mists of pandaren

Things apparently not too silly for Warcraft

  • cow people that can turn into cats
  • british werewolves that can turn into cats
  • kalecgos fucked the sunwell
  • the night elves blowing up kalimdor because their queen was horny and wanted to fuck a demon
  • blue russian hooved davy jones baras from outer space
  • magic space mummies
  • gnomes
  • goblins
  • egyptian cat centaurs
  • elune fucked a deer
  • varian wrynn split into two people and did the super saiyan fusion dance to become whole again
  • alexstrasza’s outfit
  • illidan’s outfit
  • have you seen what malfurion stormrage looks like

Things apparently too silly for Warcraft

  • pandas

The Legacy of Emperor Tsao

Emperor Tsao’s short reign was unremarkable by the standards of the ordinarily bloodthirsty mogu dynasties, notable mostly for administrative reorganization.

He did, however, leave a lasting legacy to the pandaren people. By imperial edict, pandaren slaves were permitted to read, write, and establish their own schools.

While many mogu monuments were removed after the revolution, Emperor Tsao’s likeness remains here on the coast, greeting the sun every morning and looking over the people he helped to save.


I was digging through my folders and found the images I made during MoP Beta. I was (and still) unhappy that the female Pandaren’s facial options are the same smooth face with only the face markings being what separates them. The males got different nose shapes, scars, wrinkles, brows, and some faces were scruffier than others.

Using a program like WoW Model Viewer and Machinima Studio, I was able to take the textures off the female Pandaren models, edit them on Photoshop, and slap them back on the models and animate them. I wanted to prove that it is possible to give her more diverse facial options.

At the time I was very new to digital art. Maybe one day I’ll redo these and make them look better.

Bonus male Pandaren with tail!