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Do you have tips on how to make shapeshifting not OP?

oo, okay, so i’m in a good mental mood (my girlfriend might be coming up for spring break!!) and i just saw this.

alright, so excuse my lack of capitalization, but i’m just giving you a quick run down of things to consider and i’m excited.

1. mass; like, matter can’t be created or destroyed, so unless there is some magical work around then, ideally, there shouldn’t be much difference in size between the shapeshifter & the thing they are! any size difference would most likely be because their insides got all cramped, or stretched out, and… that would not be fun. otherwise, they would need to absorb matter, or discard it to change form. (see 3)

2. energy; i’m assuming reconstructing your body into another thing is tiring because your entire genetic make-up and biological structure is shifting. you know growing pains? imagine that to an extreme. the body actually has to shift into another form.

3. process; so, i’m reading this amazing book called mistborn, and (spoiler) in it there are two types of creatures. 1, a mistwraith which consumes dead bodies and absorbs the skeleton and forms it into any type of skeleton they want, excreting any bones they don’t want. 2, kandra, which are a cousin to the mistwraith and also consume dead bodies but to a smaller, and more focused extent. they can take on the form of a dog (which takes hours because they consciously have to reconstruct the fur and parts) to a human! however, they can’t just, point blank, shape shift into something they don’t have a skeleton / biological print for, and they can’t ‘store’ forms in their biological memory.

so, make your own process.

4. limits beyond that; how many forms can they store, what type of forms (only animals, only plants (you do you, author friend,) only humans, etc; how do they shape-shift. is it a glamor, or full out shape shifting. is it only on the surface, or deep to their insides. how conscious is it, and how much time does it take.