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Signs as Youtubers

Aries: Matthew Lush

Taurus: Jeydon Wale

Gemini: Tyler Oakley

Cancer:  Troye Sivan 

 Leo: Mitch Grassi 

Viergo: Shane Dawson 

Scorpio: Joe Sugg

Sagittarius: Scott Hoying 

Capricorn: Austin Jones 

Aquarius: Johnnie Gilbert

Pieces: Destery Smith 

Libra: Nick Laws  


Fucking fabulous. The words came right out of my mouth… Sent shivers down my spine.


Vincent Herbert, Robert ‘Kool’ Bell, Ronald Khalis Bell, Dennis 'DT’ Thomas, George Brown, Jermaine Jackson,Tasha Smith, politician Mitch O'Farrell and CEO Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Leron Gubler attend the ceremony honoring Kool & the Gang with a Star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame held on October 8, 2015

A memory reappears;
Falls from shelf where it was stored, improperly
Slow motion smash, cracks opening slowly
Leaking its truth
Over the beetle black bitumen of the Ramblas

Feathers floats down freely
Cradles head in hands and mutters over the waste
Feathers chastises her brother
While she draws circles absent-mindedly
On the back of her diary

Slip shod shoes
Kicked off; discarded
amongst the bottles and garbage to go out
Socks balled waiting for washing machine feeding

Feathers’ bills pile up,
Mouldering, unopened, amongst the dust bunnies
And loose change
Her brother pilfers the twenty cents
For cheap beers and filter tips

Sunny D-stained rug covers candlestick burn
Prayer flags flutter amongst
Incense smog and blowflies
As Feathers empties her cenicero streetward
And apologizes to the earth

Feathers’ brother comes home with bruised eye
And split lip
Screaming and raging and searching for his knife
She sits him down, steaming mug in his fist
And hides her cutlery

Sunday evening light streaming through smoke-stained windows
Front terrace cracked and weeded
Junk mail and metros, piled, rotting
Home to old sales and snails

Feathers liked the needle more than the prick
Spent her inheritance on bad camera and worse friends
As the drugs became harder her touch became softer
Till she dissolved from my life, and from the world at large

—  Mitch Smith, “Feathers”