as I board the bus to bring us to the airport. It’s the picture I took of Y/N when she was getting her dress fitted on her second day in Toronto. The background is a blur, only her smiling face and body in focus. I puff out a small laugh that despite everything, nothing has changed, this picture was accurate then and it still is now.

               When my screen lights up and starts ringing, I nearly jump. Looking around to see if anyone notices when I put the phone to my ear.

               “Hey,” I say after making sure everyone in a few seat radius is occupied with something else.

               “Hey, so I was able to track down Y/L/N before he went home. Looked like a fucking idiot walking around the Joe asking by the way,” Dylan’s voice says through the receiver.

               “Great, can you text it to me? I’ll call him right when we land in Toronto,” I mutter into the phone, sinking down a little in my seat.

               “Sure…” Dylan pauses on the other line like he wants to say something else.

               “What?” I ask him.

               “It’s just… does this have something to do about Y/N? We heard she moved to Toronto a few weeks ago, and I know you… ya know…” Dylan trails off.

               I don’t say anything and Dylan sighs.

               “I knew it. Look, I know you have a thing for her and she probably does you, but just… take care of her. I got to know her more last season before she got heavily involved in school stuff, she’s a great girl… very much like her dad just prettier,” Dylan laughs and I find I’m able to smile.

               “I know Larks, she told me about you actually. Something about falling down the stairs and blaming the black eye on a high sti-“ I snicker into the phone and he cuts me off.

               “Alright that’s enough story time. In my defense it was both the high stick and the combined falling that resulted in the black eye,” Dylan grumbles into the phone and I roll my eyes.

               “Whatever, bud. But really, thanks for hunting him down for me,” I say seriously.

               “No problem, bud. Good luck,” he responds and we hang up. Instantly I get the phone number in a text and quickly save it. As the bus pulls up to the airport I mumble what I have planned to say over and over again as we board the plane and set off towards home. Towards Y/N.

               Regular POV

               Mitch sends me a text as soon as they land and I send in a phone order for delivery from my new favorite Chinese buffet who, I recently discovered, deliver. He mentioned that it’s him and two others coming, who he doesn’t name.

               By the time they arrive it’s close to eight, coming directly from the airport. I don’t bother to get up from my place on the couch when they file in, too absorbed in my sweet and sour chicken. I scan the faces and turn my attention back to my plate when I don’t see the one I was looking for. Mitch, Morgan and Will shuffle to their respective spots they all claimed within the first few weeks of discovering my house. Mitch is in the chair beside me, Will is sprawled out on the sectional with the footrest and Morgan is sitting on the floor with his back against the couch by my knees.

               Almost instantly I relax for the first time in three days and realize how incredibly tired I am. These thoughts are validated by Morgan glancing up at me after thanking me for his meal.

               “Have you slept in twenty years?” He asks, a teasing tone in his voice and I scowl at him.

               “Count to twenty and I’ll answer,” I reply sweetly and he scoffs at me.

               “Good to be home, smartass.”

               I nudge him with my foot and he flicks it with his finger making me squeal with the sting. Quickly, we fall back into the usual banter, I make Mitch go wash his hands before he even thinks about touching the Xbox controller and he huffs at me muttering under his breath as he makes his way to the bathroom.

               No one mentions Auston and I don’t bring him up either. Soon enough, I doze off to sleep, my head on the armrest and my legs stretched out to almost where Will is sitting. I startle awake around three in the morning from an insignificant dream and blink in the darkness, disoriented. I move to sit up but realize there’s a blanket across me and my heart warms. Glancing around now that my eyes have adjusted, I can see Mitch reclined in the chair and Morgan on the other end of the couch where Will had been. I can hear Will’s soft snore coming from down the hall in the spare bedroom that I had thought I would be able to convert into an office but I had to put a bed in there instead thanks to a certain hockey player falling down my stairs one night after having a little too much to drink.  

               All of them seemed to have found blankets for themselves as well and their quiet breathing is reassuring. They stayed with me. My heart blooms and I snuggle back down onto my spot, sleep coming easy again.

               A few hours later I tip toe around them, heading upstairs to shower and get ready to head to the airport to pick up my dad. Zalla and Andie seem to have learned how to tip toe as well as they slink across the hardwood floors, being my shadows like usual. When I pull my shirt on my bracelet jingles on my wrist, I had thought about taking it off the last few days, but I found too much comfort in the strong band and beautiful charms. I finger the charms gently as I make my way downstairs and sneak through the foyer and out my front door without waking a single one of the boys.

               Zalla and Andie come with me, I know they miss dad as much as I do. They seem to sense my excitement as I drive closer and closer to the airport, their whines echoing in the backseat. Right as I pull into the pickup area my phone goes off.

               “I’m outside, honey,” my dad’s voice comes through the car speaker and I think my dogs are going to combust in the backseat.

               “I see you!” I squeal as I make the small loop and put my car into park before jumping out and into my father’s waiting arms.

               “Hi, baby girl,” my dad coos in my ear, I think he’s just as emotional as I am. Happy tears trail down my face as he lifts me off my feet, his arms right around me. I inhale deeply, taking in the husky and smoky smell of my dad and our wood stove from home.

               “I missed you,” I whisper and he laughs.

               “I gathered that,” he sets me down and puts his hands on my shoulder, examining me. “How you doing? Big girl in a big city,” he winks at me and I giggle.

               “I’m good, dad. It’s been a learning process. I now understand why mom never let me buy and eat an entire birthday cake myself.”

               “Ahh yes, that was the first lesson I learned too,” he wraps an arm round my shoulders and leads me back to my car where my dogs are quivering with excitement. “You brought the girls!” He exclaims and leaves me on the sidewalk like a piece of gum, diving into the backseat and being licked to death by Zalla and Andie. I don’t blame him though, I would have done the same thing.

               By the time we get back to the house, the boys are gone and for once the living room is spotless. I smile at the room and give my dad a tour of the now unpacked house, spending the rest of the day showing and telling him everything I’ve been working on at the university.

               Once we get to the arena there are hardly any people milling around yet. But that’s what happens when you get there two and a half hours before the puck drops. My father is familiar with the arena and leads the way through the bowels of the Air Canada Center, sticking close behind him and avoiding looking anywhere but at his back.

               Every time my father stops to talk to someone, I reach up to the ball cap I had thrown on before leaving the house and pull it a little farther down my head. No one my father stops says anything to me, which I’m used to from my years of following him around as a child. It isn’t until we turn down a hallway to head to the elevator that someone acknowledges me.

               “Mike, how are you?” My dad exclaims, clasping hands with the Leafs head coach. I can’t help but peek up at him, my dad and he had worked closely together over the years until Babs left Detroit to take on Toronto, growing up I had been close with one of his daughters when we were dragged by our dads to various games and practices.

               They make small talk a minute before Mike notices me standing behind my dad’s shoulder.

               “Y/N! I didn’t see you there. Heard you’re doing some big things in the Astrophysics department,” Mike winks at me and my cheeks warm with the smile forming across my face.

