You know what disappoints and depresses me the most?

That we humans had it all figured out a looooong time ago…  centuries ago… way back in the Axial Age

We figured out early how to live right and live well…  How to live in peace with each other…  How to be at peace with ourselves…  How to be reasonable, rational, amiable, peaceful, cooperative, compassionate, tolerant and happy beings.  

I read about all those ancient Greek philosophers, and their later Roman descendants…  And of Buddha and the Taoists…  Jesus, too, who spoke of living in peace with others.  And many, many others too long to list.  They all had it figured out, expressed in different ways, for their time and culture.

And yet we can’t seem do it.  After all these centuries, we still find excuses to fear, hate and mistrust each other. To oppress and kill each other. Over what? The color of our skin…  What god(s) we worship, or don’t… Who we love… What part of the world we come from… what language we speak.

We are clever creatures beyond compare…  We can split atoms and fly to the moon…  but we can’t manage to do something that is so simple…  to get along with each other…  to trust… to share…  to  build a future together instead of tearing each other apart in the present.

If we haven’t figured it out in all these centuries, will we ever?  At least, before it’s too late and we destroy ourselves in cataclysmic wars with nuclear and biological weapons?

I sure hope we can do it.  I try to be optimistic, but…  the news…  the goddamn news… everyday…  the bickering…  the insults…  the violence… 

Being in the queer community has really shown me how common polyamory is in the contemporary world, and the two main points I’v drawn from witnessing these poly relationships is:

1. The amount of communication, fidelity, loyalty, trust, and respect is incredible. Mainstream relationships honestly reflect so much unhealthiness through possessiveness, emotional abuse and mistrust, and to suddenly witness poly relationships, which are seen as taboo and so regularly frowned upon, just makes you question what values and expectations society pushes onto you in terms of relationships from birth.

2. Poly relationships are so beautiful and romantic and yes you can be incredibly deeply in love with someone and be poly.

I’m listening to Halsey’s album right now and it’s so refreshing to have someone with a stigmatized mental disorder using “insane” in direct reference to their experiences of being mistrusted for it instead of by a neurotypical describing their ex-lover.

chapter 33 

Ok, I wanna just note down this thing. Red brought up how Hinami was looking for bits of Kaneki within Haise, and she does so in a really delicate way. 

If you look here you can notice how much more open Hinami is being. It is not just the fact that he’s her brother, but the fact she’s reassuring him in a way. She’s smiling and talking softly.”Thank you for bringing these every time.” Would a monster or something to be excessively feared of do something so kind or caring? She knows he’s lost / conflicted / mistrusting / w/e about his past, and Kaneki is a bit of a ghost haunting him. Her words are making Kaneki seem like a kind and caring person ( which he was to people he loved / cared for ). 

Even though she knows it’s almost impossible to have her old brother back, she’s looking for the pieces still there ( and Hinami knows about hiding pieces whoops ).

Here Hinami is giving her thoughts on Haise as of now. She doesn’t want to seem forceful or bitter about the loss of the one she cared for and shows understanding to his situation. I feel like Hinami is trying to combat the ideas he may have about ghouls a bit. She knows he’s been with the CCG now, and I don’t know. I feel like she’d be really afraid to have her brother HATE what she was in any incarnation he was in, and yeah.

FINALLY, HERE is the big finish. “Everyone loved my big brother.” He wasn’t a monster or pest or w/e the CCG may have told him about ghouls, and there is an underlying fight here that Hinami is waging. She wants him to be aware of the good Kaneki had done in his life. She wants him to know the other side of a ghoul’s story: her story.  A girl who lost her brother. 

Realistic Horoscopes
  • Aries:You're always at the top of these things, but then you have to scroll a lot to get to the next post.
  • Taurus:No one gives a shit about your sign except you, and Aries is always the first thing you see.
  • Gemini:You probably have to deal with a lot of people who make two puns and mistrust you because they think you're two-faced. It takes less than two seconds to find this. People also could care less about your sign.
  • Cancer:If one more person makes a goddamn Homestuck reference you're gonna rip them a new one.
  • Leo:You may have been born under a cat sign, but that doesn't mean you have to act like a cat. Maybe you're a dog person! Maybe you like bunnies or snakes!
  • Virgo:Why do people assume you have motherly traits if your sign is an eternal virgin? It makes no sense. You're half way down this post; your sign has barely been glanced at.
  • Libra:You have no sense of balance, and you pick more fights than you settle. You should have been an Aries for all your willingness to not give two shits.
  • Scorpio:You're pretty dang trustworthy and not at all bitchy. You do have a lot of sass, though. Better watch yourself.
  • Sagittarius:If someone makes another sweaty horse dick reference you're gonna lose your fucking mind.
  • Capricorn:You don't feel all that cold and focused. You're a fun loving individual who might be a tad lazy sometimes. You have no clue where everyone gets this workaholic BS but it sure as hell ain't from the stars.
  • Aquarius:Who's a loner? Not you! Who's unpopular? Also not you! Do you like to have time to yourself? Well yeah, you're only human. Being super socially active wears on a person's mentality and energy.
  • Pisces:As far as fish puns go, people need to fucking stop. You get it, you are born under a fish sign! Big deal! You don't even like seafood. This is the last thing Aries sees before the next post, and let's be honest, Aries always ends up reading it. Aries is curious. And should mind their own damn business, but hey, this is a public post and Aries really sucks at listening. Sorry for making this about Aries. Go think up some sheep puns to get back at them.

