There is a lot left in this world that I don't understand.

But I’ve come to terms with that fact. 

I know most of the secrets behind happiness,
I just can’t achieve it.

I know what it takes to get what you want,
but I don’t know that I’m willing to do it.

I could tell everyone the secrets of this world.

I could tell you all how to make your life happy.

And I feel selfish for not saying it until I’m able to do it myself.

I guess I’m still afraid of being left behind.

I guess I still don’t understand what being alone might mean. 

  • Parents:Hey son we're going out for a while don't spend too much time on the computer.
  • Me:*on computer* M'kay.
  • Parents:*leave*
  • Me:*checks to make sure he is home alone*
  • Me:*secretly cleans house*
  • Me:*waits on couch with book for parents to arrive*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:*hears notification sound from computer* *checks to see what it is*
  • Parents:*comes in* WHAT WHY HAVE YOU BEEN ON YOUR COMPUTER THE WHOLE TIME WE TOLD YOU UGH I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU hey look at this nice house I wonder who could have cleaned it