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Music that Lana listens to 📱📱

Lana has great taste in music. I have a playlist of tracks and artists Lana has talked about in interviews, covered, referenced in her own music, and songs that have been in her Instagram clips. Feel free to share others I didn’t catch :)

  1. Quiet Corners & Empty Spaces - The Jayhawks
  2. You Get What You Give - New Radicals
  3. Blue Velvet - Bobby Vinton
  4. The Other Woman - Nina Simone
  5. Dolphin - Les Baxter
  6. I’m Through With Love - Marilyn Monroe
  7. Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis Presley
  8. Born to Run - Beuce Springsteen
  9. I’ll Never Be the Same - Ella Fitzgerald
  10. Hotel California - Eagles
  11. Space Oddity - David Bowie
  12. Thank You - Led Zeppelin
  13. Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - Nina Simone
  14. Murder of Birds - Jesca Hoop
  15. Babe I’m Gonna Leave You - Led Zeppelin
  16. Chelsea Hotel #2 - Leonard Cohen
  17. Summer Wine - Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood
  18. Some Things Last A Long Time - Daniel Johnston
  19. The End of the World - Skeeter Davis
  20. Tequila Sunrise - Eagles
  21. L$D - A$AP Rocky
  22. Lay Lady Lay - Bob Dylan
  23. Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
  24. Love Is to Die - Warpaint
  25. Spark (feat. Anthony Jackson & Simon Phillips) - Hiromi
  26. Tiny Dancer - Elton John
  27. For Free - Joni Mitchell
  28. Don’t Worry Baby - The Beach Boys
  29. Tunnel Vision - Kodak Black
  30. Jealous Guy - John Lennon
  31. Swang - Rae Sremmurd
  32. In Twenty Years or So - Father John Misty
  33. Leader of the Pack - The Shangri-Las
  34. My Boyfriend’s Back - The Angels
  35. Disconnect - Clean Bandit & Marina & the Diamonds
  36. RAF - A$AP Mob
  37. The Way You Used to Do - Queens of the Stone Age
  38. Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana

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Misty Mountain Hop

So I’m packing my bags for the Misty Mountains
Where the spirits go now,
Over the hills where the spirits fly, ooh.
I really don’t know.
–Led Zeppelin

Shot this on the drive up to Kelcema Lake

Camera: Nikon D800e
Lens: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4G
Focal Length: 50mm
ISO Speed: 100
Aperture: f/9
Shutter: ½ second
Tripod: Really Right Stuff TVC-33
Ball Head: Really Right Stuff BH-55 LR
Filter: Hoya Mooses filters [circ polarizing and 81A warming combined]

Lightroom 5.7 [color balance, sharpening, etc]
Nik Silver Efex Pro2 [b&w]


Imagine being a witch and moving back to beacon hills. Part 1
~ Requested ~ Teen Wolf

“Your getting really good at this” a voice stated as Y/N moved her hands gracefully in a circle controlling a pack of misty blue butterflies . Y/N turned around in her spot on her bedroom floor to give a 15 year old Derek a wide smile.
She hops up from her spot to give him hug. “What are you doing here?” She whispered as she looked to her bedroom door. “I wanted to see you "he stated with a blush as he sat on her bed.
"But you know, my mom will kill you if she finds you here” she cried out as she tried to tug him off the bed.“ I don’t care” he mumbled as he wrapped his arms around Y/N and giving her a peck on her lips, silencing her worried rants.
“You know” Derek started as he moved a wisp of Y/N hair away from her eyes. “One day, you’re going to be the leader of this coven, like your grandmother proclaimed. And then you’ll make some new rules were werewolves and witches can be friends and all that good stuff. So then we could live happily ever after ” he proclaimed with a big smile, his eyes holding nothing but undeniable love.

But that undeniable love was taken away from the young couple as they soon found out that will never happen. Their love story would just be another repeat of Romeo and Juliet.

8 years later

“We can’t just go in their guns a blazing” Scott yelled out as he tried to reason with Derek.
“You don’t understand Scott, there witches! If we don’t go after then now, then more people are going to die!” Derek stated as he ponded on the table with anger.
His eyes held nothing but grief and regret, while his body language held anger and frustration.
Lydia looked at Derek in confusion, never in her life has she seen Him hold so much emotion at once. The grief and regret he held was so much similar as she held months before. His actions and his way of coping almost identical.
He lost someone. Just like she
lost Allison.