Guess who made the cut into the video at 0:49

(spoiler: it’s not me)

ninja edit: I’m not upset or mad I’m not there! I’m SUPER EXCITED that she’s in it!

Shit man I came to this AU for the mistrust and the eye-gouging, I stayed for the “they spent 30 years hugging it out in the multiverse and now they’re BFFS.”

I keep imagining what they’re like when they come back and how they’re different from their canon selves.

Like, I figure Stanley’s still a conman at heart and has a sense of the dramatic, but is less of a natural showman than the version that ran the Mystery Shack for 30 years. He’s less grumpy too, and doesn’t complain about being old as much, because he doesn’t feel old.

Stanford is less of an angry owl and is generally more evened out, unless he has to be away from Stanley for any length of time. Then he’s twice as bad and snaps at everything. Their relationship can’t be all sunshine and glitter–they’re actually pretty codependent, but at least they’re mutually supportive.

During one of their trips through the multiverse Stanley found a civilization that was big on biotech and had something installed under that eyepatch. It’s a small piece of machinery that allows him to find Stanford if they get separated…sort of. He wouldn’t be able to find him in a crowded room, or even on the other side of town. But if Stanford was in Belize, Stanley would know which direction to head to find him. More importantly (and this is the reason he got it) if Stanford were ever lost in another dimension or alternate timeline, Stanley would have information on where he’d been lost to. This came in handy at least twice in their travels.

Stanford had to sacrifice a piece of his finger to make that particular piece of tech. A lock of hair or a cheek swab would not be sufficient for a DNA match, as the many-eyed, shrieking technicians told them over and over again. Something about needing a significant chunk of skin, tendon and bone to ensure that the machine tracked the right Stanford from the right dimension. He gave up the finger with only a little hesitation, and his sixth pinky on his left hand is metal from the first knuckle up now.



why is it only available on PC OH WELL

HOT DAMN friends HEED MY CALL i don’t actually know if you are into it but HOLY FUCKSTICK YOU’RE ABOUT TO BE

mistrusts​ asked me The Raven Cycle for this meme in a fanmail!

  1. my beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world fave: Noah I’m too obvious.
  2. my trash-shit fave: Joseph Kavinsky started as this.
  3. my I love to hate them fave: Uh Whelk maybe?
  4. my I hate to love them fave: Piper Greenmantle. She’s awful but I love her so.
  5. my I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire non-fave: At the moment Neeve or Colin Greenmantle. Neeve is just creepy I wouldn’t want to get within twenty feet of her.
  6. my I didn’t care about them either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about them now I can’t stand them non-fave: Aaaand this is where he is now! Joseph fucking Kavinsky in leather pants and his one-line wonders.
  7. my I could take them or leave them kinda non-fave: IDK most of the side characters we’ve gotten just enough info about to make fandom flip their lid about them but not enough to really make me more than curious myself (I’m CURIOUS about Henry for example but I don’t feel like I know enough about him to otherwise form an opinion) (Except for this whole “Dream Pack” bullshit see above)
  8. my I will go down with this ship and I won’t put my hands up and surrender, there will be no white flag above my door. I’m in love and always will be fave ship: Pynch. Just… Pynch.
  9. my dirtybadwrong fave ship: Whelk/Noah
  10. my they’re cute together and I dig them but I’m not all that terribly invested kinda fave ship: Blue/Gansey. Mostly because we kinda know how that’s gonna go since before it happened, sooooo (I’m sure it’ll hit ‘just kill me now’ otp levels in trk tho)
  11. my I didn’t care about this ship either way at first but the fandom makes such a big deal about it now I can’t stand it non-fave ship: … I honestly don’t like OT5s or Ronan/Kavinsky in anything other than awful and self destructive brief moment on the road thought experiments. 
  12. my MAKE IT STOP non-fave ship: On the one hand Kavinsky with Adam or Ronan or both (on the other hand these fuckers often write some of the best porn and SOMETIMES THAT’S WHAT I WANT RIGHT NOW.) (Except everyone writes Adam as a top and Ronan as a bottom and just…. noooooo???????????)

