[100925] L.Joe @ 미수다

"한국 남자들은 막 샤워하면서 껴안고 뭐 그래도 안그러잖아요. (다 아니라하니까, 숙스러운 웃음) 어- 아니- 숙소에서- 멤버들하고- 장난 안치나요?"

"Korean guys, like, even if you hug in the shower and stuff, they don’t really care. (Since everyone else seems to disagree, embarrassed laugh) Uh- I mean- At the dorms- with the members- Don’t you joke around?"

*He’s referring to an incident in 5th grade when he hugged a male classmate in America during a game, and the classmate freaked out and tried to beat him up.

Translation: differentiation.tumblr

This is the second in a series highlighting women and their accomplishments in the various facets of the Korean entertainment industry. ― Ed.South African Bronwyn Mullen, 30, is grateful for how far she’s come in the Korean TV industry, but she’s the first to admit that it wasn’t easy and no one ever gave her a “golden ticket.”She said that things were a lot different when she started out.“Eight years ago, whe…

Next in my women’s series. ^_^ Coming out possibly next week is my interview with Melody from SouLime Sound! 


They’re so cool.

And I feel cool because I understood everything they said.