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Marvel’s Luke Cage Meme: [4/5] Scenes - Mariah Dillard and Patricia Wilson confront Inspector Ridley and Detective Knight about police brutality (1x10)

Ya’ll don’t know how hype I am for this new Pokémon movie. I don’t care if Ash and Misty won’t interact in this movie, but I need some sort of scene with Misty in it. Like maybe towards the end of the movie, we see a familiar bike near a river, with a familiar redhead getting off and preparing her fishing poll.


Things I need if 5ds ever reboots

5ds to pull a fullmetal alchemist brotherhood and get a redo (and a much better one like brotherhood)

Yuseis mom


Yuseis mom

Jacarly not to be thrown under the bus

the actual yuaki thing to be shown as Canon!

have I mentioned Yuseis mom?

Yuseis future after the end of the series (seriously we got everyone else’s)

Some sort of prequel oneshot to all the signer parents (headcanon that the parents all knew each other somehow or another before zero reverse)

an interaction with yusei and his mom

TEAM 5DS PULLING THEIR GODDAMN WEIGHT INSTEAD OF MAKING YUSEI THE HERO FOR EVERYTHING (I know he’s the main character and all but I mean come on.. Jack was the king of Turbo dueling for like two years, aki was the black rose witch, ruka was like a prodigy duelist at the age if three, and motherfucking crow beat security in a OTK. GIVE THE TEAM SOME GODDAMN CREDIT!)

Yusei and his dad to have a nice interaction instead of some good hocus pocus mambo jambo



Princess (Jimin Smut)

Word count: 1,710 (2 pgs-ish)

Features: Giving Jimin oral and you sitting on his face

Your phone chimes and a text from Jimin lights up across your screen while showering. Seeing that it was from Jimin and because you knew that he would be home soon, you reach for your phone careful not to get it wet in the shower. His innocent text reads, “What’s for dinner?”. Since It’s been a while since you and Jimin would have the entire night to yourselves without him having any schedules the following day, you decide to play with him a bit. After all, he does this to you all the time. You swipe your phone to open the camera app and switched it to front facing mode. You teasingly snap a shot of your inner thighs with your running hot shower creating a misty, seductive scene. You attach the picture to your text message as you teasingly type “Me” followed by a row of kitten emojis. Chuckling proudly to yourself, you lay your phone back down on the bathroom counter as you finish your shower thinking about how hard Jimin must be trying to not get a hard one while practicing with the members. Shortly after that thought, your phone chimes again while wrapping yourself in your towel. Of course its Jimin. “My favorite” he responds followed by the tongue emoji. You see the speech bubble indicating that he’s still typing as the separate messages “coming” “home” “NOW” arrive on your phone. “Hurrrrry” you respond, attaching another cropped picture of the tops of your nuzzled breasts and pouting lips.

You knew it would take him at least 45 minutes to come home so you used this time to prepare. You quickly dried your hair and began looking through your dresser for a cute matching lingerie set. Remembering how he often likes to call you his princess, you decide to wear a pastel pink lacey bra and matching lacey boy shorts to create a “princess” vibe. To finish the look off, you put on a pair similar colored light pink thigh-high and a mini-tiara that he once jokingly bought for “his princess”, as he would say. At this point, 30 minutes have gone by so you use the remaining time you have left until his return to strategize what you’re going to do to him. You’re entrance is already moistening and tingling at the thought of Jimin’s member inside of you. You spread yourself out on the bed and decide to just let him do whatever he wants to do to you.

You hear keys fiddling in the lock to the front door of your apartment while you wait in your bedroom. “(Y/N)~, I’m hungry~”, Jimin whines as you hear his foot steps approaching your bedroom door. “Dinners ready~”, you call out to him teasingly knowing how good you look in your little pink outfit. “Good cause I’m—“ his cuts himself off as he swings your bedroom door open. The hand that he used to seductively stroke his fiery hair back while making his entrance fell straight down to his hips. His lips parted in the astonishment of your beauty. He stands there for a moment to take in the sight. You can see his eyes outlining your figure in detail. You can also see his little member begin to make his appearance through his jeans. You roll over onto your tummy and arch your back so the bottom of your ass peeks through your lacey shorts. “I made it specially for you”, you say in flirty tone as you raise your feet behind you in a scissoring motion to teasingly appear somewhat innocent.

