Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It’s getting hard to be someone​
But it all works out
It doesn’t matter much to me

​Let me take you down
Cause I’m going to strawberry fields​
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry fields forever

A Lyrical Misunderstanding

Based off of this imagine from imaginexhobbit. I don’t remember if there was a request or not, but this idea was so hilarious to me that I had to do it x)

You’d had quite a few strange things happen to you in your lifetime, but getting transported into Middle-Earth outweighed all of them combined. It had taken you quite a bit to adjust to life without electricity, cars, and any other modern commodities that you’d taken advantage of, but you managed. The thing you missed the most, however, was music. There was no shortage of music in Middle-Earth, what with all the singing that the inhabitants took part in, but it wasn’t quite the same. You missed your favorite songs. Of course, you did have your phone, but you only used it in dire emergencies.

This happened to be one of them.

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[#TRANS] HighTop's apology tweets

Hello. This is High Top.
I’m writing this because I want to say something about the mixtape I released this week.
First of all, through my mixtape lyrics I’ve caused worry for many people and I feel sorry for that.
I’d like to explain the things that people seem to be misunderstanding.
In the lyrics for the title track of my mixtape, ZIPPO,
the mention related to EXID’s Hani sunbaenim isn’t content related to Hani sunbaenim,
but simply a changing of the phrase ‘even if you die you’ll still resent it.’
And there’s a part that I wanted to rhyme with the line that follows.
And again in a different part of the ZIPPO lyrics,
there’s a part that says “Tales Runner,” but
this doesn’t have any meaning other than being a game that I play often.
In the lyrics for another mixtape song, Soundproof,
there is no meaning of being a particular subject that I was trying to diss.
There are people who are saying that it’s content related to G-Dragon sunbaenim,
but it’s absolutely not like that, it was a shot taken at people who misunderstand and hate hip hop.
And in another part of the lyrics for Soundproof,
using the words “dara dara even if you raise the anchor high, the boat will sink” was
not me taking a shot at Block B sunbaenimdeul, but was a purposeful use of the Nillili Mambo lyrics and
an attempt to rhyme with the following line 'daldaldala float high high.’
As a fan who has respected Block B sunbaenimdeul since a long time ago,
I would never write an expression that says anything bad about them in any way.
Block B are artists that I have a lot of respect for, and are people who are always giving me good advice on everything,
so I have never once had even the least negative thoughts about them.
In the lyrics for the track “Do it Loudly,”
the line 'I’m really a dog, you bastard’ is something I took from Winner Song Minho sunbaenim’s “He’s Strong.”
Those contents are not an attack on Song Minho sunbaenim.
The reason that I used expressions from these various sunbaenimdeul’s songs in my mixtape lyrics is
that they’re songs I enjoy listening to regularly and naturally those expressions were used.
I hope that you can understand that I had absolutely no intention
of attacking the sunbaenimdeul who I like and respect.
The mixtape isn’t something that’s being released officially but nonetheless I’m regretful and I apologize for the lack of caution I exercised. It was never my intention to attack anyone. Please don’t misunderstand. In the future when I work more on my lyrics, I will think more cautiously and write with more care.
I will become a High Top who is more careful and tries harder in everything.
Because I wrote on my phone, there were some typos. The song is Block B sunbaenimdeul’s Nillili Mambo. I apologize.

cr: @ BTS0222