Bom dia pessoas, a espera ACABOU!! Finalmente jogando o Toukiden Kiwami, como dizer que a Koei deu um tratamento especial para essa expansão, não é apenas novos Boss Oni e nem novas Mitamas, tudo no jogo recebeu um capricho sem igual, os capítulos adicionais prometem ser do “carvalho” já começa na dificuldade 10star+, minha outra linda aparece a Horö *…* ela e a Nagi agora vão está junto nas minhas caçadas aos Onis, o jogo já era bonito no primeiro, agora no Kiwami ta mais ainda, bora fazer aquele desfile de moda com a Aya no mesmo XD, ótima Quarta com boas vibrações *.* #Love #ObrigadoMorju #ToukidenKiwami #justslayin #Aya #Onis #Mitamas #Horö #Nagi #UtakataVillage #Slayers #Sengoku #OwnaMundos #ChutaBundas #PSVita #TecmoKoei


I get these kind of questions a lot and I answered the first few because they were early and I didn’t have many followers. Now that I have over 50 asks and many more coming everyday combined with 3 hours of swim a day and I can’t make asks fast enough. So please from now on try to avoid sending asks that involve EVERY character. There are 21 of these dorks and it’s hard to draw all of them together full body. 

However this asker doesn’t deserve to have his/her ask ignored so I will answer it. Just not draw it…

Ignis: 6′4      Shinonome: 6′2      Deere: 6′1      Shigure: 5′11      Eponine: 5′10      Matoi: 5′10      Grey: 5′10      Kinu: 5′9      Sophie: 5′8      Soleil: 5′8      Mitama: 5′7      Ophelia: 5′7      Siegbert: 5′6      Shara: 5′6      Hisame: 5′5     Velour: 5′5      Foleo: 5′4      Kisaragi: 5′3      Kanna: 5′3      Lutz: 5′2      Midoriko: 5′0      

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Shigure x Mitama Headcanons?

  • When he first fell in love with Mitama, all he would do was draw her, she became his favorite thing, especially to draw. He’d often would paint her Haiku’s or poetry to life.
  • When he was about to propose to her, he had made the box that the ring was in. He painted a picture on it and put in a lot of details, but left the inside empty. It represented one of her poems and of him always having a place for her in his heart.
  • He sang to her as he put the ring on. Shigure told her that her beauty and talent is only at its mercy and that he’d like to be with her forever.
  • Since she sleeps a lot, he nicknamed her “ Sleeping Beauty”
  • They often compose poems and art together, each other gives the other inspiration
  • They are cuddle bugs, they cuddle each other whenever they get the chance, it makes Asama sick to his stomach
  • That’s the only time when Shigure saw him open his eyes, it was when Asama stared into his soul to see if he was good for his daughter ( Mitama scolded her father for doing that)
  • When trying to get Mitama to a healer or someone to help her give birth, he rode his Pegasus, that was a bad idea b/c she gave birth on the Pegasus, it was crazy and he didn’t know what happened. Like she was laying on him while he held onto the rope tied to the Pegasus and suddenly she gives birth?
  • Mitama often composes poems for him and she’s always the one to kiss him
  • He finds her eyes adorable and unique
  • They rarely get angry at each other but often times she’ll rap out her anger (lol)