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           Cara gave the young brunette a curious glance. “Aren’t you a little YOUNG to be in a place like this?” She gestured to the bar and then to behind her, where a few of the girls were dancing. “You’re definitely in the right place however if you’ve come to be a dancer. Though only if you’re 18.”

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38-40, 46 - Cara/Dahlia (in a modern AU, of course, but necessary)

38. who glitterizes everything?

The answer is neither, or the answer is that Cara’s not sure what to get Dahlia for their anniversary, so she asks Richard to help, and Richard says he’s got it covered - which is why Dahlia opens up a glitterized hoodie that says “You are my sunshine” on it for their 10th anniversary. Richard thinks it’s adorable and funny, something to laugh about. Cara literally burns it before Dahlia recovers from shock.

39. who is obsessed with HSM?

Cara. She watches it at least once a weekend. If asked, she says it’s to try to understand a world where everyone can dance and sing, but some still consider themselves warriors. Dahlia caught her humming “Stick To The Status Quo” once, though, and that’s when Dahlia googles “musicals that aren’t childish” for the good of their relationship.

40. who draws sharpie dicks on the other when they get blackout drunk?

Dahlia. And they’re very, very accurate to certain dicks that the both of them have experienced. Which makes it awkward when she misreads Cara’s schedule and she has a workday the next day.

46. what are their coffee orders?

Dahlia drinks black coffee, and she’ll drink Folgers just as easily as any coffeeshop brew, but Cara sends Dahlia to Starbucks because she can’t actually say her order with a straight face. “Double tall white chocolate mocha with 2 pumps raspberry and 2 pumps peppermint.” She mocked Kahlan’s drink once, and actually tasted it just so she could do more than a mock shudder at its sweetness. Unfortunately, the taste haunted her for weeks until she ordered it for herself. And now she’s addicted. She has a Gold card. But it has Dahlia’s name on it.