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Disney’s Beauty and the beast cast Is Gaston a villain or misunderstood?

I see him as the biggest villainous threat in any of the Disney films. He has no special powers. He’s not Jafar, or Ursula, or Maleficent. He’s a human being! He’s an arrogant, narcissistic, bigoted, chauvinistic, self-absorbed man who, once he’s told no, is driven by jealousy and revenge to fuel the fear of quite an idiotic group of villagers to go kill something they’ve never seen before. I mean, it resonates massively to what’s happening in the political climate throughout the world now. Luke Evans

Villain Development

From a creepy old man 

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To emotionally tragic man that’s been misunderstood 

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From a threatening villain 

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To a dorky and lovable nerd 

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From a coward, childish, and annoying villain

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To a true threatening villain

Nerdy Speed Dating/Small Talk Questions

Tired of “What’s your major?” “Where are you from?” “What year of school are you?” “What do you do for a living?”

Well, look no further! Here is a list of nerdy speed dating/small talk questions that are guaranteed* to get the conversational ball rolling (and not squish Indiana in the process)!

Feel free to add to these!

• What Hogwarts house are you?
• Favorite Doctor? Favorite companion?
• ‘67 Impala or Batmobile?
• Favorite Avenger?
• Snape: misunderstood hero or snarky bad guy, even with his “redemption” scene?
• Star Wars or Star Trek?
• Which District are you from? Where would you be in the Hunger Games–first to die, middle, or victor?
• Are you Sam, Dean, or Castiel?
• Are you Merlin or Arthur?
• Are you Sherlock or John?
• Are you Kirk, Spock, or Bones?
• Which Fellowship of the Ring member are you?
• Which member of the Galactic Rebellion are you?
• Nazgul or Dementors?
• Favorite Martin Freeman role: John Watson, Bilbo Baggins, or Arthur Dent?
• Favorite Harrison Ford role?
• Favorite Benedict Cumberbatch role?
• Favorite thing you’ve ever heard Benedict Cumberbatch called (e.g. Benadryl Cumbermuffin)?
• Did you like the ending to Merlin? Do you want a movie?
• The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Fantastic Beasts, and Cursed Child: should they really have been canon?
• Rose Tyler: awesome or annoying?
• Zachary Quinto or Leonard Nimoy? What about that crying!Spock–right or wrong?
• Favorite alien species from Doctor Who?
• Favorite alien species from Star Wars?
• Favorite alien species from Star Trek?
• Favorite alien species overall?
• Hobbits, Elves, Dwarves, or Men?
• Scariest villain: Sauron, Voldemort, or Darth Vader?
• Who’s worse: Metatron or Umbridge?
• Most misunderstood villain: Lucifer, Morgana, or the Master?
• Can you say Raxacoricofallapatorius? Can you spell it?
• Favorite nerdy quote?
• Who would win in a fight: the Winchesters or Buffy?
• Would you rather go to Hogwarts or Narnia?
• TARDIS, Enterprise, or Millennium Falcon?
• Obi-Wan Kenobi, Gandalf, or Dumbledore?
• Which set of Narnia characters is your favorite (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy; Jill and Eustace; Polly and Digory)?
• Puddleglum or JarJar Binks?
• C-3PO, R2-D2 or BB-8?
• Steven Moffat: villain or creative genius (or both)?
• Vampires or werewolves?
• Pirates or ninjas?
• Do you carry salt with you?
• Do you read or write fanfiction?
• Do you role play?

*Batteries not included. I don’t own anything. Also these have never actually been attempted.


“A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.”

honestly i really hope pink diamond isnt the “uwuwuwwu innocent little sister diamond, didnt want to destroy the earth or gems, actually loved it and was pure and kind” kind of character a lot of the fandom makes her out to be and instead is actually a stone cold villain who didnt give a damn what she was doing to the earth and who wanted to squash out the rebellion by any means necessary

