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aaah, okay may i request some modern!mitsukiki cuddles or going on a date? (:

The winter air feels like relief on Mitsuhide’s skin, cooling the heat clinging to him even beneath his parka. It lasts until he’s in sight of the chapter house, where it finally settles into his overworked muscles, making his quads feel heavy and his delts just – fried. Can muscles be fried?

Who knows? Not him.

(Probably Shirayuki)

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Bubbles and Baubles: Part 1

Obiyuki Week Day 6: Little Mermaid
Heh, better late than never right? It’s been nearly
a year, but I’m determined to finish this Obiyuki
week before the next one arrives! So…Day 6!

Part 2 Part 3

The ocean breeze sent Shirayuki’s dress dancing around her knees as she wound her way down the worn path to the beach. The roar of the waves was distant, but the light tickle of sea spray still dusted her cheeks. The herbalist would have smiled were she not so focused, double checking the contents in her bag as the rocky pathway gave way to sand.

It was near midsummer, and Zen had invited her to accompany him, Mistuhide, and Kiki to the coast and attend the soon to be held festival there. And of course there was no way she could say no! The ocean was always so vibrant and beautiful, and the culture of the townsfolk charmed her to no end; from the myths and tales of the sea, to the jewelry and chimes made from glistening shells, to the clear air sharp with salt. Side by side with her dearest friends, she loved every moment of it.

Up until she tasted the ocean’s salt in a much more personal way.

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FFXV/Akagemi no Shiraiyuki! Happy hcs on how these adorable couples would be if they met! :D would our chocobros like Kiki and Mistuhide? Ravus and Izana face off as cool older bros! Free your mind!!


The bros would get along great with Kiki and Mitsuhide! Prompto would probably even be another person that Ryuu would get along with, and Prompto would be like… “Okay, I barely understand anything you’re talking about, but I will totally just sit here and take a lot of cool pictures of all the flowers and you guys working and of whatever you show me, cause this is cool.”

Gladio gets along with everyone, of course~ He’s laid back plenty enough that Obi wouldn’t give him any pause, and of course as a royal guard, there’s lots in common with Kiki and Mitsuhide. (Gladio and Kiki probably spar together every morning if this is an extended visit of any kind lol)

Ignis probably views Obi with some caution but otherwise treats him much the same as Prompto. He and Mitsuhide probably talk a lot about their charges and they have a lot of common ground and frustrations. But Ignis probably likes Kiki’s company the most~

Luna would absolutely love learning herbal remedies from Shirayuki, and the two would probably compare notes and talk about the differences in remedies between ecosystems and everything. I’m not sure that Ryuu would open as easily to Luna, I think she might come off a bit too formal for him to relax. But he probably listens to the two talking and just like… gives Prompto an herbal care package for Luna on the dl lol

Noct and Zen are both men of the people and like seeing things firsthand. If they have enough time to really be trusting and friendly with each other, they could probably spend late nights swapping stories about frustrating their guards and dealing with never knowing someone’s intentions thanks to their high status. It would probably take Luna, Shirayuki, Obi, and Ignis to get the princes to let the formality drop and talk casually with each other lol. They would just get wrapped up in the expectations until the people that know them are like “DEAR GOD JUST BE NORMAL WITH EACH OTHER, THIS IS TOO AWKWARD” (it’s probably largely Noct’s fault… he doesn’t have as much practice with attending others of high stature)

Ravus and Izana… oh god, yeah, they could probably spend a lot of time talking circles lol. No one can tell if they’re friendly or not because they talk so cryptically with each other that you practically need a cipher to figure it out… Although I think even Ravus would be like “Dude, you gotta chill” to Izana XD (Ignis lowkey admiring Izana and studying him because of all the intrigue lol)

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Not quite Hakizana, but at some point Izana has to give Zen some advise right? What if during this moment of advising Izana accidently slips up and says something about Haki that makes Zen go like... wait... so you guys know what romance is? And Izana is just like, insulted.

(Part of a series. Part One. Part Two. Part Three. Part Four. Part Five. Part Six. Part Seven.)

Despite the skepticism his friendship with Zakura had drawn over the years – after all, a prince’s confidant should be another well-bred son, not some jumped-up mercenary – Izana could not help but admit there were…useful things only a common man could supply him.

For one, the phrase shit rolls down hill. Nothing could more perfectly match his mood when his brother comes to call.

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Hirunaka no Ryuusei Anime Campaign (Trans.)

SO! Let’s get this straight, an anime for Hirunaka no Ryuusei isn’t announced so to speak…BUT Yamamori and her mangaka buddies were talking and she tweeted something…

“I was talking on LINE with Kouda and the others about if Hirunaka no Ryuusei were to become an anime, the topic of how good it would be if Umehara Yuichiro was Shishio and Kaito Ishikawa was Mamura, so  I’m looking into it now. I WANT THIS!! AN ANIME!! “

“This is an appeal from the author!! Please come!! Anime!! ”

An a tweet from Morishita Tsuu (Hibi Chouchou)

“I want to meet the drama CD cast again! Come on! Anime!! This is a campaign from the author”

Let’s take a look at Yamamori’s picks for seiyuus (voice actors).

Umehara Yuichiro - Shishio

Currently voicing the supporting role of Rouen Mistuhide in Akagami no Shirayuki-hime.

Kaito Ishikawa - Mamura

Currently voicing Genos in One Punch Man (I know folks!!!)

HOW EXCITING! I’ve never seen Yamamori so proactive about getting something for her series. Go give her your support on twitter and make her voice heard. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see a Hirunaka no Ryuusei anime in 2016 ;)

Just watched the new Akagami no Shirayukihime. I died a lot.

First here. Mistuhide, your girlfriend is amazing. I love that he held her sword for her and then returned it at the most dramatic, perilously romantic moment possible. Well done. A+ husbando.

I was kinda worried here


And then I was okay for a little bit but then this happened and I’ll be in the ICU for a while.

Also… if anyone tries to tell me this isn’t an OT3…