うざい勘違い男…that annoying moment…(w/腹ぺこリリィさぷり )〜 innolifetachiいのらいふ

That annoying guy who misunderstands…that annoying moment…(w/腹ぺこリリィさぷり )〜 innolifetachiいのらいふ

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“I’m a sign language interpreter and an American Sign Language (ASL) graduate, and I’ll try to give you a glimpse of how strange things can get…”

5 Reasons Life as a Deaf Person Is Weirder Than You Thought

#4. Misunderstandings Are Constant, and Baffling

In general, people don’t understand much about deaf people (we use the capital D to refer to the culture). I’ve had to interpret before in situations where a person blatantly asked me to fill out forms or answer questions about the deaf person, as if he or she was a child or mentally challenged. “They can’t hear, so clearly they need a legal guardian to handle life for them, even though they’re middle-aged adults.” It’s kind of like the assumption a lot of people make that foreigners who don’t speak their language must be “dumb,” even if the person happens to be in that foreigner’s home country, shouting at them in English. 

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Baby bat - to me bats aren’t something out of a horror movie, they’re sweet creatures who happen to fly at night. I think they have a bad reputation. just look at those sweet innocent eyes. I would love to hold one one day.

Meet the family

Request; Hey hun xx i absolutely love your work and saw that you needed ideas? I was wondering if you could do a dean x reader where your hunter family invited the winchesters and you to dinner. At dinner you say “daddy can you pass me the butter” and both dean and the readers dad grab the butter x and the readers brothers gets fully defensive and fluff and awkward sammy and thank you :*

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Triggers: None (I think?)

Word Count: 4345

Y/N = Your name, Y/L/N = Your last name/your family name, Y/H/C = Your hair colour

I hope this is what you had in mind anon!

Disclaimer (Because why the hell not?): The negative views of the daddy kink briefly mentioned in this story are solely beholden of the reader’s fictional brothers and does not in anyway represent the views of the author. (Journalist’ed!)

“Are you sure this is ok?” Dean whispered next to you for the umpteenth time that evening as you stood on the familiar front porch of your childhood home. His hand going up to tear at the tie you’d assured him he didn’t need, but that he’d insisted on either way. He looked adorable where he shuffled next to his younger brother. Seeming more like a lost little puppy than a legendary hunter.

If somebody told you the same awkward, nervous man in front of you had taken out basically a whole nest of fangs almost singlehandedly just five days earlier you probably wouldn’t have believed them. But you’d been right there with him, kicking ass and making the world a safer place then, and you were there now. So you knew the terrified man in front of you was, in fact, the same Dean Winchester you loved.

“For the last time Dean, yes! It’s fine… You’re fine. They’ll love you, I promise,” You chuckled. Reaching out to grab the slightly clammy hand of your boyfriend, you waited for the familiar steps of your father on the other side of the warded doors.

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