               “That she is,” my dad says, squeezing my shoulder, a proud look on his face that I beam under.

               “I heard you’ve been here over a month and haven’t come to visit me yet,” Mike quirks an eyebrow at me.

               ‘I’ve been here!” I gesture to where I know the family room is down the hall before I realize what I’m doing and I try to play if off as fixing my hat. My dad and Mike both raise their eyebrows at me. “Don’t give me that look,” I blush under their stares and look away.

               “She’s got a point Mike, she has been here,” my dad says, smirking at Mike and I scowl.

               “I’m surprised she admitted it,” Mike adds, both of them clearly enjoying themselves.

               “Shouldn’t you be yelling at your players or something,” I mutter and he laughs.

               “Only if they piss me off, Y/N,” he says, though he does glance at his watch. “Though I do have other things to get going besides yelling.” He shakes my dad’s hand and pats my shoulder. “I look forward to seeing you after the game, and you,” Mike then directs his attention to me. “I look forward to seeing you around here more often as well.” I make a noise in the back of my throat and nod at him with his knowing smile on his face.

               We head back down the hallway to elevator right when a group of boys rounds the corner in front of us. I immediately see Mitch and I know Auston will be right behind him. I duck into my father’s side and try to stay in his shadow praying that no one notices me.

               “Y/L/N!” Someone shouts behind me and both my father and I whip around on instinct. Babcock is standing down the hallway we just left, leaning against a door frame, a smirk on his face.

               “Ms. Y/L/N, to be exact. I forgot to comment on your hat, looks better than red and white in my opinion,” he says and I can feel the stares of nearly everyone in the hallway. Frowning, I reach up to the ball cap and pull it off my head. I turn it in my hands a Toronto Maple Leafs logo glares up at me, I hold it at arm’s length away much to amusement of the people watching me. What the…?

               “Now the real question is, are you going to put it back on?” Mike winks at me and then disappears into the door frame he had been standing in.

               I look from where he had been standing back to the hat and eye it warily. Turning on my heel I continue walking slowly with my dad, growing closer and closer to the group of guys still watching me. When I’m within fifteen of them I huff out a small laugh and plop the hat back on my head, adjusting my pony tail.

               “Where did I go wrong?” My dad muses beside me and I smile at him, continuing to ignore the gawking Leafs players to my right. They had been trying since I got to Toronto to get me to wear some sort of Leafs gear and apparently one of them had left a hat one night and I grabbed it by mistake.

               “Nineteen years ago when you showed me the sky,” I say back to him and he laughs softly, putting his arm around my shoulders and kissing the top of my head.

               “Then I wouldn’t change a thing,” he says and I squeeze his hand. Here is the only boy that would love me no matter what I did.

               My dad takes me up to the scouting booth where much of the Leafs front office people are. He talks with Brendan Shanahan for a few moments as I make my way to one of the free seats and try to ignore everyone around me. It used to amaze me that my dad worked and knew all these people, now I just want to watch hockey.

               We have to wait quite a while longer before the actual game starts and nearly the entire time my dad is either talking to someone in person or on the phone. I take the free time to people watch as fans file in, I start making a mental list of how many Matthews jerseys I see. I lose count very quickly.

               The game wears on, a nail bitter to the very end, even though the Leafs are up by two after an empty netter with two minutes left. With a final score of six to four in the Leafs favor, everyone leaves happy. My dad looks at his watch and mutters to himself, rubbing his face.

               “What are you thinking about?” I ask him, he only every does that when he’s stressed.

               “What? Nothing, just we have a little time before my flight leaves. Want to get some dinner?” He asks standing up and gathering his laptop and notes.

               “It’s almost ten…” I stare at him.

               “I didn’t say we have to go an eight course meal, Y/N,” my dad laughs. “I just need something to hold me over before my short flight home to your mother.”

               “Alright,” I sigh, standing next to him and stretching, my hand brushes against the hat and I smile.

               I drive my dad through Toronto as he looks for someplace we wants to eat and he finally decides on the restaurant that I went to with Auston’s family on my very first night here. As I sit down at a table just a short distance away from where I sat then, I almost feel the bracelet heat on my wrist. I touch the charms as my dad busies himself with the menu.

               “You seem awfully intrigued by that bracelet, Y/N,” my dad says, not even looking up from his menu. Okay, maybe he’s not as busy as I thought.

               I shrug my shoulders and put my hands on my lap.

               “Let me see,” my dad presses, putting his menu down and reaching towards me. I obey and place my wrist on the table in front of him, he gently lifts it and examines the little dangles.

               “This middle one is quite extravagant,” he muses, touching the blue and gold one. “Who gave you that one?”

               “Auston,” I mutter, my cheeks flaming and my dad chuckles.

               “Should have guessed,” he whispers more to himself than to me and I frown at him. I hadn’t mentioned anything about Auston to either of my parents, though my mom suspected it, I had never confirmed anything. Before I can ask, he puts my wrist back on the table and pats my hand before turning his attention back to the menu.

               “You’re being weird today,” I tell him, picking up my own menu.

               “What else is new?” He asks, not looking at me and I nod in agreement.

               Once I’m able to get him to leave and into the car towards the airport, I finally ask.

               “Is there a reason you didn’t want to go back to my house before your flight?”

               “What are you talking about? We were already out, no need to go all the way home and then back in just under two hours.” He’s talking fast and avoiding my eye contact. I pull up to a stop light and eye him.

               “Dad… I live less than fifteen minutes from the airport…” I quirk an eyebrow at him and he squirms in his seat, thankfully I got my poker face from my mama. “You just going to avoid my eye contact the rest of the way?”

               My dad turns his head slightly towards me and opens his mouth but seems to think better of it and looks forward again. “Yes.” He says and I sigh at him.

               We ride in silence the rest of the way until I pull to a stop outside the entrance, it’s a ghost town, not a person in sight. Sadness aches in my chest, it had been so nice having my dad with me all day, it kept my mind off of things. Now that he’s leaving and I have to go back to an empty house, a sadness comes over me.

               “Are you positive you and mom can’t just move here?” I ask him, tears in my eyes.

               “Oh, Y/N, as much as we miss you… I think you’re doing just fine on your own, baby,” he reaches across the console and wraps his arms around me. I lean into him and nuzzle my face into his neck.

               “But I miss you,” I whine and he laughs.

               “I think there are quite a few things you would miss in Toronto if you were to leave,” he whispers and I can hear more behind his words.

               “You’re going great kid, I’m proud of you,” he squeezes me once more before letting me go and reaching into the backseat for his briefcase.

               “Love you,” I say as he climbs out of the car.

               “Love you so much more,” he answers and winks at me, closing the door gently and tapping the roof.

               I blow him one more kiss and wait until he gets inside the airport to pull away. A few tears fall during my short ride home. I had thought having my dad here, even for a day, would make me feel so much better and now that he’s gone, I feel a hundred times worse and even more homesick. Even when I pull into my driveway, I can’t get myself to climb out and walk inside for another ten minutes.