but hey knowing su shes gonna be a ~misunderstood~ villain uwu

A Summary of Each WoF Book in 9 Words or Less

The Dragonet Prophecy: Scarlet and Burn are dicks

The Lost Heir: Coral and Blister are dicks too

The Hidden Kingdom: How many kingdoms can we visit in one book

The Dark Secret: All the NightWings are dicks except for like four

The Brightest Night: This entire war meant absolutely nothing

Moon Rising: Mind-reading protagonist’s powers don’t work bc of tiny rock

Winter Turning: Tragic hero becomes even more tragic somehow

Escaping Peril: Misunderstood villain-turned-hero finally gets a friend

Legends: Darkstalker: Supervillain does Bad Shit and sleeps for 2,000 years

Talons of Power: Supervillain arises from slumber and Bad Shit happens

Darkness of Dragons: What is character development and why isn’t Qinter canon

MCR Ask!
  • because i gotsa new bandom URL that needs celebratin' and y'all want to get some asks i bet
  • I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love: What's something you love that you feel is under appreciated?
  • Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge: Would you kill someone who is evil to bring someone you love back to life?
  • Welcome to The Black Parade: What is your attitude towards death?
  • Danger Days; The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys: What does art mean to you?
  • Gerard: What are your best creative talents?
  • Ray: Do you ever feel forgotten about? (as in, like, straight up being left at gas stations forgotten about).
  • Frank: What are you passionate about?
  • Mikey: Are you introverted or extroverted? Or a combo of both?
  • I'm Not Okay: What is/was your high school friend group like?
  • Blood: What do you want to be for Halloween this year?
  • Headfirst for Halos: What is your favorite song?
  • Na Na Na: Who would you want to protect most?
  • Give Em Hell, Kid: Who makes you fearless?
  • Mama: Is anyone in your family in the armed forces?
  • Early Sunsets Over Monroeville: What's your favorite vampire movie?
  • Sing: Who is the most misunderstood villain?
  • I Never Told You What I Do For A Living: What was your first job?
  • Dead!: Who is someone you dislike?
  • Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for The Two of Us: Do you like taking selfies?
  • Party Poison: What's your dream URL?
  • Thank You For The Venom: What's your attitude towards drugs?
  • Sharpest Lives: What was your first MCR song?
  • Skylines and Turnstiles: What was a big event that changed your life?
  • Zero Percent: Have you read the Danger Days comics? If so, what did you think of them?
  • "It's my fuckin' face": Whats your body image like?
  • Life on The Murder Scene: What would your biography be called?
  • Solo projects: What is something you always wanted to do, but never have?

@infriga it’s all good, dude! I just didn’t want people trying to tell me why I should view him as a sympathetic character or why he’s just “misunderstood”, etc. Y'know, typical villain fandom stuff. Anyway, I think you hit the nail right on the head! As long as you recognize the shitty things the character has done and try not to excuse their behavior, liking them is totally fine!

Vague Justification

The road to hell is paved with good intentions
As any true misunderstood villain would tell you
While burning bit by bit in the inferno for keeps
Everything always starts innocuous at the genesis
Just a dream for betterment
Working hard on the righteous path
But sometimes things can overwhelm
So what’s the harm in a minor shortcut?
Skipping some levels delicately
All for the noble cause
No one ever notices the struggling inbetween
Only the results and rewards
Until the obvious descent is executed 


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Villain AU! Either both are villains or only one or the other is

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I’m so glad there was a villain!AU gif I could use~♥ I’ll give some headcanons, or I guess concepts in this case, that I enjoy for this AU with one or both as villains. I’m pretty picky about my villain AUs because I like certain things, so I’m sorry if my headcanons wind up fairly…I dunno, mild? These won’t be scenarios like the first one, but flat-out ideas. Anyway, I hope you like them anyway!

1. In situations where Saitama is the villain, my favourite headcanon is that he’s not a villain on purpose. Either he used to be a hero for fun and, because he was unregistered, was mistaken and branded as a villain due to his activities, OR he was registered as a hero but, because the association realized his power and was scared of him, sabotaged him and marked him in a way that meant the entire world saw him as a threat. Those are my absolutely FAV~♥ Especially when it always causes such misunderstandings with hero!Genos, and leads to a sort of dance between the two to get to know each other; the epiphany Genos has in these types of villain AUs is the best part. I could read those kind of fics forever.

2. If Saitama is a villain because he wants to be, I don’t like the ultra violent version of his villainy, but more along the lines of a “this little shit” version that taunts the heros, fights them even (but with barely any of his strength, and no one gets irreversibly damaged), and doesn’t care so much for collateral damage or his public image. The kind of villain who has fun, and has every hero wanting him dead, but in the grand scheme of things has never killed anyone, not even by accident, and sometimes even saves the day, but is so hated that no one really notices that until they get a little closer to “Caped Darkness” than most people would. *coughGENOScough* Like, I read a small fic where hero!Genos discovers that Caped Darkness visited a children’s hospital on a frequent basis and I about died it was so sweet, and hilarious with how confused Genos was.