Imagine Natasha, Bucky, and Steve being in love with you but you’re dating Tony.

“He doesn’t deserve her,”Bucky whispered as he watched you laugh at one of Tony’s joke.

Steve sighed as Natasha left the room with annoyance and mistrust in her eyes.

So I’ve been thinking about something. I’m not sure if this is an obvious thing to other people too, but isn’t Stiles’s jeep kind of a symbol of his friendship with Scott? I mean, throughout season five we see it break down over and over, and Stile’s tries to fix it with duct tape.

He’s let all of the problems with his jeep build up because of the distractions, just like his friendship with Scott. The tension, the mistrust, the secrecy between them, it was all pushed aside to make room for all the things they had to deal with until they were stripped to the bare minimum, metal on metal.

And finally, Stiles throws the wrench at the windscreen, the same wrench that was the last straw between the two of them in the “breakup scene”, the wrench that tore the two of them apart. So if he can’t fix the jeep, does that mean he can’t fix what’s happened with Scott?

mistrusts said: This is Rae’s fault, isn’t it. Have fun!

Yeah, partially mostly her. I also needed something new to watch that wasn’t in Japanese. I can understand bits and pieces of 日本語, but if I were to leave anime on in the background I’d be missing too much.

After the first episode my line of thought is as follows: What the actual fuck did I just watch. Time to move on.

anonymous asked:

Elia marries baelor hightower. Who else might Rhaegar marry?

Thanks for the question, Anon!

So Elia marries Baelor Hightower … I’m assuming we’re still confining our thinking to when Rhaegar actually did get engaged/marry (~277-280 AC) and that nothing else in the timeline changed as a result of Elia becoming Hereditary Lady of the Hightower. If that’s the case, then there are a few options for the melancholic dragon prince.

But before we get into options, we should remember what Aerys (because it is almost certainly Aerys making the decision) was looking for in a bride. Aerys was intensely paranoid of his son rising up against him, and did not want a wife that would bring power and wealth to aid him in this (especially if her father happened to be his deeply mistrusted Hand, Tywin Lannister). The King needs a woman who has little power and influence on her own. A bride from the Free Cities would have worked well to this end; far from home and with no natural friends and allies in Westeros, Essosi brides can find themselves scapegoats (like Lady Serala Darklyn of Myr) or can actually leave Westeros to return to their homelands (like Larra Rogare and Mellario of Norvos). In the end, Elia was also attractive for this reason: Dorne being poor and thinly peopled, and the Martells being inextricably linked to the Targaryens since the twin marriages of Daeron II and Princess Daenerys,  Aerys could rely on Dorne’s loyalty - and not worry about an uprising from them later.

With these sort of requirements in mind, who would Aerys have looked for to marry his son? We must suppose the Velaryons had no eligible daughters, since a Velaryon maiden would have made a traditional, trustworthy (Lucerys Velaryon was his master of ships), Targaryen-related bride for Rhaegar. But one interesting choice might be Ashara Dayne. Ashara is undoubtedly beautiful, a Dayne-Targaryen marriage has precedent (Aerys’ great-grandmother was Dyanna Dayne), and the Daynes are sufficiently old and exalted but not particularly wealthy or powerful. Additionally, Ashara’s brother Arthur was a preeminent member of the Kingsguard (and Rhaegar’s closest friend), ensuring further loyalty to the Targaryen regime. Aerys may not have wanted to create a Dayne power bloc, especially given how close Arthur and Rhaegar were, but Ashara would still make an acceptable match.

There are other ladies with Targaryen marriage (or at least betrothal) precedent - Malora Hightower, Mina Tyrell, maybe Lysa Tully (though she’s a little young - Catelyn would have been betrothed to Brandon around this time) - as well as potential ladies from other houses (like House Redwyne), but these are potentially too powerful for Aerys’ liking. I think, with no other known ladies, Ashara would have made an acceptable choice.

(You may be interested to know that we the members of the blog had a semi-vigorous debate as to the marriages not just of Rhaegar but of all three of Aerys’ children. Many houses were traded, many advantages discussed.)

The Queen Regent (NFriel)