“Shit baby…” he half pants under his breath as makes his way towards you. He sits on the edge of your bed as he humms “Mmmm….sit on my lap princess” while sucking in his bottom lip. You make your way to his lap, facing him with your parted  knees hugging his hips. He softly grabs hold of the back of your neck guiding your head closer to kiss him. You can feel the strong exhales of desire from his nose brush against your face. His tongue then slithers its way through your lips to meet with yours. Your tongues rub against each other passionately causing his member to become hard. You can feel Jimin’s bulge growing from beneath you through the thin material of your shorts. Getting turned on, you rub your core against his bulge to tease him a little as you wrap your arms around his neck. You can feel the smile on his lips as he hums in pure satisfaction. While his tongue dominates the inside of your mouth, his hands busily unclasp your bra and you hear them hit a wall in your room. In exchange you rid him of his hoodie and shirt. He slides his hands through the back of your panties, stopping to cup a cheek in each hand as squeezes them. His grip on your ass tightens as you begin rubbing your core on his member again. The friction between your panties and his light wash jeans make your core tighten in pleasure, releasing waterfalls of arousal in return. Unable to take the tease any longer, you prop yourself off of his lap, give him a lustful dark glare before you push his back flush against the bed. Before he even has time to think, you get on your knees in front of him and begin cupping and palming against the length of his member. He props himself up on his muscular arms to get a better view of you in action. You catch him smiling at the noticeably darker spot on his jeans from your wet juices. “You see what you do to me Jimin” you comment in return. You begin pecking small kisses at the faint reminiscences of Jimin’s abs as your hands begin unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans. He helps you out by raising himself slightly to make the removal easier. You pull his jeans down along with his boxers because you were tired of waiting; you wanted him already. You kiss the tip of his member while looking up at him. His eyes are looking directly at you, mouth parted in pleasure. You lick up and down his shaft with the tip of your tongue as he strokes his fiery orange hair back in complete disbelief of how good it feels. You engulf his member into your wet, warm mouth causing him to cry out “fuuuuckkk that feels so good baby” in return. You begin sucking and rubbing your tongue simultaneously as you see his face crinkle in pleasure as he moans helplessly. His brows furrow as his mouth maintains its O shape. He lets out an orchestrated array of loud moans, grunts, and suctioning sounds through his teeth. You begin sucking harder causing him to moan louder and more frequent. Incredibly turned on, you push his member deeper into your mouth so it goes in whole. He’s moaning nothing but curses at this point as he grips the sheets, knuckles turning white, in response to the wonders being done by your mouth. “F-f-fu-uuuu…..kkkkkkk” he weeps as he begins thrusting himself into your mouth. He grabs you by the back of your neck, slightly tugging on your hair as he pushes his member in and out of your suctioning mouth making eye contact with you the whole time. You begin moaning on his member to show how much you want him to cum. “s-sh-shiiii…TTTTT” he grunts as he quickly  pulls his member from your mouth and pumps his seed all over your breasts. You hum in pleasure as his warm seed trickles down between your breasts. You naturally wipe his release off of you with the tissues on your night stand before accompanying him on the bed.

“It’s time for princess to sit on her throne”, he smirks. “And where’s that?” you ask intrigued. “On my face” he says seductively while licking his lips. You hover over him in no time. He looked so beautiful underneath you as his puppy eyes looked up at you. Once in position, his hands spread your outer lips open. He teases you by kissing directly on your clit. You shudder from the sensitivity and you can feel his mouth smiling on you in response. He uses the tip of his tongue to circle your clit repeatedly before sucking on it. Circling. And sucking. Circling. And sucking. You can feel your core dripping onto his chin as you tighten from the arousal. He gently nips at your inner lips with his teeth causing you to weep “Ohhh fuuuuckk….Park Jiminnnn” as you grip the head board with one head, and your breast in the other. He helps you out by grabbing hold of your other breast, rolling and tugging on your hard nipples. He began running laps around your entrance with his tongue flat. “Ahhh….yes, yes, yes” you moan unconsciously. You can feel his tongue enter you and you squirm from the sensation of it circling your walls. “Jimin….ah…..Jiminnn” you pant helplessly as you feel him rub his tongue to and from your clit to your entrance. He sucks and flicks your clit with the tip of his tongue simultaneously as he inserts  two fingers into your entrance. You whimper a mixture of curses and Jimin’s name. Your breathing turns into panting as you begin to bounce and grind yourself onto his face from the euphoric pleasure of his tongue and fingers in perfect harmony. His moans match yours as he tries to encourage you to cum all over his anticipating mouth. His sucking becomes harder, his fingers penetrate deeper and you’re driven insane. He switches to his palm as he rubs your core whole, sounds of the gushing suction of your hole filling the room. Your mouth fixed open as you become overwhelmed from the pleasure. “Cum for me (Y/N)……Cum my princess” he begs desperately from beneath you. Your knees tremble as you let out your loudest moan yet “Ahhh, Jimin I…I-I’m cu–” you moan helplessly as you came onto his hands. You look down at him with euphoria in your eyes as his chin and lips glisten from eating you out. He winks and sucks his two fingers deliciously before smirking, “Thanks for the meal”.


Davies Zambotti captured this elusive misty scene somewhere in Italy, drawing on her background in both cinema and painting. This image will be included in The Print Swap by Feature Shoot, a new initiative designed to connect photographers around the world. Submit images simply by tagging your photos #theprintswap, and follow along at @theprintswap to see current winners.