These were just some quick pics taken with an older build of modd3r’s (OrdinaryDragonborn on tumblr) Mistveil ENB. Recently he’s begun beta-testing of Autumn, Summer (Standard), Spring and Winter editions on his flickr! So be sure to message him on here or his flickr if you are interested in testing it. Will have moar pics showcasing his new Summer Edition for the 0.218 binary in an hour or two. :3

I highly recommend clicking on/enhancing the images to better see the lighting details. It really is fantastic. Great stuff modd3r! And yes, it does look even better with the newer Summer Edition/Winter Edition that just went live for beta-testing.

justthatdorkwiththerosepetals  asked:

Hey, I'm re-building my Aurelia commander deck, and I want your opinion on two things. The first is a combo of Aurelia/Adarkar Valkyrie/Goblin Bombardment. A low-consistency alternate wincon, but the deck's ability to tutor out Sunforger->Enlightened Tutor helps this quite a fair bit. The second is a package to fight control and combo, Mistveil Plains+Sunforger->Orim's Chant. This soft lock can work wonders, have you ever considered either of these in the past? Any first thoughts?

Not a huge fan of the first combo because I’m not sure how useful Adarkar Valkyrie and Goblin Bombardment will be in isolation unless your deck has particularly strong sacrifice/recursion themes. Compare it with some other combos made up of more typical aggressive cards:

Sword of Feast and Famine + Aggravated Assault also gives you infinite attack steps, and shouldn’t be too hard to piece together using White’s suite of Equipment and enchantment tutors. Both halves of the combo also happen to be playable on their own.

Breath of Fury is another card that is playable on its own, and it combos with any creature that produces tokens during combat (such as Hero of Bladehold, Captain’s Claws, Goblin RabblemasterHanweir Garrison, or Brimaz) to produce infinite attack steps.

I like the second combo you mentioned. The fact that Sunforger can tutor up the Chant makes this more like a 2-card combo than a 3-card combo. That combined with the fact that Mistveil has a basic land type (relevant for fetches and stuff like Tithe) and White has so many Equipment tutors makes this combo much easier to assemble than most.


Mistveil ENB - Mirage of Summer: Dawnstar Pics

(Click images to enhance size/resolution.) Realistic Water Two’s Ultra HD water textures are very impressive. What’s most impressive is how the shoreline has no water seams. It blends almost perfectly with the landscape. Which has been a common issue for me with WATER and Pure Waters as a whole. They have that wonky shoreline seam.