3. Now, if Genos is the villain, and Saitama the hero, I don’t see Genos as the type who would become a villain to taunt and harm other people, but because he will stop at absolutely nothing to find and maim the Mad Cyborg. He’ll break into government facilities, he’ll steal files or technology that’ll point him in the right direction and make him stronger, and he’ll fight and defeat other heroes if they stand in his way. Saitama would be the first to not try and stop him but, rather, ask him questions, badger him until he got answers out of the kid because, as much as other people tend to bore him, there’s something about Genos that doesn’t sit right with him. He’s not a BAD kid, per say, but a driven one, and Saitama just wants to know how this 19-year-old wound up one of the most sought-after villains in the HA’s database.

4. If they’re BOTH villains then there’s two scenarios I find interesting. The first one is they’re the terror of HA as a pair, and have attacked the HQ on many occasions, ruining their plans and just costing them money at any opportunity, because they were both heroes at one point and both spurred by the association. Saitama way before Genos, who sought out Caped Darkness to learn from him and team up, which Saitama reluctantly agreed to because the kid could cook and had cash. When they’re at home they’re domestic as fuck, and super chill, but once they put on their villain outfits and head out it’s all fun and games and shit-eating-grins. No one has ever been fatally wounded from their shenanigans, especially innocents since their beef is with the HA, but the heroes don’t really notice that when they keep getting their asses handed to them by a toaster with an emo fashion sense and an egg with eyeliner.

5. The second one is them as rival villains~! Saitama has never been seen in person as more than a black-caped blur, but is known as the biggest threat for his “attacks on the city” (which are really just him killing any monster he can get to before a hero can, thus invalidating them at every opportunity—if said monster lands on a building or two that’s not his problem), and Genos has been trying to do the same for months but can’t fucking get his hands on a monster before that blur shows up, wrecks the monster, and disappears from one heartbeat to the next. Genos is frustrated and angered beyond belief; how is he supposed to discredit the HA and its heroes if he can’t do anything? So it becomes a rivalry in Genos’ mind, and a challenge to find and identify the real Caped Darkness, and when he finally DOES manage it it’s…the most disappointing thing Genos has experienced in his life, even trumping his reason for hating the HA (which is them not believing his claims that Metal Knight killed his parents and is far from any hero- or so I headcanon in this case, anyway).

And that’s because Caped Darkness is just…a regular guy, with poor cleaning habits and a tiny apartment, and is only killing the monsters “for fun” and not for any self-righteous reason. Out of spite Genos convinces the obviously reluctant villain to let him move in and ‘learn from him’ (aka monitor where he is and what he’s doing at all times so HE can kill the monsters before Saitama for once), and as time passes Saitama starts enjoying the company, while Genos actually winds up learning a lot from Saitama without meaning to and, in the end, they both take down Metal Knight together because fuck that guy.

(And that’s it! Sorry this is more ideas rather than actual headcanons, but since this AU could be a handful of things I went with ideas to narrow down my answers. Hope that’s okay!)

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Just wanted to drop in an see how my favorite archangels are doing? Anything new? Experience any new human activities? How's heaven? How's hell? How's your slice of Earth?

Lucifer: In order? I’m doing okay, no, no, Wouldn’t know, Eh, and being slowly destroyed by humanity, what else is new?

Gabriel: Y’know, for the guy with possibly the most to say, you never do say much. Aren’t you supposed to be the party guy?

Lucifer: Uh… no. I’m the tragically misunderstood villain. You’re the party guy. That’s why all of the fans love you, and only about half of them like me. I don’t mind; the ones that don’t hate me because of the whole ‘satan’ or ‘Sam’ thing get really into it. It’s flattering.

Michael: Lucifer.

Raphael, whisper-yelling: We’re not supposed to mention the fandom!

Lucifer: Screw those rules. I’ll be meta if I want to. Who does Admin think he is anyways? God? Screw both of them.

Gabriel: Bro… You’re like, gonna get yourself kicked out. Again. Stop.

Michael: Yeah, and what did Admin ever do to you, anyways?

Lucifer: He keeps replacing my gosh-darn curse words with more PG words. See?! Since when do I ever say Gosh-Darn? Fudge him.

Raphael: … Has anyone told you that you’re very petty?

Michael: You see, Lucifer’s problem is that he’s cute, but nobody ever tells him when to shut his trap.

Lucifer: I’m not cute.

Michael: Shut your trap.

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I'm an INTJ and often times I have lost friends. After I lose them they often make me out to the villain. Like I did something wrong. Even though it was just me being me. Often times it's when I express an unpopular opinion. I think a lot of INTJ's are the misunderstood villain sometimes. At first I hated it. But now I've learned to accept it

Good for you! Always accept yourself but also always be willing to strive to be the best you you can be!