               When I finally get myself composed, I step out of the car and trudge through the snow to my front door, not even noticing the other car sitting in my driveway. I fumble with my keys at the door, I realize my porch lights aren’t on. I tap the glass around the out light bulb and stop myself. That is exactly how horror movies start out, dumbass. Finally getting the door open I step in and close the door behind me before I even realize that the lamp that I always keep on in the foyer is also off.

               I hear a snap and suddenly there’s a light near my feet and I squeal, whipping around and pressing my back to the door looking around in a panic. Looking down at the floor I’m surprised not to see some half eaten zombie crawling towards me but a rope of what looks light white Christmas lights, which lead through the foyer and into the hallway behind it.

               I eye the lights for a minute and taking a deep breath, I step forward.

Best Skee-ball Player in Toronto (Not my Jersey pt. 2)

anonymous asked: 

can you please do a part two of not my jersey? it was so good!

Word count: 2368

Warnings: Sorry if your name is Tom Hanson and you get offended by Mitch Marner punching you

Author’s note: Do you guys want another part? Let me know!

Part 1

Originally posted by wonthetrade

You were absolutely freaking out, to put it lightly. Tonight was your first date with Auston and you had no clue where you were going, which meant you had no clue what you were supposed to wear. You weren’t the type of person to stress about what to wear, so this was completely new to you. When you heard the door of the apartment open, you nearly sprinted out of your room.

“Mitch, what the hell am I supposed to wear?” You wail, throwing yourself into his arms. He stumbles back, awkwardly patting your back.

“Good afternoon to you too, (Y/N).” You groan.

“You’re not being funny. My date with Auston is literally in two hours and I don’t know what to wear.”

“Well where are you guys going?”

“That’s the problem; I don’t know where we’re going.”

“Ooh, that is a problem.” Mitch agrees.

“Thank you, Captain Obvious. You’re Auston’s best friend. Where does he normally take girls on first dates?”

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Auston Matthews #1 - Prom

This is my first attempt at any sort of imagine/ specific character writing. The inspiration for this prompt came from my little brother going to prom recently and asking his girlfriend in a similar fashion. 

Auston had always been a year ahead of you in school. When he had graduated and subsequently been drafted you two decided to continue your relationship despite the distance.

During one of your Friday night skype calls you had mentioned to Auston that the official theme for prom had come out. The committee apparently had some clashing views so the end result was more of a mix of various classic themes that they hoped appealed to everyone. He had laughed at that and asked, “so when is it?”

“Uh,” you paused and pulled up the calendar on your phone, “Saturday March 4th at 7.”

Auston pulled out his own phone, “perfect. We play Anaheim on the third then I’ll fly down in the morning and be there in time.”

You looked at Auston in confusion, “wait fly down? Auston you’re coming?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I take my girlfriend to her senior prom? Unless of course,” he smiled cheekily, “you were planning on going with someone else. I know that Brandon from the lacrosse team always had his eye on you.”

You rolled your eyes, “Brandon has been dating Thomas for three years and you know it.”

“Alright well, how are you going to ask me?”

“Ask you? Why am I asking you?”

“Well how I see it is that I asked you last year. It’s only fair that since you still go to that school that you ask me,” said Auston like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

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The Younger Marner Part 2 - Auston Matthews Imagine

I’m already requesting a part 2 to the Marners little sister imagine!! I know you just posted it but it’s so good and I really wanna part 2!

This took wayyyy longer than expected… Whoops? Anyway, I’m making this an actual fic apparently ??? I kinda want to so tell me what you think and yes requests are closed, but not for this okay cool. Lol I hope you all like it, I do. Thanks for reading! -Accius

Part One

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Hockey Camp - Auston Matthews (Part 15)

Auston Matthews x Reader

Word Count: 1554

Warnings: Making out, mentions of nudity, swearing

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You awaken to the loud bang of a door and the heavy shuffling of feet.

“She should be in here,” you hear someone whisper. “Auston said he was hanging out with her last night. But if she’s not, we’ll have to go to the camp office.”

Suddenly the lights flick on and you close your eyes even tighter as you try to block out the brightness. You turn into someone’s chest, making them stir.

“What’s going on?” Auston yawns, his voice thick with sleep. He shifts and sighs, tightening his arm around your waist.

The footsteps get closer and then there’s a shriek. “Oh my god - are you guys naked?!”

At this, Auston’s eyes flutter open to see Mitch, screaming and covering his eyes.

“Steph, don’t come in here!” he warns.

“Wasn’t planning on it!” she calls out from somewhere in the distance.

“Get the fuck out Mitch,” Auston grumbles, pulling the sheet up higher over both of you.


“And for the record, we both have underwear-”

Mitch cuts him off. “I don’t want to know! Just be ready in fifteen minutes, because the bus is leaving for practice.” He slams the door behind him on his way out.

“Oh shit - practice. I fell asleep here last night, didn’t I?”

Auston smirks. “I may have convinced you to stay to cuddle a little longer. You were out in five minutes.”

“Sorry,” you apologize. “I didn’t mean to invade your space.”

“Yeah, it was awful. I didn’t sleep a wink last night because of your snoring.”

“What? I don’t-” you start, and then realize he’s playing with you. “Shut-up.”

He kisses your forehead. “I slept better than I have in weeks. It’s much better being able to actually cuddle you instead of pretending you’re my pillow.”

“You’re so adorable.”

He rolls his eyes. “You sound like my grandmother. Every time I visit her, she always pinches my cheeks and tells me how cute I am. Why can’t I be hot or sexy?” He tries to give you a seductive look and you laugh.

“Nope. Adorable it is,” you tease, pinching his cheeks and then leaping out of bed before he can retaliate.

After changing into the spare set of clothes Steph left for you in a bag, you quickly freshen up in the bathroom, borrowing Auston’s face wash and a spare toothbrush. You see him in the mirror as he comes up behind you, his hair now brushed and slicked back. He drops his chin on your shoulder and wraps his arms around you, squeezing you tightly against his body.

“You excited?”

You nod, leaning into his touch. “Really excited. Especially to kick your ass.”

“We’ll see about that,” he whispers, his breath hot against your ear. His hands trail down and grip onto your butt, grabbing it firmly.

He smirks as your breath hitches. Heat flashes through you, and you feel the same need rising in you as the night before. Turning around, you pull him down by his shirt, and kiss him hard on the mouth.

He responds eagerly, deepening the kiss and supporting your butt with his hands so you can jump up and wrap your legs around his waist.

“We…need to…leave,” you say in between kisses, but he ignores you and slides his hands up and under your sports bra.

“Auston,” you gasp into his mouth.

He drops his head and presses three open-mouthed kisses up your neck. “Something wrong?”

“We need to leave. Now,” you say firmly, unwrapping your legs from around him and hopping back down to the floor.

“Fine,” he whines, and reluctantly lets go of you.

