mistress of the sea

She flung down her dress among the others, took off her underthings and held them up and with a joyful laugh let the wind snatch them out of her hand, and then she was just flesh and fur and flying hair, unworried by the cold; uncluttered by the trappings of land-clothing. - from The Brides of Rollrock Island, by Margo Lanagan

HERE COME THE WAVES - a playlist about ill-fated love between land folk and selkies. 

i. seal jubilee - bat for lashes // ii. swimming - abel korzeniowski // iii. white waves - shearwater // iv. fire snakes - laura veirs // v. landscape - florence + the machine // vi. she cries your name - beth orton // vii. flickers - son lux // viii. rocks and water - deb talan // ix. mermaid blues - tom mcrae // x. the waves have come - chelsea wolfe // xi. lille - lisa hannigan


The Capricorn Shadow

“These woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.” 
-Robert Frost

To stand on top of the mountain
to stare over the edge of the midheaven, sometimes all you would ever
see would be your own shadow. And the Capricorn’s shadow can linger like a heavy fog, always threatening, always concerning. At her peak, she radiates like a Mistress of Brilliance, she has scaled the land and sea, starred in her
own dream and written her own success story. She has stood behind people and encouraged their ascent
in her graces she has climbed and flown, a mountain goat, pursuing the grand land and salty sea. In all of this, she has only had herself to rely on,
and a voice of wisdom, found only in the darkest moments. She can be hungry for descent because she understands the reigns of flight. The Capricorn is contained, and yet they are the stitches that thread the stars, the grand mastery of it all. In her spirit wields the resources of the Gods, each of whom have tried and tested her. Through the Capricorn’s shadow, a self portrait is created. It reveals the most powerful triumphs of human kind. Saturn was once where the universe stopped, and all ascension was comprised in Capricorn. For this, the Capricorn is lined in battle stars and stamps of triumph. This shadow can
be menacing for the ill developed Capricorn, one who becomes trapped in a world of darkness, held hostage to her own self induced complexes
and inadequacies. The undeniable component of the shadow is that in its presence it reflects only light. The Capricorn is capable
of wielding both in their starry ascent toward the heavens, an intuitive focus in strategic command, a skilled concentration that gleams fantasy into
reality. The shadow can be lined in
exquisite silver.


I just remember how fond I was of Ponyo’s Dad, Fujimoto, from the Ponyo movie. I mean yeah he was the ‘antagonist’ of sorts, but he’s this doofy once human, now wizard who lives in the ocean with his many fish daughters and loves a giant sea goddess. Not to mention he looks like a sleep deprived mess of a wizard (My favorite kind) And just decided one day to 'fuck the land, I’m gonna go live in the sea. Just fuck land. Fucket.’ Not to mention his stupid crazy ginger hair all over the place and the thing with wearing pinstripe suits in terrible colors, I just love him so much, permit to get passionate for a brief moment:


Imagine him getting mad at sailors who say 'Ahh….the sea is a harsh cruel mistress, but she’s my mistress…’

'Uh excuse you-The Sea is my WIFE and I will THANK YOU not to TALK ABOUT HER LIKE THAT’



'Babe, we’ve got dozens of fish daughters, what about them?’





'Your husband is a mess.’

'yeah but he’s my mess. and I love my hot mess. Looket him doing sciencey things with the fish.’

*Fujimoto falling off a boat screaming*



Imagine him visiting begrudgingly for Ponyo’s birthdays. He just sits grumpily in a kiddy pool. Grown ass man. Sitting in a kiddy pool. In a suit and tie.


Granmamare just petting him like a cat.

'this is my husband. He is smoll and floofy. I must take good care of him. Sometimes he forgets to eat stuff and to sleep. He floofy and fragile and sometimes he stands on rocks and yells at seagulls to stop pooping in the sea. I love him.’


'Why did you decided to live in the Ocean, Fujimoto? I meant besides the fact to be closer to your giant sea wife.’

'I can avoid taxes easier this way.’ (I now believe that all the Ghilbi Wizards are notorious Tax Dodgers, please see Howl’s Moving Castle, he literally lives in 3 diffrent towns at the same time)


'Humans are disgusting’

'Fujimoto, you were human once.’

'I know, and It was gross, I hated it.’


'How many daughters do you have’


’….Is that a bad thi-’

'Shut up, I love it, don’t talk to me or my 1,290 daughters ever again

Inuit Mythology →Sedna, Goddess of the Sea

known as the Mother/Mistress of the Sea, Sedna’s tale is one of creation describing how she came to rule of Adlivun (Inuit Underworld). In one version she is the child of Anguta (the creator-god) with a hunger that causes her to attack her parents, resulting in her father taking her to sea and casting her overboard. She clings to the side but Anguta cuts off her fingers and she sinks to the underworld, ruler of the monster of the deep. Her severed fingers become seals, walruses and whales.

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Now, for the Incarnation reveal: Baozhai of the Black Jade

A true demon of the sea, Baozhai of the Black Jade and her armada are feared and despised by the naval fleets of both the Iron Kingdom and the Jade Dynasty. Though said to be a crude, ruthless pirate, she calls herself an entrepreneur. For years her crews have routinely attacked illicit Soma shipping routes and blockaded ports involved with the Soma drug trade. Many believe she simply steals for her own gain, yet rumors of a more humanitarian motive persist.

Neither empire have yet been able to hinder her, but the sea can be a cruel mistress indeed. A recent encounter with a massive sea monster decimated her forces and destroyed many of their vessels. Land-locked but not deterred, Baozhai is determined to rebuild a new crew and head back out to sea.

imagine: both vex and percy are running from their noble blood and have taken to the seas to find freedom and are locked in a deadly back-and-forth 

and percy is quietly enamored with the fierce woman of the seas who clever enough to best him, his own calypso; and vex is silently taken by this reserved man with shadows in his eyes and a hundred brilliant ideas a hidden kindness he won’t admit

but the sea is a harsh mistress, and they only seem to meet in the heat of battle, this constant push and pull like the tide, in and out but never steady. and then the past catches up with them, the sea overrun by those who would try to tame her, and they find themselves thrown together against those who would use their blood to bind them to law and order and eschew the freedom of the ocean

as fucking if

Title: Song of the Sea
Ship: AHOT6
Warnings: Slight body horror, sexual references
WC: 25,445
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Life had never been easy for Michael, a merman who shunned from his own species had to learn to survive on his own. The ocean is a lonely place for even the bravest of souls, so it was no wonder that Michael was drawn to the shore and to the humans that populated it to try and combat the overwhelming loneliness. But when five men started to work their way into his life, Michael is faced with decisions he doesn’t know how to face. How does he tell them that he’s a creature that in all other instances would eat them without a second thought? How does he open up to them in a way he hasn’t even been able to do with himself?

The sea is a kind but cruel mistress - and Michael might not be the one who makes the decision in the end…


Where the fuck had it all gone wrong?

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im a mischievous buccaneer and your ship is being boarded. i don’t need your money, i just want your cell phone batteries, as mine lost its charge long hence and i am stricken with fear at the thought of keeping electrical outlets so close to my one mistress, this briny sea (because electricity and her shivering waves don’t mix well)