(Whispers to rest of Les Mis fandom) Hey guys….ya know, I was thinking…and Les Mis is in the public domain. Legally, these characters are like Little Red Riding Hood–they belong to everyone. If you write something new about these characters, that new creation is legally your original idea.

 So…  there’s absolutely nothing differentiating Les Mis fanfiction from “real” fiction?

Yes, fanfiction in general gets a bad reputation it doesn’t deserve. But most online fanfic/fanart tends to be about characters who are not in the public domain, where you’re not -legally- allowed to call your creations “original”, or make money off of them. But as long as you don’t steal too obviously from adaptations, there are no legal obstacles like that for Les Mis?????

Even the most anti-fanfiction snob would have to acknowledge that fanfic of Les Mis isn’t legally different from a retelling of a classic fairy tale, and could theoretically be published. Heck, Les Mis fanfiction has already been published.  

 Les Mis “fanfiction” is just “fiction, “Fluff” is just “romance;” “smut” is just “erotica.”  You could make a Kickstarter to publish a book about a modern AU Les Amis, and it’d be no different from a Kickstarter for any other book.

I don’t know, am I the only one who never really thought about that before???

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