“Let’s go,” you urge him, turning and walking quickly out of the bathroom. You grab your shoes and bend down to lace them up.

He smacks your ass as he walks by.

“Hey!” you yelp, hopping forward on one foot. “What was that for?”

“Being rude.” He smirks at you.

“If I didn’t say anything, we would have been late.” You glance down to check the time on your phone. “Actually, scratch that - we are late!”

You both scramble to slide on your shoes before racing out the door.

By the time you get to the parking lot, the girl’s bus has already left, so you’re forced to ride with Auston on the guy’s bus. Not that you mind sitting next to him, but you know there will be talk.

Auston climbs up the steps into the bus, with you following close behind. He keeps a straight face, but you can feel yours growing red with each passing second. You sense that everyone’s eyes are on you as you stumble to the back where two open seats await.

“Y/N and Auston, what a surprise,” Mitch says sarcastically, looking directly at you. “Have fun last night?” He winks and Auston glares at him coldly.

“Cut it out.”

“Hey, I was just asking a question.” Mitch raises his hands in defense.

“You can take your question and shove it up your ass,” Auston says bluntly, and pulls you forward, leaving an open-mouthed Mitch behind. The guy beside him cracks up and Mitch elbows him.

You start to walk again, but William interrupts you as you’re halfway down the aisle. “Hey, Y/N! What are you doing here?” he exclaims.

Relief floods through you at his familiar cheery smile. “Oh, hey Will,” you say, stopping to talk to him as Auston continues down to his seat. “I - um, I slept through my alarm this morning, so I was too late to catch my bus.”

Mitch, obviously eavesdropping on your conversation, hollers from across the bus: “Some alarm. Do you want to explain why you were really late, Y/N?”

You turn your head to glare at him. “Sure. But only after you tell everyone how your date went with Steph last night, Mitchell.”

A chorus of oohs erupts from the other guys surrounding you. Mitch pales and his mouth clamps shut.

You turn back to Will, who is laughing at your banter. “Sorry about him.”

“Nah, it’s cool,” he says good naturedly, grinning. “Welcome to the better bus.”

You raise your eyebrows, smiling back at him. “We’ll see about that.”

Out of the corner of your eye you catch the bus driver motioning frantically at you to sit down, and you throw Will an apologetic smile over your shoulder as you walk swiftly to your seat.

Auston is silent when you sit down beside him and doesn’t say a word to you for the first five minutes of the bus ride.

“Auston, what’s wrong?” you ask quietly. You wonder if Mitch’s teasing had genuinely bothered him.

“Oh, nothing. I was just thinking.” His expression is neutral, but his eyes show otherwise.

“Thinking about…?” you press gently.

He shakes his head. “It’s not important.”

“Communication is the single most important thing in a relationship,” you throw his words from last night back at him.

“I hate you,” he says, a smile twitching at the corner of his lips.

You laugh. “So what are you thinking about?”

“You. And Will.” He sighs.


“And? I was jealous?”

You roll your eyes and bite back a laugh. “Auston, Will and I are friends.”

“I don’t think you really see the way he looks at you.”

“I think he looks at me exactly the way he looks at Kasperi. Who, by the way, is his friend.

Auston scoffs, crossing his arms.

“Auston, even if Will has some sort of crush on me - which he does not - I will let him know I’m uninterested if he tries to make a move. I don’t see him in the same way I see you, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.”

“That’s what they all say,” he tries to joke.

But you answer in a serious tone: “If you can’t trust me, then this relationship won’t work.”

“Okay,” he says, his brown eyes earnest. “I trust you.” He reaches over and grasps your hand, pressing a kiss to the back of it.

When you get to the rink, Auston pecks your cheek quickly with a, “see you out there,” before disappearing into his change room.

A thrill goes through you as you step inside the girl’s change room, inhaling the familiar scent of hockey equipment, melted ice, and febreze mixed with sweat. It’s not the most pleasant smell, but you’ve missed it nevertheless. You get dressed as quickly as you can, eager to get back out onto the ice, or more accurately, your home.

You snap your helmet into place and pull on your gloves, and then grab your stick as you head out of the change room. You’ve gotten ready so fast that no one is on the ice yet, and the rink attendant is still scraping the snow out of the corner left behind by the zamboni. You unlock the door, the heavy metal clinking as you swing it open.

When you step out onto the rink, it feels like you can breathe easily again. You dig your blades into the unmarked ice, extending your stride and gliding around the corner. You push yourself to go faster and faster, exhilarated by the feeling of skating again.

You let out a whoop, and then start laughing to yourself, giddy with joy. You’re back home - finally.

[Part 16]

You and I - Mitch Marner

Request: Can you do a cute Mitch Marner one where the reader and him are best friends who secretly like each other and then they confess + fluff? I can’t wait to read more of your writings!! Have an amazing day!

Word Count: 1728
Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Warnings: None

I have no idea how I came up with this concept but I liked it and went with it! Not as fluffy as I initially thought it would be but I really like this one so I hope you do too!

“What a game!” you exclaimed as you ran across the parking lot to your best friend, Mitch Marner, as he walked out of the Air Canada Centre. Immediately, you jumped into his open arms and returned with one of the biggest hugs you could give him. He had scored the game winning goal against the Maple Leaf’s biggest rivals, the Montreal Canadiens. “What a goal! What a guy! I’m so proud of you Mitchy!”

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In this ungodly hour of the night I have insomnia and more gifts in the form of mitjo

submitted by anon:

Jonas would be the first to admit it was weird. Beyond weird. Creepy even. You could be sure he knew that first thing first… that didn’t exactly stop him from keeping the jacket that smelled like Mitch Mueller though. He had been out Saturday night when he saw the teen and his friends barreling down an alley. His former bully helping the other two jump the fence before he hoped over himself. However the hood caught and without a second thought he ditched it. Maybe it had been the sirens close by, or he might tell himself that it was because everyone knew who’d own a jacket with a chicken and cow painting a sign that read ‘eat more dick’ but Jonas unhooked the jacket, shoving it in his backpack and headed home. Sidney was still at space camp for two weeks so he had no idea what to do besides sit in his room and stare at the offensive article of clothing questioning what the hell he was thinking.

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Connor McDavid #17

Requested by Anon:  could you do a connor mcdavid imagine based off of the song 7 by catfish & the bottlemen? thanks!! love your writing btw!

*Thank you so so much!! I love Catfish & The Bottlemen and I love this song! I hope you don’t mind but I based this story off of this video. Enjoy! :)

Also, when I was writing this, I realized that this story can be the prologue of this original Connor drabble. I am seriously recommending that you read it after this one (especially for the new readers)! :) Thank you!! Again, it’s THIS LINK. :)*

Word count: 1, 356

Originally posted by wonthetrade

You really should stop biting your nails. It’s a bad habit and you know it. It’s also a nervous tick and you’ve never been more nervous in your life than when your grade eight teacher made you sing in front of the whole school – you were not a good singer.

