The Reward of a Rainy Day by Vaidas M 

Beautiful evening light falling on the cliffs near Cap de Formentor in Northern Mallorca. 

Our second day in Mallorca was initially not looking that great - as we arrived at the northern town of Port de Pollença, the sky was covered in grey cloud and it kept raining almost constantly. After a few hours in town we were considering just heading back to the hotel in Palma, but we decided to visit the Northern peninsula of Cap de Formentor before heading South. The sky started clearing up and it suddenly became obvious that there was good potential for a beautiful sunset, and the sky certainly didn’t disappoint eventually! 

This is a long exposure taken using the B+W 3.0 10 stop ND filter, Lee ND grad was used to balance the exposure between the cliffs and the sky. Nikon D90 + Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 B+W 3.0 + Lee 0.9 ND HG 18 mm | f/5.3 | ISO 200 | 186 sec Explored | August 8th, 2011: #304. 

Ogunijinja Shrine by peaceful-jp-scenery 

Ogunijinja Shrine Autumn 小國神社のモミジ 

It will be gorgeous if the maple leaves change to red. The lighting can be enjoyed from middle to end of November. この一帯が色付くと、見応えがありそうです。 11月中旬から下旬にかけてライトアップもされています。 

Mori-machi, Shizuoka pref, Japan 

Autumn, fall, autumn fall by Fulvio’s photos 

Taken from trail #517A which climbs from Ceresole Reale (Valle Orco) to the Laghi di Bellagarda. Had the stream’s water flow been bigger and more powerful it would have made a greater impact on the shot. But the Rio della Frassa was the only stream I came across along the trail and so I had to make do with it.