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A protection spell to wear around your neck, reposted from my personal IG @kerinskali. This version of my signature herb vial design contains amethyst and tiger’s eye, two powerful protection stones, along with dried rose, thyme, honeysuckle, willow bark, clove, lavender, garlic, and jasmine, which are all associated with various forms of protective magick. A piece of clear quartz cleanses and amplifies the components of the piece, which was created on the full moon to solidify its power. Sterling itself is said to protect the wearer from negative energies. All of these correspondences come together in this talisman to keep the wearer safe. This piece hangs long and low on 30 inches of sterling chain, and will be available in my next shop update on 4/23 at 8pm est. 🌙🌿🌸🔮💎

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Don’t walk my way, the path is too slick
There was a small crack and that’s all it takes

The waves are never allowed to lap the shore
But they’re always kept at bay too long
And dams can only take so much pressure

It’s only a matter of time
Before everyone is caught off guard
Pushed away by the thundering rush
Thrown into confusion by sudden salt water
Clear yet clouded with emotions

So stay over there, don’t try to fix the walls
They always manage to rebuild themselves
No use in getting swept away by another wave
Or slipping on soaking cobble stones
Drenched with unexplainable tears

—  Slippery when wet /// djspookyrosebud