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Level Up // Might Light You Better
Mitch Mash
Level Up // Might Light You Better

This song honestly makes me so happy.  All the time.  My roommate and I dance to it when we are sad.  I play it when I am in the shower and practically kill myself by dancing like crazy on the soapy, sudsy, slippery ground.  I play it when I get ready in the morning because smiling and being goofy when getting yourself together always is the start to a great day.  Its just a conglomeration of many songs that never cease to put a smile on my face.  So basically….here is 4:19 minutes of something that makes me smile.  :)


Might Light You Better - Mitch Mash (Mashup)

Since most of my posts are usually spread out into no particular order I’ve decided to just name these Money Mondays or Mash Mondays. Either way I’d rather talk about this mashup by Mitch Mash which mixes the likes of Avicii, Ludacris, Amanda Blank, Ellie Goulding, Kelis and Wiz Khalifa. I am really liking this mashup mainly due to the fact that it is a total dance track. 


Mitch-Mash - Might Light You Better (MASH UP)

Levels (Original Mix) - Avicii 
Stand Up - Ludacris 
Might Like You Better - Amanda Blank 
Lights (Sex Ray Vision Remix)- Ellie Goulding 
Milkshake- Kelis 
Say Yeah- Wiz Khalifa