Oh gosh, that was the worst. Good thing Connor was there to genuinely cheer you on. When everyone started to laugh at you, he stood, clapping, and in his uniquely Connor way shouted, “bravo, bravisimo!”

Even then, when Connor McDavid thinks you’re worth a clap and a cheer, everyone listened. At fourteen years old, everyone already respected Connor. Not only because he was the best hockey player in his age division but because he was someone everyone just sorta looked up to.

There was no doubt in your mind that he would be drafted first overall.

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Midnight drive - Mitch Marner

Requested by anon: Hey! Could you write an imagine with Marner about driving around in the summer just listening and singing along to country music and it’s super cute? :)


Word count: 1316

Warnings: none none none.

Master list

Originally posted by willynylanders

“This movie is so boring.” I huff, getting another handful of popcorn in my mouth. Some of the popcorn don’t make it inside of my mouth and they get tangled on my hair.

“It isn’t that bad.” My boyfriend, Mitch Marner, says, picking the white pieces of popcorn and leaving them on the table.

Yes, you’ve heard it right, Mitch Marner the hockey player. He is kind of a celebrity around Toronto since he started playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, but for me he is just Mitch, my boyfriend.

The season has been absolutely crazy, the Maple Leafs made it to playoffs and I went through my freshman year of college. But it’s summer time now and Mitch and I are spending some time together at last.

“But it is. It doesn’t make any sense at all.” I complain.

“Maybe we need to keep watching.” Mitch answers. He chose the movie and he knows that if you choose a bad movie you lose a turn next time.

“Well, tell me how it ends.” I say, getting up from the couch and walking to our shared room.

I hear Mitchy sigh and turning the TV off, his footsteps loud against the wooden floor of the apartment. I’m changing into a pair of shorts and a tank top.

“Where are you going?” Mitch asks, leaning on the doorframe.

“For a drive.” I just say. “I might go to that twenty-four hours pizza place next to the ACC.”

I’ve always loved midnight drives around town, nobody on the roads, windows down, listening to music. Mitch and I spent a lot of summer nights like that, when we didn’t have that many responsibilities and nearly that much money… well, Mitchy has more money now and I have way more debts, courtesy of college loans.

“We haven’t done that in a while.” He says, but he does as I’m doing and changes his t-shirt and putting shoes on. “Sounds like a plan.”

It takes us a couple minutes to change into more decent clothes, grab a couple bottles of water, wallets and car keys and get to the car. Yes, the car situation has also improved, from the old Chevrolet Impala Mitch used to drive to his brand new Ford truck.

“Music.” He requests as we leave the garage and he drives through the streets of Toronto.

I plug my phone to the auxiliary cord and look through my playlists on my phone. Mitch and I have always loved country music, growing up listening to Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Dolly Parton… So it is only fitting for us to listen to some old and new country music. And it is also fitting to start with a song that talks about midnight walks, ‘Leave the night’ on by Sam Hunt.


They roll the sidewalks in this town
All up after the sun goes down

“Good one.” He agrees.

And I ain’t anywhere close to tired
Your kiss has got me wired

I laugh when Mitch starts singing and swaying without getting his eyes off the road. I pull my window down and stick my hand out, moving it like it is a wave against the chill air of a Toronto summer night.


Mitch takes his right hand from the wheel and laces his fingers with mine, leaving our hands resting on my lap. The song keeps sounding and we keep singing until it finishes.

We don’t have to go home, we can leave the night on
We can leave the night on

“Can I request a song, DJ?” He says and I nod. “ ‘Jolene’ by the Queen.”

Mitch always calls Dolly Parton ‘Queen’. I nod again and go through my playlist, looking for the song. It is the perfect song to scream and destroy.

Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene
I’m begging of you please don’t take my man
Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

PLEASE DON’T TAKE HIM JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN.” I sing and Mitch squeezes my hand.

“Nobody could take me away from you, baby.” Mitch assures me and I smile to the window.

“I wouldn’t let anyone take you from me.” I say to him, tracing patterns with my thumb on his hand.


A couple more songs play before we get to the pizza place, ‘Friday night’ by Eric Paslay and ‘Ready set roll’ by Chase Rice. Neither of us say anything else; we just hum to the music, deep in thought. I don’t know what Mitch is thinking, but he squeezes my hand from time to time, it is almost rhythmic.

Lucca’s pizza has been our new spot since the season started. It is really close to the ACC, where the Leafs play. We would go out for a late dinner there after every home game; sometimes just both of us, sometimes Auston came, sometimes Auston and Will came, sometimes the whole team came… It is open twenty-four hours a day and, to be honest, I don’t think they even close at Christmas.

Mitchy parks right by the door of the small place and puts the car on park, turning off the engine soon after.

“Let’s get something to eat.” He says, opening the door and stepping on the pavement.

The place isn’t crowded, it never is. Julia, Lucca’s daughter, says hi to us the moment we walk in. We don’t even need to order, she knows what we want. We sit on our table and Julia brings us our drinks, diet coke and ice tea.

“A penny for your thoughts.” I tell him, taking a sip of my coke.

“I was just thinking about how insane this year has been… We were driving around, listening to country music and now you are in college, I’m playing hockey…”

“You aren’t just playing hockey, dummy.” I say. “You are an NHL rookie star.”

“At the end of the day I’m just doing what I’ve always wanted… play hockey.” He states and I laugh, but I don’t say anything else.

Our pizza arrives soon after, a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese and extra pepperoni, because Mitch is this extra at everything. We eat, talking about what we should do next week, whether we should go on vacation somewhere or go to the cabin my family has at the lake… Time flies when we are together, an hour goes by and before we know it we should get home. Mitch pays the bill, leaving a huge tip as always and we are soon getting in the car and driving away.

“Alrighty bad boy, we need a great last song and I’m gonna let you choose.” I say. “Make it a good one, babe. You’ve already lost your movie right for the next hundred years.”

“But (y/n)…” He catches the glare I send him, because he reconsiders. “Okay okay… ‘That’s my kind of night’ by Mr. Luke Bryan himself.”

“Do you realize that you are the one winding me up and taking me downtown, right?” I laugh and he slaps my shoulder softly.

“You know that I’d take you anywhere you’d like.”

“West Virginia, baby I don’t care?” I answer, using a line from ‘Anywhere with you’ by Jake Owen.

“Oh, now we are speaking country, huh.” He says and I laugh. “You are holy, holy, holy.” He quotes a line from ‘H.O.L.Y’ by Florida Georgia Line.

“Are you high on loving me?” I ask.

“You are the best thing that has ever be mine.” He stops on a red traffic light, singing me the chorus of ‘Mine’ by Taylor Swift, and I can’t help it but to grab him by the collar of his shirt and bring him to me, our lips crashing into a way-too-cliché kiss.

I Told You So - Auston Matthews Imagine

Could you do an Auston one where you guys have been dating for a while and he introduces you to the team?

