Inside they meet James Hoppcraft, lurking around the elixir shop with a kind of suspicious air. Why are you here, James?

He’s clearly questioning why Beatrice is giving him a curtsy. Probably smells something inappropriate in it.

The face of a man who sees the uncouth pagan in front of him and can’t abide the smell. TOO MUCH PACHTOULI OIL Beatrice D:< Repent!

Crack Theory: The Raven Man

NOTE: This is just something fun that I came up with because I like making up theories! Story-wise I think it would be plausible and yet still not be too catastrophic. Some things may not be entirely accurate, and for that, forgive me, let me have my fun damn it!

Welcome to an episode of “Misty’s Crack Theories” where my imagination gets too colorful and hopeful that I wind up disappointing myself in the future. 

This will be the biggest disappointment I will bring onto myself.

Before I get started…

The next person that says “The Raven Man is Urza” I’m going to slap with a damn marlin because I WILL FIGHT YOU HE HAS LONG HAIR NOT SHORT.

Although to relate him with the Storm Crows would be an awesome idea and an interesting twist.


Crack Theory: The Raven Man is Yawgmoth

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Do you think it’s ok to refer to Gyarados as “the dragon” in a fic (to avoid repeating its name 45 times during a battle) or will people feel the need to point out that it’s not a Dragon type? Like I know it’s not, but it looks like a dragon and “the dragon” sounds less clunky than “the Water pokémon”, especially when I’m already using the word “water” to describe some of its attacks…


The Get Down S01E10 (Part 2 - Episode 4) - Gamble Everything
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If you an alien you gotta not apologize for being an alien. You gotta join with the universe and just be.



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