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You wished you could describe what it was like to be in his arms. The smell, the feeling, the dizziness you felt. Like in one of those cliche old books, where the main character can pinpoint the exact smell of cinnamon and vanilla in the love interests arms. You know the ones.

But, it simply is not that easy. You had read books and tales of romance and sorrow. Ones which tell the tale of two lovers defeating all odds to be with each other. You dreamed of the day you could leap into your lovers arms, almost as if you were straight out of a fairy tale. 

All of those tales could have hardly prepared you for what it was actually like to be with him. Not one of those stories mentioned the warmth you could feel in the embrace. No, not the physical warms, but more of the emotional warmth. How it spreads all over your whole being, from your finger tips, to your toes. The strong sense of security, feeling as if nothing bad could ever happen, since they are just here with you. The stories almost lied to you about the feelings, but that’s okay. When you’re hugging him, it’s as if the world is fading away anyway.

It feels like home, and familiarity. Like lying in a warm bed on a stormy night, listening to the rain. Like holding your breath and floating to the bottom of the pool. Like when your heart skips a beat when you hard the crack of fireworks. Like falling asleep in the sun. Like The first time you watched an R-rated movie, or staying up all night because you’re excited for something the next day.

Things, that would never normally go together, but when being wrapped in his arms- it all made sense.

Just like, how to you, his smell reminded you of many things, that he didn’t exactly smell like. You couldn’t exactly pinpoint what it was, but it reminded you of your childhood home, and the smell of freshly cut grass, and childrens laughter. Burnt baking- but in a pleasant memory type way, instead of the way that almost burnt down your house. The smell of old memories and nostalgia.

Of course- that wasn’t what he actually smelt like. It was just his shampoo, or cologne. But being in his arms, brought back all of those faint memories of happiness and joy you used to have so long ago.

It didn’t make sense at all, but at the same time, it made complete sense.

You wanted to hug him forever- if that were possible. Eyes squeezed tight, and holding your breath without realizing, it was nothing like the books told you. You would have almost felt cheated, but since it was so much better than the books had told you, you didn’t care at all.