So I actually hate this one tbh. I think it be my worst imagine on here so please don’t hate me lmao. Even thought I hate it, you might like it ??? Anyway, I pray someone likes it lol. Thanks for reading! -Accius

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First Date Nerves- Artemi Panarin

Originally posted by pattytkane

Ok here we go! A little Bread man loving! This one turned out cute I thought! So enjoy guys!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Hi!! Could u do a imagine for Artemi Panarin and have it be a first date and him being rlly nervous and cute???


              It was the best most awkward first date you had ever been on.

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Surprise! - Connor McDavid

Requested by Anon:  Hi! Your JVR one was amazing!!! Can you do a Connor McDavid one where the reader plays for the Canadian women’s Olympic team (hockey) and Connor doesn’t know but finds out. Can the reader also be best friends with Dylan and Mitch? Hope this is okay and makes sense. If it doesn’t, no pressure. Thanks so much!

Word Count: 1273
Team: Edmonton Oilers
Warnings: Cussing

Hope you enjoy Anon! I skipped Dylan because I didn’t want too much going on but I hope this is still up to your standards!

“Who are you snapchatting?” Connor asked as Mitch interrupted their conversation to send a Snapchat. The two were chatting outside of the Edmonton locker room after the game before Mitch had to head back to his hotel and then the airport.

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Auston Matthews #1.2


kaz-in-the-impala said: This was great! I hope you do a part two!! 💙

hotnhlplayers said: ^^

Anonymous said: Please continue the Auston Matthews imagine you just posted 👏🏻🙏🏻

Anonymous said: Auston Matthews part two please

Anonymous said: that auston matthews scenario u wrote was so cute lol i need a second part during their dinner date!!

A/N: In honour of the first part reaching 100 notes I decided to post this earlier than planned. I just wanna say thanks for the response on this imagine I did, I hope you all like the second part as much as the first :) it turned out to be much longer than intended and also I couldn’t kept writing soooo feel free to send me requests or request another part of this story cause why not 

Word Count: 2,520

The date was casual. That’s what you two had discussed via text messages for the past 4 days now. Since it was reading week, your whole week was free but spend stressing over the much anticipated dinner date with Auston Matthews. After Mitch was done teasing you, you hounded him with questions. 

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Matt Martin (Toronto Maple Leafs)

AN: Okay so all I really wanted out of that TOR vs WAS series was a fight between Matt Martin and Tom Wilson and because I didn’t get one I’m going to make one! Plus people don’t write about Matt enough too.

Game 6 became pretty stressful before the puck even dropped. You could feel the tension on the ice from where you were sitting with the rest of the WAGS. It was clear from the time warm ups started that something was bothering Matt, but no matter how hard you kept your focus on him he would not turn and look at you.

Matt played 4th line and was only ever sent out to play alongside the other lines if Babcock sent him out to rough up someone that touched one of the top players. As much as you loved Matt and loved to watch him play in the NHL you hated his job as an enforcer. You never really understood why there was such a need for players like that, but you stuck with Matt and cleaned his fight wounds every time.

Half way into the second period after an icing call you could see that Tom Wilson and Matt where exchanging a few word before Tom gave Matt a shove and the refs pulled them apart. You tried to read Matts lips as words of hatred flew out of his mouth towards Wilson.  

During the rest of the second period it seemed that Wilson did everything to go out of his was and talk to Matt. Just as the horn sounded to end the second Steph LaChance, Mitch Marner girlfriend, turned and spoke to you. (Y/N), is everything okay? You look a little pale, do you need anything to eat or drink? I don’t mind going to get it for you.“ Ever since the bye-week when the four of you plus Connor Carrick and his girlfriend Lexi went on Vacation together you and Steph had become extremely close due to both of your boyfriends become friends and hangout regularly.

You smiled at the offer and shook your head. "I’m fine Steph but thanks for the offer anyways.”
“Then do you want to tell me what’s really bothering you?” Steph had a tendency to be just as persistent as Mitch, “Something’s wrong with Matt.”
“Are you sure? I can go down to the locker rooms with you if you want to make sure everything is okay.”
“No, I don’t want to make it worse and completely through off his game for the rest of the night.”
“Okay then I will sit with you and together we can see if we can solve what’s going on in the head of that boyfriend of yours.” You laughed and smiled as some of the worry disappeared. You and Steph sat and talked until the intermission ended and the boys returned back to the ice.

Not long into the third when Tom Wilson made his way over to Matt again, this time it didn’t even look like that many word where exchanged before Matt went after Tom and said something to him before they were both dropping the gloves.

“Oh my gosh” Steph said from beside you. Oh my gosh wasn’t anywhere near what you were thinking.  Many punches were exchanged and both took quite a few to the face. You could see where many had started to from on Matts face. His face was covered in blood. It didn’t take many more punches to Wilsons face before he lost his balance and fell to the ice.  Matt still continued to punch  him and two refs had to pull him off of Wilson.

Not one rookie had been touched or top line player to make Matt go after Wilson. So help him, if it is one of those stereotypical “he was bad mouthing you and I couldn’t let him keep talking about you like that” he is going to wish Wilson had killed him because you were about to.

A hand touched your arm, you turned and saw Mollie saying something to you. “Pardon?” “Are you okay? (Y/n) you look worse then you did before. Do you need some water?” You shook your head. “No I’m okay. I think I’m just going to go and see Matt.” You stood up and grabbed your things no longer caring about he score of the game, just wanting to go and see Matt.

As you walked down the tunnel, not one security guard stopped you, probably scared that you would hurt them for being in your way. You could see the trainer leaving the medical room as you got closer towards the doors. You pushed open the door to see Matt half undressed  holding an ice pack to his eye and a towel on his chin. “Matthew Martin you better have a pretty good explanation for what the hell that was!” Even Matt a 6'3, 220 pound hockey player/fighter flinched and the tone of your voice. “Babe, I promise that I can explain.”
“Oh no you don’t get to "babe” me until after this explanation. In all the years I have seen you play I have NEVER EVER seen you so mad as you where well you beat the shit out of him. Not one player was touched that bad from him that was worth fighting. And so help you Matt if this is one of those stereotypical “he was bad mouthing you”  you’re going to regret me coming down here. So start talking.“ You didn’t mean for your word to come out so harsh but Matt flinched and his shoulders dropped.

When he didn’t start talking so you were assuming that the reason for the fight was option two.  "He wouldn’t stop (y/n/n), and it was pissing me off the whole game. And I couldn’t let him talk about you like that and I just, I don’t know what came over me and I’m sorry okay. I know you don’t like me fighting to begin with-” You shook your head. “The games almost over I’ll be in the car.” With that you turned and walked out the door toward the garage. You heard the final buzzer after you left the room. Seeing the final score, the leafs lost. You knew Matt would be a mix of emotions now. You slowly regretted yelling at him as you walked out to the car.

