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I’ve debated whether or not to post this but after yet another racially insensitive (actually downright offensive) Black Panther related post came across my dash, I couldn’t keep quiet.

Ryan Coogler and the entire Black Panther cast gave us an amazing, complex, nuanced and gorgeous movie. It included beautiful examples of love - platonic, familial and romantic. This is a world onto itself with rich, wonderfully flushed-out characters. They literally did 75% of the work for us fic writers already. I would love to read fics about these characters. But in the past 24 hours alone, I have come across 3 horribly racist portrayals of these characters, particularly Shuri. I really hope these portrayals weren’t intentional but the problem is they exist.

Since Black Panther’s release, I have read posts that were terribly offensive (again, I really hope it was unintentional). In fact, I’ve had to unfollow writers whose work I greatly admired because they repeatedly kept tossing off casually offensive posts about Black Panther and its cast. Doing so absolutely broke my heart a little.

I have seen posts where people have referred to Shuri as savage. Yes, she has a biting wit, which I adored. But maybe don’t call her the same name White characters in the movie were throwing around as a racial slur.

I have also seen people shipping Shuri (a sixteen year old) with Bucky (a grown ass man with an unbelievable amount of trauma to deal with). I can’t begin to tell you how weird this is - she’s still a child who is intelligent and has her own sense of agency. She does not need to be paired with anyone, let alone someone who she shared all of maybe five minutes of screen time. And in that time, Bucky expresses gratitude for finally having his own mind back. There were no love vibes coming off of him or her. At the most, maybe there will be a protective big brother/little sister dynamic between the two (which I would LOVE to see!). But again, Coogler and company already gave Shuri a protective big brother.

I have also seen Killmonger referred to as a murderous dog who needed to be put down. The beautiful thing about both Coogler’s writing and Michael B. Jordan’s acting is that Killmonger is a complicated villain. The roots of his behavior were a profoundly tragic loss and being abandoned by his own birth family. As T’Challa pointed out, Killmonger was a monster of their own making. To call him a dog (which is one of the most racist ways to refer to a Black person) reduces him to a stereotype. Mind you, this is the same fandom who embraced Loki as misunderstood when he went on a quest for world domination. And the root of Loki’s villainy? He didn’t think his Daddy loved him as much as his brother.

This post is in no way meant to be seen as gatekeeping. I’ve loved seeing the enthusiasm for Black Panther. But in that enthusiasm I have also, sadly, witnessed a lot of the racism and micro-aggressions I deal with on an almost daily basis as a Black Woman. I come to fandom to escape these things and it breaks my heart to see them snaking their way into my happy place.

As a fic writer, I take great care with my characterizations. I put forth a huge effort to write these characters I love with the respect and care I feel they deserve. All I ask is that if you are a White writer who wants to write about characters of color, please take a moment to consider how you’re writing them. If you’re unsure of something, there are plenty of betas of color who would happily read over your story.

This fandom in particular is wonderfully sensitive in its portrayal of gender identity and sexual orientation. Can we please, as a fandom, extend this same courtesy to race? We’re not asking for special treatment, just equal. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of great writers, artists and contributors to this fandom who happen to be people of color. Myself included.

By the Will of Evil (Loki Laufeyson x Reader)

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This piece can be read as a stand alone or as a follow up to Not By His Will 

I recommend reading them as a series. Enjoy! 

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His feet graced the floor of his cell delicately. Frigga was due to visit him any moment and he needed to continue his role as the anguished son, unwanted but kept regardless. He knew as far as his brother and mother were concerned, it was not true. He knew it hurt her, he knew it hurt Thor, acting the way he did. But he was too far in now and there was really no turning back. 

He faced his pile of books Frigga had delivered days ago and behind him he heard the familiar humm of someone entering his cell. The God of Mischief steadied his face and spoke coldly, hoping that maybe this time, she wouldn’t want to come back to him again, the charade growing too painful for him. 

“Another day with the Frost Giant, I see,” he sneered, not turning to look behind him. 

If he had, he would have seen that it was not Frigga who had appeared in his cell, but you. You sat down gently on the small lounge chair Frigga had been able to get for her son and shook your head at him. “Always the drama queen,” the words tumbled from your mouth as you flicked away a piece of dust from your long robes. 

