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Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione (La Castiglione) as Donna Elvira, a lady of Burgos abandoned by Don Giovanni, Photo by Pierre Louis Pierson, 1863.

Virginia Oldoini, Countess of Castiglione was a source of inspiration to Marchesa Luisa Casati.

Virgiana Oldoini (Italian, 1837-1899), countess of Castiglione. She was the spy and mistress of french emperor Napoleon III.

La Castiglione.

This was someone who didn’t follow the fashion trend. When she arrived at a party in Paris you could never figure out what she was wearing. It was like a costume, she invented everything. She was very mysterious and she didn’t want to talk. If she talked with someone, it was with men. She hated women. La Castiglione was a woman who left quite an impression.

not to be dramatic or anything but i really want a sugar daddy/sugar baby plot where the muse a is “ happily ” married ceo of a big company with shit tons of money and muse a goes out to a local bar just to chill when they meet muse b. ofc they hit it off and go in muse a’s car and fuck all night and in the morning muse a offers muse b a proposition, if muse b agrees to be muse a’s mistress then muse a will give muse b anything they want starting their sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship. it’s all good until muse a sees muse b all over another guy and looses it and gets into a huge fight with muse b that ends with muse a fucking muse b up against his car and yea gimmie this smut i need sneaky around and sexting while around his wife nd getting him riled up like yes pls thank u 

i also really want a sugar baby/ sugar daddy plot/ gang leader/princess  plot, muse a is the leader of a notorious gang that’s known all over. muse a is looked up to by everyone. his sugarbaby , muse b, is always by their side making them feel better and distressed. that could lead to rough sex anywhere and everywhere in their house or simply just cuddling or even muse b showing off their new lingerie that muse a bought them just for being a good lil babe i just want a badass givin spanks to his cute lil princess pls n thank u 

i really want a poly sugar baby / sugar daddy plot , just imagine muse a and muse b are happily married looking for some excitement in their life. that’s why they sign up for some random hookup site and find muse c. they were both immediately drawn to muse c and wanted them to ‘ join ‘ their relationship. muse a is on the fence a little but with some convincing from muse c they finally are on board. muse a and muse b pamper muse c like their sweet baby ,nd fuck the shit outta them all the time ,and this could just be full of smut and fluff and angst nd maybe a baby along the way but that depends 

if you are interested please im me i have so much muse for these !! any of these can be m/m or f/f or f/m  !!

Lucrezia as Poetry (c.1641). Salvator Rosa (Italian, 1615-1673). Oil on canvas. Wadsworth Atheneum.

Paintings of allegorical figures were popular in 17th-century Italy, but this work by Rosa is in a class of its own. It portrays his mistress, Lucrezia, as the Muse of Poetry. The traditional symbols of poetry, such as the pen, book, and laurel leaves, help to identify the subject, but it is the half defiant, half withdrawn attitude of Lucrezia that gives the portrait its particular, enigmatic tone.

All praise to wise Mnemosyne, mother of Muses,
mistress of your mother’s wisdom,
buried deep within the earth, with bone and stone.
Mistress of memory, the sweet and the sharp,
protector of history, preserver of stories,
maintainer of tales of sorrow and joy,
yours is the truth within the fact,
the shadow cast on what we know
by what has been forgotten.
O mother of sight and inspiration, I call to you.
I honor you, good and gracious Mnemosyne,
I offer you my praise and seek your blessing.


Titan prayer


Graphic - Michael Reedy


What price love? In Lara, Anna Pasternak chronicles her famous great-uncle Boris’s relationship with his mistress, Olga Ivinskaya. Ivinskaya inspired a character in Boris Pasternak’s 1957 novel Doctor Zhivago, and her connection with the author landed her in the gulags.

In ‘Lara,’ The True Story Of Pasternak’s Muse And Mistress

“Hm, so you can’t die now,” the Mistress mused as she watched Clara carefully, catlike eyes crawling up and down the younger woman’s body.

Clara squirmed at the mirth in the other woman’s smile, the suggestion in her eyes.

“Nope, pretty neat, eh?” Clara sat on the TARDIS console to appear nonchalant to Missy’s intense gaze. Clara began swinging her feet.

Missy took a step forward, and Clara’s breath caught in her throat.

“Suppose it might upset you, seeing as you can’t kill me now, because I’m already dead,” Clara said with a dare. It was no secret the Mistress relished the thought of killing her. If Clara was a bit less sane, the thought would have turned her on.

A chuckle escaped Missy, and Clara yelped in pain as the other woman took a long stride forward and pulled her pony tail back, tilting the younger woman’s face toward her.

She caressed Clara’s cheek, digging a black lacquered fingernail along her jawline. If Clara had a heartbeat, she was sure it would be pounding in her ears.

“But you can still feel?” The Time Lady’s lips were inches from hers.

Not being able to die made Clara bold as she reached behind Missy and grabbed a handful of that maddeningly thick hair.

Pulling Missy down further, lips ghosting against her blood red lips, Clara murmured, “Why don’t you just try and find out?”

Maid Mistress


Grace’s parents had hired a new maid to clean their mansion. On this particular day, Grace was the only one home, save for the maid. Her parents would be gone for a week on a trip to visit relatives and her twin brother was away at university learning to be a doctor. So that meant Grace had the run of the house and at the moment she was simply sitting at he dining room table making rosaries. She didn’t notice the maid come into the room.

See through my eyes

Muse A is the only child of a wealthy lord and land owner. She was born most blind, her eyes a milky white. Her father forces her to wear a covering over them at all times as suitors come to win her hand. Muse B is the squire of the lead suitor and knows this man plans to wed Muse A and lock her away while he takes mistresses. Muse B falls for Muse A and begins to sneak her out, showing her attention that she’s never had. Muse B knows he cannot win her hand but hopes to win her heart. Muse B hopes even if she marries his master that they can still be together.

Twist: Muse B enters the contest for Muse A’s hand

Twist: Muse B’s master discovers his plan and dismisses him and has him banished. 

More plots


Monet at Vétheuil (55)
Alice in Monetland
Camille, Monet’s first wife, died early September 1879. During her lifetime, she had been Monet’s model, muse, mistress, wife and mother of his two children. She had been the model, or at least was included in 56 of Monet’s works.
But in the late spring or early summer of 1880, someone else makes her first appearances in Monet’s oils: Alice Hoschedé. She was married to the ruined Ernest Hoschedé - an early patron of the impressionists. The fact that Alice lived under the same roof as the Monets with her six children - but often without her husband who spent most of his time in Paris - was an understandable source of gossip.

In this painting, we can see Alice hiding from the sun under an umbrella. And perhaps also two of the children in Monet’s rowing boat?

Claude Monet, Vue de Vétheuil (View of Vétheuil), 1880. Oil on canvas, 60 x 100 cm. Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany


           Cara gave the young brunette a curious glance. “Aren’t you a little YOUNG to be in a place like this?” She gestured to the bar and then to behind her, where a few of the girls were dancing. “You’re definitely in the right place however if you’ve come to be a dancer. Though only if you’re 18.”