Saturday Morning Holmes/Watson Rec: sans_patronymic

I just spent a delightful morning working my way through sans_patronymic’s catalogue on AO3, reading all those fics I had missed since my last visit and I just had to take a moment to rec this author. They have all the skill and talent of mistyzeo or Katie Forsythe, and their Victorian voice is witty, lovely, and completely in character. Here are a few of my favorites:

The Domesticated Detective Series

Holmes’s inability to attend to basic domestic chores causes friction between him and Watson. Featuring musings, squabbling, and eventual makeup sex.

A Man of Great Character and Better Humor

When a bit of bad news threatens to crush Watson’s spirit, Holmes knows just the solution.

The Closet Offense

Watson makes an indecent proposition in an even less decent location.

Dawn of Man

The night before the conclusion of the Baskerville case, Watson believes he and Holmes are both in need of distraction.

Dream Lovers

An illness reveals to Watson the truth of his desires. Love is unconquerable, even when things are not always as they appear.

Undiscovered Country

Holmes has an unusual desire which he hesitates to share. Watson is more than accommodating.


Watson questions Holmes about a particular talent and the answer is more than he bargained for.

Moar fic recs from this weekend:

Part 1

So I saw Richard III today

…and it was brilliant. From the moment it began I was practically in tears, overwhelmed with delight and satisfaction of this truly extraordinary production. 

I went into London with waffleguppies, and then met the wonderful mistyzeo, who is very tall and funny and all around excellent, hurray! We walked around Forbidden Planet, then meandered down towards Trafalgar Square where we parted ways. I wish I had been a better conversationalist (so many things I wanted to talk to you about!), but hopefully next time I won’t be so nervous and shy. <3

Photo evidence! I only just noticed Misty’s doing the Benedict pointing thing. Cheeky minx :D 

And then. THE PLAY. 

Those accolades are not an exaggeration. 

The dystopian 1970s Britain setting was pitch perfect, the period technology and clothing made it feel so incredibly real - I especially loved unctuous politician Buckingham’s porntache and suit right out of Tinker Tailor, Soldier Spy - and the sound design was beautifully spooky with ambient noise and, oh, the way they used the microphones! Genius. :) 

I could go on about how much I enjoyed this production, RIII is my favourite Shakespearean drama and everything just felt right to me, I am just so thrilled to have been able to see this version of this incredible play.  Afterwards I waited at the stage door and had most of the cast sign my programme (sad I didn’t see Gina McKee, totally understand why Martin was too exhausted to come out after a matinee) and Erin and I walked back to Victoria along the Thames. It was such a beautiful evening, and a lovely end to a brilliant day. 

I’m just so happy you guys ;__;

Let Me (11756 words) by Violsva [AO3]

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Additional Tags: Insomnia, Internalized Homophobia, Victorian Attitudes, Awkward Sexual Situations, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Cuddling, Explicit Sexual Content, Masturbation, handjobs, Massage, Fellatio, Where did all this porn come from?

Sherlock Holmes has suffered from insomnia all his life. When Watson realizes the extent of it, he searches for a way to comfort Holmes, and in the process confronts things neither of them have been saying.

Recommended Reading (Ménage à Trois edition)

Last week, I posted a couple of my favorite Benedict/Martin/Mark fics. This week, I present some other trios you might enjoy. These are nsfw. Obviously.

Feel the Tide Turning

Author: mistyzeo

Rating: M

Words: 18,889

Summary: The year is 1920: the Great War is over, and Sherlock Holmes has retreated to his cottage in Sussex in search of privacy and quiet. But a mystery is unfolding in the little village of Fulworth, and Holmes can’t resist getting involved. Having John Watson at his side during a rare weekend visit is a further temptation, and together they delve into a case of murder and mayhem that threatens the whole town. The reminder of their younger days and the excitement that first brought them together rekindles dormant affection, and long-suffered secrets are reluctantly, inevitably revealed.

Read it here!

Between the Sheets Headcanon!

I can’t even express my fondness for Three Continents Watson, so no one will ever convince me he isn’t the most attentive, most experienced bedmate anyone in that canon will ever have.  But he’s a military man, and a doctor, so he knows about discretion.  He’s a quiet one, a dirty-talker, a listen-to-the-pitch kind of lover.  And, because in my brain he’s bisexual, he’s run the gamut of types of bodies.  He knows all the nuances and he plays to his strengths.

And I think he makes Sherlock Holmes totally lose his mind.  I love fics where Sherlock is a virgin, and where Sherlock is a big slut.  Both of them play beautifully into the notion that JW can take him apart with his tongue. Sherlock has iron control of his body, his emotions, and his reactions, and John makes him shake and moan and sweat and scream.  Sherlock forgets to think, and John loves it.

Lestrade is a conventional sort, used to the vanilla side of life, sex under the covers with the bedside light on.  But he’s adventurous, and he’s always willing to try something new if it sounds fun and different.  I think he’s pretty good at what he does, and he tries to take the time to learn a partner’s reactions, but sometimes he gets a little overexcited and there’s always one instance of a bumped head or an awkward elbow placement.

Molly is probably a little kinky.  She’s a smart, independent woman, and a doctor, and pretty self-aware.  I bet she has a toy box under the bed, and although it takes her a few months with a new partner to bring it up, she’ll break it out eventually.  Because she wants to share the fun she has!

mistyzeo  asked:

oh you're in for it now. holmes/watson, actor/critic au OK BYE.


“I can’t say I’ve ever been to bed with a critic,” said Sherlock Holmes, reaching a languid arm across my chest for his tobacco case on my nightstand. “People will think I’m buying your favour,” he added, raising one perfectly arched eyebrow, still darkened with the kohl from his stage make-up. 

“You ought to know by now that you already own my favour entirely,” I said, leaning up to kiss him; “and my heart, also.”

The Adventure of the Doctor’s Heart by mistyzeo

Summary: Holmes has observed much of Watson’s habits and tastes over time, which is why it surprises him when his friend objects strangely to a folk song sung at the conclusion of a case. Disturbed by the Doctor’s unexpected display of emotion, Holmes becomes determined to lift his spirits by any means necessary, with mixed results.

Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Rating: Explit

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 12,284

What I thought: This was glorious! I always enjoy ‘casefics’ where the case that Holmes have to solve is one centered around Watson. This was certainly a good one of those. There is a lot of pining in this, so beware of that, because if you’re not too fond of that then this might seem terribly long. However I think that the ending was just glorious. There is a bit of porn, seeing the rating, but it wasn’t that much and I think that was a good call for this fic. It was perfect for the plot and everything, so yeah. Also, this fic made me cry. Not that it takes much when it is victorian!johnlock we’re talking about, but still. Tears. This was billiant.