An hour later you heard the trunk open and then Matt opened the door and climbed into the driver seat. You sunk into your seat wishing you could disappear into it. The ride back to your apartment normally took fifteen minutes but tonight, It felt like it was the longest car ride ever. When you pulled into the parking lot you quickly got out of the car and made a beeline for the door wanting to go to bed. Matt caught up to you and opened the door into the building. As much as you and Matt could get angry with each other he never stopped being a gentleman. The ride up to your floor took forever and when the doors opened you exited quicker then you had originally planned to. You quickly unlocked the door and went into the kitchen. You heard Matt go down you your shared room to change. You went and sat on the couch in the living room and grabbed the book you where reading.

Half an hour later you heard Matt enter the living room, it took him a few minutes to come in and sit beside you, but his eyes never left you from the time he entered to the time he crouched down in front of you and took the book out of your hands, setting it down on the table carefully so he wouldn’t lose the page you were on. You spoke first. “Five years Matt we have been together. I moved with you after you got traded to Toronto no questions asked and no strings attached. I go to every game that I have been able to attend. I’m always here when you get home from the road, I always take care of you after a fight, I would do anything for you and stay with you through thick and thin. So i just don’t get it Matt. What could he have possibly said to you about me that got you so angry and upset.”
“It so stupid. I know what he was trying to do. All he wanted was to get me off the ice because that meant thee would be no one to defend and protect the rookies. I’m so sorry. I know that you would never do any of those things he said and non of those things he said are even close to true. I gave in and game him exactly what he wanted. And then i helped blow the games. I shouldn’t have fought. And i really didn’t mean to make you upset. I love you and hearing him say that you didn’t really got to me.”

“First, you didn’t blow the game, win as a team and lose as a team. You still gave it your all the whole time you were on the ice. So it’s not your fault that Tom Wilson is an ass and we already knew that. Secondly, I accept your apology. Third, I love you too and I’m not going anywhere. If i was i would have stayed in New York but I didn’t. And lastly, I’m sorry too. I lost my cool in the med room and I should have listened to you and let you explain.”  Matt smiled and leaned in to kiss you. Your hands found their way into his hair while he put his hand on your waist. You broke the kiss and put your forehead on his. You smiled. “Come on, lets go get your pretty faced cleaned up. I don’t know who did it but they did a worse job than last time.” Matt laughed as you stood up and grabbed his hand and  pulled him into the bathroom.

“Maybe you should become a trainer so you can fix me after fights.”

“Uh no. I think that I will stick to being your personal nurse at home.” You laughed as you handed him an ice pack fro his eye.


“Yes Matt?”

“Did i tell you how much i love you?”

“Yes Matt?”

“Can I tell you again?”


“I love you (y/n).”

“I love you too Matt.”

On President Obama: The Black Swan

“Black swan” is used a metaphor that describes an event that comes as a surprise, has a major effect, and is often inappropriately rationalized after the fact with the benefit of hindsight. I cannot think of anything that better describes President Obama. His win in 2008 was a surprise in every possible way.  His win against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Primaries was completely unexpected.  His win against John McCain, even more so.  No one at the beginning of 2008 would have imagined a young black man with the name Barack Hussein Obama would be elected, twice, as the president of the United States.  As surprising as his elections were, the effect he has had on the country has been even more significant. Depending on what side of the political spectrum you belong, the effects of his presidency is either extremely positive or negative. What isn’t up for debate is whether or not the effects are significant.  He is also one of the most misrepresented, misunderstood, misaligned political figure in my lifetime, and an argument can be made in the past hundred years.  As a black swan, President Obama went against the entire American history of presidencies.  In every way, he stood out in contrast to his predecessor and opposition. From the first time I heard him speak at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 to his last days as President, he has reaffirmed my belief that America didn’t deserve him or Michelle, but I’m damn glad they were here for us.

In early 2008, I was a Hillary Clinton supporter.  I thought she had the necessary experience and qualifications to be a very good president. As the Democratic primaries played out, I saw something in Barack Obama that made me think he was what we needed at this time in our country’s history.  Not because he is a black man, I saw this was a secondary perk, but as someone who has a great grasp of history, ideals, and the importance of pragmatism.  As a devout pragmatist, I rarely see politicians who fully grasp how moving the country forward as much as possible is more important than ideological purity.  Like Justice Stewart’s view of pornography, when it comes to pragmatism, “I know it when I see it.”  The more I watched candidate Obama, the more I knew he understood progress in ways very few politicians have or do.  After eight years of one of the worst administrations since Hoover, what America needed was someone who knew how to move us forward ethically, legally, politically in a rapidly changing world. As much as I liked and respected Hillary, I felt Barack was the one who could move us forward at that moment in our history.

On election night, when he came out on stage in Chicago’s Grant Park to give his victory speech, I have never felt more proud of my country. As I wept, listening to him speak, I couldn’t imagine how African-Americans must be feeling.  As much as his election meant to me personally, I could not imagine the significance it had on Black America.  I grew up seeing the violent police actions against peaceful Civil Rights protesters.  Even though the Civil Rights Act became law, I have been well aware of how ingrained and widespread racism is in American society.  I never, ever thought I would see a black person elected as president.  Yet, here was the black swan president-elect in front of a quarter of a million people in Grant Park and millions more watching on t.v. and online laying out a shining beam of hope and a path towards progress.  Telling everyone that we are all in this together and it is up to us to demand and work for change.  It was everything I’ve believed in and worked for my entire adult life.  At that moment in time, I felt America had finally turned the corner towards the equality, justice, and fairness promised in the country’s founding documents.  

Within months, this feeling of hope was replaced with feelings of frustration. Frustration not at President Obama, but at the cabal of conservatives who met on the night of his inauguration to discuss their strategy of stopping and obstructing everything the new president proposed.  A group that included: Republican Reps. Eric Cantor (Va.), Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Paul Ryan (Wis.), Pete Sessions (Texas), Jeb Hensarling (Texas), Pete Hoekstra (Mich.) and Dan Lungren (Calif.), along with Republican Sens. Jim DeMint (S.C.), Jon Kyl (Ariz.), Tom Coburn (Okla.), John Ensign (Nev.) and Bob Corker (Tenn.). Along with former House Speaker, Newt Gingrich, and Republican consultant, Frank Luntz.  Their meeting has been well-documented and their purpose was to make sure that Republicans not support anything and obstruct everything put forth by the new administration.  Keep in mind that this strategy was laid out at a time when the country and the world was going through a serious economic downturn.  Their efforts were focused on making sure the new administration failed.  Even though he wasn’t there, then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made it publicly known his main goal was to make Obama a one-term president.  The GOP was on board, lock-step, to make sure President Obama, and by proxy, America fails.

