mitch asham

  • me: i dont know i mean dylan obrien is cool like i was super obsessed with him like a year ago? its whatever now he's alright i guess
  • dylan: *is in American Assassin trailer*
  • me: Dylan O’brien got me Dylan O’CRYIN😭😭Stiles Stilinski for LIFE💕🐺💕I live for hiS MOLES😩👌😍The Maze Runner🏃🌀🏃American Assassin🔥💪🔥DOB💚💚💚
True Colors

I have been silent about this for a very long time. I have seen all these incidents and yet they have always been brushed off and forgotten about. Well for me, it’s a big deal. I can’t sit here and see people say things that aren’t true and expect it to be okay. What I am talking about are judgmental fans talking about Mitch Grassi.

So when I got into the fandom, I made it a point to learn about each person in Pentatonix. What I learned about the beautiful tenor, is that he has a loving heart and a loyalty unlike any other. And yet…..people seem to love to say such negative things about her. If you truly loved Mitch you wouldn’t say some of the things I’ve read and heard.

The reason I am so pissed is because Mitch has anxiety. And we don’t know what could trigger him. We don’t know what could cause Mitch to go into a full blow anxiety attack. I care about Mitch’s health and happiness, so that’s why this needs to be addressed. 

I have noticed that Mitch is considered (obviously) the best singer of the band and that many say she is their favorite of the band. Except it isn’t really like that now is it? Throughout Superfruit, the documentary, and the PentaParent Panel at PentaCon we have learned how shy and uncomfortable Mitch was with himself growing up and how she takes things personal. And that Mitch is very in her head and guarded with his feelings. Now how does this translate to this rant? Well here’s how.

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