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Shout out to all of my followers and mutuals: You guys are amazing and I can’t believe that this many of you care about my blog, much less my opinions on Jonathan Crane. Every single time you reblog my posts, add a comment or send an ask, my heart flutters a little. There are days when I feel like quitting, and then someone mass reblogs all my content, and another person comments on my posts…it makes–you all make this worthwhile

thank you 🎃 💛🎃

The Original Black Feminist
This video is dedicated to a long forgotten Movement called the New Negro Woman Movement which lasted from the late 1890's until the early 1920's.

This Movement was not just in America because it was an International campaign that pushed for Black Women to be seen as dignified ladies with the utmost respect in a time when many still looked at the Black Woman like she was the same rag tag mistress that many were during chattel slavery. 

The New Negro Women may have been influenced heavily by Wealthy class European standards but it was indeed the Predecessor to both the Black Nationalist, and Pan-African Movements that would take the World by storm during the 1920’s.

obscurusvii  asked:

Bit of an odd question, what kind of glasses do you think Crane is wearing in the Year One comics? (I'm planning to make a lazy cosplay)

They look like Rectangular Half-Rimless frames. (rectangular being the shape and half-rimless being the style.) Though, It might be hard finding a half-rimless frame with the rim on the the bottom of the lens.

The real life version looks something like this. You can find more examples by searching “bottom rimmed frames”. Oh, and just in case you were unsure about it, the orange color is just a reflection. (although I kind of like imaging they’re tinted orange anyways, it’s your choice.)

So I just realized

that Severus snape’ power stance is very familiar…..

I really dunno what to do with this information, but i think is nice.

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I was thinking about what kind of exotic birds were kept in the chapel/aviary in its glory days because of personal experiences I imagined peacocks which might rather enjoy the warmth of Georgia (they handle winters where I am, in Michigan but since they are native to India they might flourish down south) not that it would affect jonathans' life at all but I'd still like to know (but god do peacocks sound like ppl screaming)

Okay, this is really interesting. During a flashback in Year One, Great Granny Keeny reminisces about the chapel’s “glory days” and how the it reached up into the heavens like a crystal palace. She goes on in detail about the exotic birds that inhabited the statuary.

“Exotic fauna imported from all over the world! Snow White Doves! Alabaster Egrets and Royal Herons! Like god’s winged angels. White…pure…cleansed”

I don’t think that those heavy religious undertones are all coincidence, do you? That’s when I went to look up peacocks and I found out that a similar variety also exist. Although albinism within the species is quite rare, some do exhibit a condition known as leucism. This causes a partial pigmentation loss that makes them appear pale and white. Now, that sort of bird would fit right in, wouldn’t it?

If there’s any bird worthy of the title “God’s Winged Angel”, it’s this beautiful fella. Anyway, headcannon accepted. I imagine that Great Granny Keeny would love these birds. 

  • You: Lyle Bolton
  • Me, an intellectual: A monster who's tortuous methods would send shivers down even Great Granny Keeny's spine.

Often is the case of magnetism,
the pull of words so visceral,
lulling you in slow-mo seduction
morphing into addiction: more,
more, you breathe, barely sane,
never same; inundated is
the bloodstream, inebriated tis;
this ephemeral, ethereal world
conjured by stoking the embers,
imagination flamed alive, stroking
awe and aspiration anew –
how novel this phenomenon,
how cataclysmic this consumption,
ripping reality from the bone, how
vivid the awareness alone, prone
to such fantasies we cannot stand it,
we cannot bear it, we cannot take it,
anymore – no more, please,
restore the balance tipped so subtly,
return me to my stable abode!
forlorn, I leave, never to return,
these words too hazardous, harmful
to my emotional sentience…

Prithee, unclasp me from your clutches,
I am mere mortal and you, ambrosia,
a whiff more and I…combust.

Of Course I’m Against Genocide and Murder, But Goddammit, Michelle Gomez As Missy Is Freakin’ Hot: A Novel

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Fun fact: Everytime I see Lego scarecrow I squeal so hard I wheeze he's just so cute I can't deal he is too much for me to handle JUST A TINY ITTY BITTY FEAR LORD IS H KY GDBJ????

How can you not? He’s literally the most adorable thing. I’m actually really happy he’s represented so much in the the Lego Universe. All the more Scarecrow to love!

There’s at least half a dozen variations of scarecrow minifigures, and that’s not even including the custom made ones that you can find on ebay and flickr. (seriously some people go all out on their mini figure designs, it’s super cool) I’ve even posted about several Scarecrow-themed Lego creations, I find the craft really interesting. :)

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Age: 16

Biggest fear: needles, tornadoes, people talking abt me/hating me (these three things are literally all im scared of tho)

Current time: 1922

Drink you last had: milk

Everyday starts with: hating myself

Favorite song ATM: a lot but anything by mili is incredible

Ghost, are they real?: ya

Hometown: georgia

In love?: with love live ya

Jealous of: people who have confidence/self esteem

Killed someone: tf no

Last time you cried: happy tears at dayton on saturday

Middle name: 404 middle name not found (will be Lee when i’m old enough)

Number of siblings: 2

One wish: to get marimba next season…

Person you last called/texted: my mom

Question you’re always asked: “why would you do that?“

Reason to smile; my friends, languages, ninjago, mili, love live, drumline

Song last sung; This Wonderful Fucked Up World Exists for Me (I just listened to it and sang along bc im stupid)

Time I wake up; 630-730

Underwear color: i have no idea

Worst habit: picking, hacking on my instrument during drumline

X-ray: scoliosis screening

Why is there not a list for this letter?: not sure

Zodiac sign: capricorn

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Was tagged by @anheiressofasoldier to describe 5 things you like about yourself and then tag your 10 fave followers OKAY! >:D

1) i like how agressive i can be when i’m mad or provoked

2) i like how loyal i am with my frinends amd family

3) i like how i can be funny out of no where (without trying)

4) i like how i come off as intimidating (apparently) XD

5) i like how mature and level headed i am!

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Was tagged by @eternallydaydreaming2015 for the 5 things that make you happy post okay here we go

1) my family/friends they’ve always been there for me!

2) Religion cause i feel at peace knowing i have something to follow and in general my religion make me feel relaxed

3) tumblr y'all know why lmao my otps also play a big part of my happiness not gonna lie (one specifically y'all know of lmao)

4) food cuz holy shit who doesn’t love food amirite?

5) anything fun tbh….that can mean alot of things i know but more specifically like playing around acting like kids playing with toys and coloring (i love decorating shit so yeah that’s fun to me anything arts and crafts tbh) i sound childish for a 17 yr old i know but this is just who i am not gonna lie

I’m tagging @mistress-light @moonlight-at-dawn @oraclesoul @dera-chan @calypsolovesleo @kibasdaydreams @kyochinace @nightskypalace and anyone else is open to do this ofc