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01:51PM // Tues Apr 26 // Today is all about changing it up. Different Starbucks, different drink, new bullet journal, new Python editor.

Yes – I have finally stopped using IDLE to write Python and switched to Sublime Text. I’m not sure if I like it yet, but the interface sure is prettier to look at.

Also: I’m seeing Drake in concert this August in Washington DC!! I’m completely ecstatic.

Doing some calculus revision by looking at MIT opencourseware. I did so bad on my calculus test that I cried myself to sleep but this morning I’m determined to fix my mistakes and get back to my old and ambitious self who was so fascinated with numbers. I hope this motivates all of you to improve yourself everyday life.

Girls’ High School, located on West Newton Street in the South End, opened in 1852. It initially wasy only for female students, but towards the end of the 20th century, the school began accepting male students, eventually changing its name to Roxbury High School. The school closed its doors in 1981.

 Although the school no longer exists, it did turn out a number of notable alumni. This includes Dr. Jessie Gideon-Garnett, Wilhelmina Marguerita Crosson, Melnea Cass, and Jennie Loitman Barron.

 In the late 1870s, Pauline Hopkins attended Girls’ High School. Throughout the 1880s and the early 1900s, Pauline wrote plays and romantic novels that had both social and racial themes. She was one of the most prolific African American female writers and editors during the Harlem Renaissance.

 Marcella Boveri graduated in 1881. Marcella was the first women to graduate from MIT, and studied at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, becoming a professor in biology. She also took classes in Wurzburg, Germany before women stuents admitted to university there. 

Margaret Foley, born on March 19, 1875, studied at Girls’ High School in the 1890s. She became one of the only working class, Irish suffragists in Boston and worked for the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association from 1906 to 1915. She often spoke to largely male crowds, and often gained their support by the end of her speech. In 1910, Margaret flew solo on a hot air balloon over Lawrence, Massachusetts, throwing suffrage pamphlets over the town.

Girls’ High School - Exterior View 3, West Newton Street,  Boston, School building photographs circa 1920-1940   (Collection 0403.002), Boston City Archives

Blog post by Monica Haberny, City Archives Outreach Intern


{how to take notes for math classes}

Some of you have been asking for advice on how to take notes for math classes, so here are some pages from my 6.006 Algorithms class, where we try to minimize the runtimes of computer programs. I know that these are not the neatest, most aesthetically pleasing notes, but they help me study, and hey–that’s what notes are for :)

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • don’t be afraid to mess up
  • date and number the pages
  • formatting and underlining are your friends
  • mo’ colors mo’ problems – keep it simple
  • make a big box around equations
  • leave tons of space

There’s often a time trade-off between making your notes neat and pretty and actually studying the material, and when you’re crunched for time, ALWAYS choose studying the material first!

Finals are finally over!! They all went pretty well! Now it’s winter break. In order for me to attend the colleges in America that I want to, since I’m from NZ I have to take SATs! Super excited to begin working on everything for applications! One thing that always gets me excited for new projects is new stationary! I brought heaps of new pens and they are just amazing. Hope y'all enjoy my nerdy laptop stickers (red bubble). Hoping all of you are well!

04:44PM // Fri Feb 26 // Hell week is over! Finally I turned in my problem set for 14.02 Macroeconomics (that I started last night lmao) and finished my first quiz of the semester for 6.004 Computation Structures. What better way to rewind from the week than flex my illustrator skills? Haha…

Here are some old staples and new additions on my desk.

Old staples:

  • study buddy! aka Marky Bunny, always sits on my desk to give me a boost with his cute af face when I’m feeling unmotivated or sleepy.
  • G2s give me life and they are the only pens I use. I’m also enjoying my bullet journal, which is a Moleskin with grids
  • plants! Cristiano Ronalgae and James Mossriguez are my marimos, which are a kind of Japanese algae. Can you guess which famous athletes they are named after? (sorry I’m not funny)

New additions:

  • candles! They are by Martha Stewart and smell like chocolate chip cookies. I love that they don’t smell too strong, but lighting them up always lifts my spirits a little
  • diy tea tray! Basically I took the lid off of a box of letters, and I use it to hold my mug and assorted tea packets. It makes it way easier for me to drink tea in bed because I know my mug won’t tip over :)

I’m really excited because this weekend I’m actually doing the study crawl!! I hope you all are enjoying the weekend, so try to slow down and relax :)

concept: two boys. theyre friends. soft 80s/90s aesthetic. one of them is a computer nerd and the other is a grungy guy with ideas of grandeur who plays guitar and is gr8 at arcade games/doom/???. they decide to take a roadtrip after they graduate, before the computer guy goes to boston to study at MIT. except somewhere in the pacific northwest, they almost run over a creature that on second look doesnt look to be of this world….


12:52PM // Sun Apr 10 // Old spot, new views. The bright colors on the Stata Building always gives my mood a boost. I’m working on some data analysis for an internship I’m applying for. Aaaahhhhhhh!!! Also: I got a new backpack! It’s a Herschel Pop Quiz in the small size. I’m convinced that it is endowed with an Undetectable Extension Charm because it fits my 13" MacBook Pro very snugly, my large water bottle, wallet, notebooks, and a light jacket. One last thing, if you haven’t listened to The Life of Pablo by Kanye West, drop what you’re doing and give it a thorough listen! Waves and Wolves both use synthetic sounds to personify their titular subjects, and Real Friends has an incredible, ethereal vibe that has me absolutely hooked.

How Wrinkles Form

by Peter Gwynne, Inside Science

From raisins to fingerprints, and from tree bark to the surface of the brain, wrinkles appear throughout nature. But scientists have struggled to explain how wrinkles form.

Now two independent research teams at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge have developed key insights into the process.

One group has developed a mathematical theory, confirmed experimentally, that predicts how wrinkles take shape on curved surfaces. The other explains in more general terms how layered materials form different types of wrinkly patterns.

Taken together, the new insights promise to improve understanding of biological organisms and to lead to the creation of objects with complex shapes in industries such as electronics.

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12:08 PM // Sun Nov 8 // I went home fore the weekend so I got to work in my new loft space. I’m also working on a “What’s in my bullet journal?” post, so please look forward to that!

I have two midterms this week, for 6.01 Intro to Computer Science and 14.01 Microeconomics. Yikes!

How to Prepare for an MIT Midterm
  1. Go to the review session the night before
  2. Make a study plan
  3. Get up early
  4. Eat a good breakfast
  5. Go to a cafe or your favorite study space
  6. Finish half a practice midterm before feeling antsy and uncomfortable
  7. Move to the library
  8. Panic and write a depressive, existential tumblr post 
  9. Give up slightly and almost cry
  10. Find some cool whizbang technology video on the internet to take your mind off things
  11. Wonder if you should go ask Student Support Services for an extension
  12. Realize you don’t have an excuse
  13. Become comfortable with barely passing
  14. Realize you have 2 hours left
  15. Laugh
  16. cry
  17. laugh 
  18. make a humorous tumblr post to make yourself feel better
  19. (2 years later) hopefully graduate and never do this again

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Does Organic Food Make You Act Like A Jerk?

Apparently scientists in MIT have conducted a study and found out that people who eat more organic food have lower morals because they feel like they can do more “bad” things since they are doing “good” by eating organic. On the other hand, people who have more comfort food, ranked with higher morals. All psychological. 

“Eskine concluded that the people who saw the organic foods felt confirmed in their moral identities (in other words, they were self-satisfied), which made them less likely to help others.”