misty pink


Good Morning from Scotland. 

Misty morning sunrise over Slains Castle by Ian Cowe
Via Flickr:
Slains Castle is said to be the inspiration for Dracula’s Castle in Bram Stoker’s novel. Bram Stoker used to holiday at nearby Cruden Bay and went for walks to the castle. The castle was a home (home of the Earls of Errol who were the chiefs of the Clan Hay) until the 1920s when the roof was removed to avoid paying tax.

Heart, drawn in PS.

[Caption: A realistic digital painting of Dean and Castiel from Supernatural. Portrait is from the waist up. Castiel, on the left, is wearing his familiar trenchcoat. He’s standing very close to Dean and speaking to him. Dean, on the right, is wearing a plaid shirt. He’s looking down, as if listening. The background is a gradient of deep red and magenta fading into a misty pale pink.]

the signs as skies

Aries: blue skies at sunset with imperial yellow clouds. looks like the world is about to end. breathtaking.

Taurus: sunrises, pinkish-orange with a few loose clouds that let escape sunshine. looks like a painting. lovely.

Gemini: peaceful, white snowy skies at 2 a.m. where you can see the stars shine and a glowing crescent moon. nostalgic.

Cancer: the sky at noon, bluest sky, a couple of puffy clouds. filled with trails of departing airplanes. calm but animated.

Leo: the sky right before nightfall. purple sky that forcefully merges into pink. a blinding sun in the horizon. majestic.

Virgo: frisky, glowing and very pale morning sky. splattered layers of clouds that mix to turn into something pale yellow. refreshing.

Libra: foggy sky that is thickly covered with clouds. the sun glows through them and a few rainbows appear. whimsical.

Scorpio: strange purple/pink apocalyptic sky. swooshed clouds, looks like the sky is going to collapse. passionate.

Sagittarius: pink haze, misty. the clouds all seem to be pulled towards one same spot. mystic but bright.

Capricorn: empty sky at 12 a.m. the full moon radiates the most light and you can see all the stars. alluring and picturesque.

Aquarius: bright blue sky that gradually turns pink, then orange, then yellow near the sun. heavy purple clouds. stunning.

Pisces: the sky of the north, where you can see swirls of green/purple auroras borealis hanging above. dreamy.