misubishi evo

so i’ve been going through the dream pack headcanon posts i could find (they’re all on thedreampack, if the post is not reblogged there i didn’t see it sorry!) and this is what i have this far - any additions, headcanons i’ve missed, headcanons i’ve gotten wrong, just anything, please add, cause i would love to have something to base these people on that most of us agree on cause it’s hard when there’s nothing in canon (except a little on proko, and kavinsky of course)

also car colors please and thank you


  • white misubishi evo
  • 2nd generation bulgarian
  • pansexual cis boy
  • father is potentially dead (mobster still in jersey?), mother sleeps a lot, is always drugged
  • creates drugs for the market in henrietta


  • vw golf (like swan)
  • 2nd generation ukrainian
  • genderfluid
  • orphan
  • has a thing for skov, but also sort of for swan (for comfort) and also of course k
  • in a coma after k’s death (but won’t wake up unless, y’know, ronan shares)

jiang (ace of hearts)

  • toyota supra
  • chinese
  • asexual panromantic cis boy 
  • parents argue a lot
  • they want jiang to be more like his older siblings
  • has a younger brother he basically raised himself and two older siblings (twins) at college
  • obnoxious
  • definitely the wildest and most violent
  • the tallest?
  • loves to flirt and new people
  • worries about the other members especially swan
  • loves to make swan laugh so does stupid shit
  • really wants kavinsky to pay special attention to him
  • the most broken up about k’s death


  • vw golf (like proko)
  • finnish descent
  • pansexual cis boy
  • dead mother (died giving birth to him), father is gone on business a lot (diplomat?)
  • daddy blames him for killing his mother, can’t stand to look at him
  • really just wants his father to notice him
  • lives in his father’s house with skov
  • looks super innocent
  • adorable like noah, messed up like adam
  • archer
  • very smart - good at tech stuff, speaks seven different languages (english, french, dutch, russian, finnish, ?, ?)
  • worries a lot, feels lonely a lot, generally more melancholic
  • skov calls him bird pet names (ugly duckling, baby bird)
  • also has a thing for proko


  • mazda rx-7
  • danish
  • pansexual trans boy (pretty much into anyone ever)
  • parents think his transgender is just to annoy them, so he never goes home even though they have not officially kicked him out
  • has a perfect older sister
  • from blue’s school
  • lives with swan (got his own room, but shares bed with swan more often than not)
  • intrepid reckless jerk (defence mechanism?) but also very self conscious
  • the youngest (baby boy - the first time jiang called him this skov punched him)