His body stiffed and he slowly turned to face you. “My Lady, please, forgive me,” Loki spoke, his silky voice sending shivers down your spine. 

His ice blue eyes wandered over your body, the longing clearly evident. How long had it been since you two had touched- really touched. Not just when you had looked into his mind by Odin’s command. You felt the same way he did, that it had been far too long, the last whisper of a kiss haunted your dreams nearly every night. 

“Always,” you spoke softly and Loki smiled at you, his cold features warming slightly. Gently, afraid to make any move that might break the spell Frigga placed on you, you stood and moved towards him. He hesitated but allowed you to come near enough to touch him. 

Loki had always been hesitant with you, and you with him. Your relationship had flourished for many years now, though it was kept secret mostly. Behind closed doors, the passion you’d had for one another, the desperate desire to feel each other and just be near without fear of consequences was a force to be reckoned with. But to the public, you were Heimdall’s apprentice, destined to take over as watchman when his time came to a close. And Loki was Prince of Asgard, closed off and mysterious and unwanting of a wife. 

If only they had known. 

“I’m sorry,” he said as you cupped you hand on his cheek. He knew what would happen if he himself touched you. The spell would break and he would be once again forced to sit alone, thinking about you, his heart aching. “I am sorry my actions led you to be in love with a prince who’s been locked away.” 

It was clear by the pain in his voice that he meant it. The prince before you hardly ever apologized, something you had been working on with him for centuries. But here he stood, a pleading tone in his voice, begging you to understand him. 

You smiled at him sadly, your heart breaking seeing him at his most vulnerable here before you. “I wouldn’t want my heart to belong to anyone else, Loki.” 

He scoffed at you and you looked at him, bewildered. “Sure you would. You should love someone who didn’t go off to Midgard and attempt to rule them. You shouldn’t love someone who left you here, by yourself, while you mourned over him, believed him dead. You should love someone who is good, Lady [Y/N].”

“Loki, you know it wasn’t you-” 

“I sought out Thanos. I did that. So yes, I did the rest of it,” he said, anger seeping into his silky voice and you shook your head faster, trying to get him to calm down. 

“Loki, you may have sought him out, but he made you do those things. You couldn’t control that,” you said softly, approaching him as he walked away from you. 

His back to you, you couldn’t see his face. But you could see the slight shake in his shoulders. He was upset, he had done things he had no control over, yet he felt responsible. So why then, did he keep the charade up for everyone but you? You placed a hand on his shoulder and he wheeled around at you. “I want you to leave.” 

“Loki, what-” 

“I said leave!” His emotions bubbling over, hot tears forming in his eyes, Loki raised his hand and ran it through yours quickly. The spell Frigga had placed on you ending and before your very eyes, the man you loved disappeared from your view. 

Dance with me

A Loki x Reader of 715 words. Requested by 2 different people (one being @princess–irulan that I combined into one fic. With prompts #12 and #36. I think the ending could be a little better, but I actually didn’t struggle with his as much as I thought I would. Take that writer block. My requests closed at the moment until I finish all the fics that have been requested. Enjoy!


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“I said I was sorry Tony!” I said, crossing my arms in a subtle defense. “Sorry won’t fix my proto type!” he yelled back, holding the now useless pieces of metal. “Why do you always have to break the rules (Y/n)?” I looked around the room as if the sofa could give me the right words to describe my feelings. “I’m not actively a rule breaker. It’s just- I get bored sometimes.” I explained trying to control my breathing. “I can arrange for Steve to give you some more hours in the gym.” Tony began, raising his eyebrows. I lifted my hands up in front of my chest reflexively. “No, come on Tony you know that’s not what I need.” I interrupted. “Really? Because there’s plenty to do in this multi million dollar tower you live in.” He finished staring directly into my eyes. I could feel my nostrils flaring, as I let short bursts of air out through my nose. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned on my heel leaving Tony behind me as I stormed away.

