Richard Armitage sings Misty Mountains song

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What a beautiful voice, My King :’)


Beat It - Misty Mountains


Misty Mountains and the “shadowed” dwarf

One of the most emotional parts of An unexpected Journey is when all the Dwarves sing Misty Mountains in Bag End. The atmosphere is solemn and every Dwarf sings it with a sense of yearning for their lost home…

The scene is lighted only by the fire, and not only Thorin, the leader and the lead singer, is given importance: every Dwarf has his own closeup. When I first saw it I was literally swept away…

After some months, and multiple viewings, I realized that there is a Dwarf apparently missing: they are 12, not 13. And there is the shadow of a dwarf, quietly smoking his pipe, leaning on the mantlepiece, standing right next to Thorin, in what should be a place of honour and high regard.

But we never get to see his face… Of course we can’t. Because it is another actor who plays Fili: it is Rob Kazinsky. This scene was one of the first shot in Bag End, so Rob had not left the project yet. And this scene was too long and too complex to be reshot with Dean O'Gorman.

So in the place of the heir to the throne of Erebor, standing right next to Thorin, and presumably included in many shots, we have a shadow, that reminds us of what should have been and never happened…

This is unfortunately only one of the many scenes where Prince Fili is missing from the action.

Pity. Because Fili would have deserved more importance.


LOTRO: “Over the Misty Mountains Cold” ~ Thorin’s Song from “The Hobbit” (by darkjackal32)

Apparently when I get drunk, I sing songs about dwarves XD

So this is the “Misty Mountains” song, of which we only got two verses in the film.  So using the film tune, I recorded the full song as it’s written in the book.  <3 It’s such beautiful poetry, I’m sad we didn’t get even a little more of it in the films than we did.  Chords a bit in the style of Malukah, whose version is short but gorgeous.

I’ll do this more professional quality later but whatever I like it XD


i love this song and have no shame i’m putting this song on my ipod i swear. this could lull me to sleep omg ♥


Richard singing “Misty Mountains”. His voice!


holy shit, this guy is singing with himself as backup! that is so awesome!

also, yes same song as last time. i get lost on youtube occasionally, what of it?