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Fire Emblem Fates Vassals Anthology

Chapter 1

Odin ask Leo to give him some missions to do. At first he didn’t wanted, but after the constant insistence of Odin, Leo accept.

Azama is resting near the Pearl lagoon (you know, the one from My Castle) and is bored, thinking about how Hinoka probably wants to give him too much work (or she actually give him some work and he didn’t want to do it, ‘m not sure) and Mitama is just sleep somewhere. For his luck, Odin appears acting weird.

Odin explaim him about his missions, and that he is looking for something. He searched under a chair, in the grass, inside a jar… Even in the onsen when the girls were taking a bath! But nothing. What he needs is a pearl, one that Azama happyly give it to him after taking one out of the lagoon. Odin can’t accept Azama’s help for the missions, but after realising that he didn’t know how to accomplish them, he accepts the help. Both of them proceed to follow the list of missions, like finding veggies in the farm and feed Lilith.

After finishing everything, both of them return to Leo, who in exchange for his efforts, give Odin a new tome (???). Azama is happy for Odin, but then, Hinoka appears screaming at him, and he start running away of her.

While Hinokais trying to catch Azama, Leo was left with dealing with a super happy Odin.


*Plz, take in account that my interpretation of the dialogue can be wrong*