Not long after learning of conservatives’ plans to obstruct President Obama,  my frustration turned to the far left who turned on the new president because they didn’t get what they thought was their due.  They wanted single-payer health insurance, banks taken over, and bankers thrown in jail.  Single-payer was never going to happen with a coalition of only sixty Democrats and Independents in the Senate.  All it took was one to be against it and the whole deal fell apart.  With Blue-Dog Dems like Jim Webb, VA, Landrieu, LA, and Ben Nelson, NE, and Independents like Joe Lieberman, there weren’t the votes to get single-payer even put up for discussion, let alone voted on or passed.  For reasons that can only be explained as a complete lack of basic civics knowledge, the far left blamed President Obama for these Senators never going to vote for single-payer.  It doesn’t matter that President Obama accomplished something every Democratic president since FDR had tried to do but failed, comprehensive health care reform, they were upset.  Never mind the number of uninsured would drop to the lowest in history, they didn’t care.  They had their mind set on a unicorn and when they didn’t get it, they blamed President Obama for not personally delivering it to their doorstep.  

The far-left had the same unrealistic attitude about the bankers.  Never mind that most of the damage done from the mortgage crisis came from products and actions that were perfectly legal, the far left wanted heads on pikes.  Never mind during his administration the largest fines ever imposed by the government have been against financial institutions.  Never mind he helped get Dodd-Frank passed that is the strongest laws and regulations against the financial sector since FDR.  Never mind he came up with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and put far-left hero Elizabeth Warren in charge of it, they didn’t get the unicorns they felt was due them.  While the right was organizing and whipping up the masses into an anti-socialism frenzy, forming the Tea Party, having town hall meetings around the country, and spreading lie upon lie on social media and in emails, the left was pouting. Democratic members of Congress ran away from Obama and the Affordable Care Act because they were scared to stand up to the crazies on the right.  Progressives sat out the 2010 midterms because they didn’t get their unicorns.  The results of this have been catastrophic. Meanwhile, the black swan president kept finding ways to move the country forward.

It wasn’t just far-left progressives who abandoned President Obama in 2010, it was also many Democratic members of Congress who lost their spines and balls at the sight of a bunch of angry octogenarians at town hall meetings.  They could have stood up for the Affordable Care Act, the stimulus, the auto bailout…but they didn’t.  They ran away from the President and his policies.  Policies, now that he’s left office, Democrats in Congress are saying have to be defended with every ounce of effort.  Instead of touting how these policies helped the working class, these cowardly Democratic officials hemmed and hawed out weak ass explanations while the opposition was organizing and pushing outlandish talking points and lies that became ingrained in conservatives’ belief systems.  Meanwhile, the black swan president kept finding ways to move the country forward without help from lawmakers from his own party.

With no way to get anything passed in a now Republican-controlled House, President Obama moved the bar of progress forward anyway.  He made sure the DOJ didn’t defend DOMA.  He expanded protections to the LBGT community.  He had the DOJ investigate corrupt and racist police department practices.  He got Syria to turn over its chemical weapons.  He negotiated a treaty with Iran ending their nuclear weapons program.  He did more to fight climate change than any president in history.  He helped push a revolution in renewable energies.  He expanded federally protected lands.  He oversaw the longest positive private sector jobs growth in history.  Whether it was the environment, health care, rights or jobs, President Obama did more than just about any modern-day president.  And, he did it all with the least amount of help.  FDR had major majorities in both houses of Congress every single one of his terms.  President Obama had a slim majority in the Senate for a couple of months that was lost when Ted Kennedy got sick and eventually passed away.  From that point on, he had no luxury of a working majority in the Senate and Republicans making sure nothing would get done.

Despite unprecedented political opposition, President Obama moved the bar of progress forward.  Despite unrelenting racist attacks, he never lashed out.  Despite the lack of support from members of his own party, he never turned on them.  Despite having his legitimacy questioned from day one, he held his head up and acted with dignity.  If you had to construct a president from scratch, you’d be hard pressed to construct one that would be better than President Obama.   This doesn’t mean he didn’t have his flaws.  Every president has them. However, his flaws were his willingness to believe his opposition had some bottom to the level to which they’d go, some basic ethical principles, some common ground from which he could work with them. Unfortunately, Republicans had no such limitations on their morals or conscience.   It is easy in hindsight to blame President Obama for missing the nature of his opposition.  That he wanted to believe the better nature of people could only be called a flaw by the most cynical of people.  

As the black swan president, Obama had to walk a razor’s edge that no one in history has had to tread.  He had to be twice as good, twice as nice, twice as everything in order to even be considered “normal.”  If he would have been “No Fucks To Give Obama” from the onset, he would have accomplished nothing. His pragmatic nature knew and understood this.  Unfortunately, like so many other things, too many progressives did not understand or appreciate not only the unique situation President Obama was in but how deftly he handled it to the betterment of us all.

Unfortunately, the razor’s edge he had to walk was not understood by even those who claim to have been his allies.  Whenever I hear criticism of him from the left, I always ask, “What would you have done differently?”  Inevitably, their response comes down to some idealistic act that completely ignores the realities and variables President Obama was faced with at the time he had to make his decision.  “I would have pushed for single-payer!”  Great, now explain how you would have got the Blue Dog Dems to even consider it so it would be discussed in committee, let alone reach the point where it would be voted on and passed.  “I would have closed Gitmo!”  Not without approval from Congress.  “I would have jailed bankers!”  Okay, on what grounds?  A lot of the causes of the financial and mortgage meltdown were legal.  “I would have helped those who suffered from the mortgage crisis more!”  How? What mechanism would you have used and how would you have gotten the majority of Congress to approve it because it would have to have financial help and that has to go through Congress?  It is easy to be a Monday-morning quarterback.  Hundreds of thousands of fat, lazy, living off their self-perceived glory days of high schools sports do it every day on sports talk shows.  Political decisions don’t occur in a vacuum.  They happen in a very complex environment with dozens of moving parts and hundreds of personal agendas.  Wanting someone to do what you think should be done does not translate to what can be done. I’ve closely watched major political figures here and abroad for the good part of forty years.  In this time, I’ve never seen anyone get more bang-for-the-buck than President Obama.  Democrats had a workable majority (60 votes) for all of four months and one week in 2009.  That is the amount of time President Obama had legitimately get all the things the left say he could/should have.  For two hundred and eight weeks of his presidency, he had a workable majority for seventeen with an opposition party that refused to work with him on ANYTHING but please go ahead and tell me about how he should have done X or Y.

When the history books are written fifty years from now, when I am long dead and gone, I have no doubt that President Obama will be viewed as one of the most influential presidents in American history.  Sadly, like other influential presidents before him like Lincoln, FDR, and Johnson, he was not truly appreciated in his time, even by those of his party and those who claimed to be his ally.  I will always be proud of my vote for him, twice, to be our president.  I will always be upset at those on the right and the left who tried to undermine him.  I will always believe that America didn’t deserve him.  I will always be damn thankful we had him.  He was the black swan.  He came out of nowhere.  He defied all conventions and history.  He had and will have a dominant role in history.  He will forever be my president.

When I think of President Obama, I am reminded of the scene at the end of “Excalibur” where King Arthur is talking to a mortally wounded Sir Lancelot: 
“You are that and much more. You are its greatest knight, you are what is best in men.”  President Obama was our greatest modern-day president and what is best in men.