Misunderstanding lyrics, episode 3

(I wish I kept track of these things, I don’t know if this is actually episode three. I remember misunderstanding some Kanye West lyrics and misunderstanding some Bon Jovi lyrics in the past and writing about it, so let’s just pretend that this is episode three, okay?)

(Everything I do) I do it for you - Bryan Adams:

Oh - you can’t tell me it’s not worth tryin’ for 
I can’t help it - there’s nothin’ I want more 
I would fight for you - I’d lie for you 
Walk the wire for you - yeah I’d die for you

This is how the lyrics actually go but I’ve misunderstood the last line for forever. 

At first I thought it was

Walk a mile for you - yeah I’d die for you

and thought: “Well, that’s not very much. The Proclaimers were walking 500 miles (twice!) and you walk one measly mile?”

Later I figured out that this can’t be true and thought it was

Walk a while for you - yeah I’d die for you

which… yeah, a bit better, durchaus. Very ambiguous but hey ambiguity = mystery = sexxay, I guess.

Then when it came on shuffle today I thought I had finally figured it out because I heard:

Walk the wild for you - yeah I’d die for you

and I thought that’s it because Bryan Adams is Canadian and there are bears in the Canadian wilderness (and probably wolves too) so that’s a bit of a risk-taking and you could sing a song about that. So I thought that was the definite truth and started writing this post but then I looked the lyrics up first because I’m a ~serious~ person that researches stuff and it actually is “walk the wire” and now I’m even more disappointed in my lyrics-deciphering abilities and I’m disappointed in Bryan Adams because I think “walk the wild for you” is a much better lyric.

Those good and beautiful old days,
We don’t need to look back so often;
Can we just store that warmth-and-sweet- memories-of-past for the freezing-and-harsh-winter later on (rather than having lingering feelings on our dead history)?
And shut that room (with past memories and history between us);
The most heart-throbbing moment, may not last forever,
It seems unforgettable (to you) only because of clinging the nostalgic moments.
(I understand) It’s easy (for dreamers like you) to put one on the pedestal for ten years and not letting go.

Frankly, I never regret whenever thinking about us in the past.
If I ever run into each other in the street, I will smile and ask,“Hey! How are things?”;
Yet in full consciousness I shouldn’t read your every-night-status-update(s)on facebook anymore.
For the sake of the future after breakup,
It is the best not to rake up the past.
It’d be better to look at the bright side: Moving on finding someone new through sunlight.

—  Wyman Wong at
Translated by Pearl Yeung and slightly edited by me.

The music video for my “Prisoner.” Contrary to some misunderstanding of the lyrics, the “you” I refer to is ones self not any one person or “you” in particular. It could be any “you” of 7 billion “you’s” in the world. It is a first person narrative as is commonly known in writing and when in song it usually means one is talking to themselves when they are saying “you can try, you can lie, you can say you don’t feel it inside” as if saying “I tell myself this and that” but of course in rhyming for a song it doesn’t work to say “One can try, one can lie, one can say you you don’t feel it inside” it just doesn’t work. Same in conversation and books when a person is saying as a general population term. But if one doesn’t understand how writing works it’s easy to see how one would assume the worst. #watch the #Prisoner #music #video on #YouTube at YouTube.com/reylo58 It’s an #edm #dance #trance #rave #pop kind of beat with some slick guitar riffs and #haunting #lyrics referring to an #impossible #love #Funimate made with @funimate app

misunderstanding 5sos lyrics

okay so it’s probably just me but…when i first heard michael’s part in long way home i SWEAR i thought he said “catching fire like katniss everdeen” really quickly instead of “catching fire like kerosene”…

(also this CAN’T just be me: coldplay shirt instead of cobain shirt?)

my-name-is-not-minho asked:

Hansol and Legal pad/note pad.

Want to know why Vernon’s raps focus more on telling a story than the groove of the beat?

The answer’s simple: he’s a writer.

He’s the kind of guy to write down instantly what he’s feeling– the way his mouth creeps up into a melancholic smile thinking about his sister growing up into a great person, the instant stigma of exposing himself as a mixed-race being, how he’d feel the first time kissing the person he really loves (he’d probably say it’s like tasting chocolate for the first time), and many other wonderful experiences.

Sure, he’s had a few lyrical misunderstandings here and there, but tapping into a writer’s mind isn’t easy, even for the writer himself.

His best attempt at doing so is to keep a notepad, write down whatever’s whirring in the whirlpool of his mind, and try to make sense of it as he goes along.

((I tried I’m sorry I’m rusty >.<))