Being a cousin of Bruce Banner thankfully meant that while I wouldn’t turn into the hulk, I did have some great anger management techniques. Lacing up my point shoes, I walked to the center of the floor and took my beginning position before the music started. The Walt of the Flowers started, triggering muscle memory and calming emotions in me. I lifted my toes to my knee in a pose before tenduing to the side and starting some turns. After a few minutes, later I took my final pose, chest heaving from my dance. Just for fun, I curtsied to the front of the room. “That was beautiful darling.” a voice said from behind me. I glanced in the mirror and spotted Loki leaning casually against the wall. A smile sprung to my face as I turned and walked over to him, my point shoes tapping the floor.

He wrapped a hand around my waist and pulled me into his chest. I wound my arms around his neck and tangled my fingers in the little baby hairs at the bottom of his neck. “What are you doing here?” I asked leaning my head on his shoulder. “I heard Tony Stark yelling at you. I knew you would be down here, and I wanted to make sure you’re okay.” “I’m alright” I smiled up at him. Me mirrored my expression and hugged me a little tighter. “What happened if I may ask.” He said. I sighed remembering how I almost lost my temper. “I got bored and was wandering around Tony’s lab. There was a really cool looking metal thing with a button on it.” I said brushing my fingers lightly through Loki’s silky hair. “Apparently, after the whole Ultron fiasco, whenever Tony makes something more complicated than a fan, he puts a self destruct button on it.” Loki nodded figuring out what must have happened. “You could have come to me if you were bored.” he said slightly hurt. “I also kinda wanted to poke around Tony’s lab” I said, biting my lip to hold back a smile, and failing horribly.

 He nodded, his blue eyes staring lovingly into mine. “In that aspect, you are more like me than Bruce. We are trouble.” he said, the corners of his lips pulling up. “That’s why we’re good together.” I smiled. Loki reached his other hand out to hold my waist, but I intercepted it and held it instead. “Dance with me.” I asked, swaying my hips. Loki smiled but lightly tried to tug his hand out of mine. “I don’t dance like that.” he said. “Not ballet.” I giggled, imaging Loki in a tutu and leotard. “Just dance with me.” I pleaded stepping backwards onto the floor and dragging him with me. I re positioned his hands on my hips and let my arms hang around his neck as F.R.I.D.A.Y turned on a song for us to dance to. I swayed to the rhythm as the rest of my anger melted away.

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Acts like Thor, is Thor: Cancer, Aquarius, Pisces

Acts lik Thor, is Loki: Sagittarius, Libra,Taurus

Acts like Loki, is Thor: Gemini, Virgo, Aries 

Acts like Loki, is a misunderstood emo Loki: Scorpio, Leo, Capricorn 

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it's 2017 and i somehow still see people say ''loki is misunderstood'' completely unironically

lmao loki winning the ‘not as much of a jerk as he could have been’ award in ragnarok rly opened the flood gates on this again. loki’s on the good (thor’s) side now, but that doesn’t negate all the shit he’s pulled in that past, and honestly why would you want that? isn’t loki character journey far more interesting if he did down right awful things, and went to a really dark place, then pulled himself through it? and loki wasn’t even all the good in the first place, he’s always been a trickster. loki is still loki, he just went from chaotic neutral to chaotic evil and now back again, and he’s one of my faves because of it

The Other and Loki

I think, quite possibly, the Other is a being whom Thanos tortured until he was an identityless devotee. His face looks very scarred–that might just be what he is supposed to look like, but his arms are not creased like that. His chin looks like it had a ring put through it and then ripped out. He doesn’t have a name–he is just “the Other.” And he seems as if he might know about what it’s like to be the target of Thanos’s power when he is talking to Loki.  

Now, if this is so, this is what Loki would realize: If he, Loki, resists Thanos completely, he will become such a creature. He won’t die heroically. It won’t do anyone any good. He will simply be turned into an identityless weapon that Thanos can use for any evil purpose he has, for thousands of years.

I still can’t get over that Loki is going to be on Thanos’ side. Why? I’m guessing it’s because they needed some allies for Thanos and Loki (I think) is the only known one. But I hope it’s just a huge lie, like at the end of the movie Loki stabs him in the back or something

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Loki looks worried and scared in both of these, so I’m guessing he’ll be on his team by force or torture. Either one will be difficult for me to watch