mistreating servants

ladymage  asked:

We seriously need a list of things that set the General off, a complete list.

Alright, here we go:
-Common grammatical/ spelling errors (ex.: “your” instead of “you’re”)
-wrong form of address regarding Mondo
-his grandfather and people who are comparing the General to him
-not following his orders
-people that resist Sayaka’s brainwashing
-people trying to mistreat his servant

That’s actually quite it.

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Night on the Town (Arthur x Azura)

Takes place many years before the events of Fates.

Azura was the distant type. The young girl wasn’t one to converse or make friends. The only person she ever really let close after her mother had passed away was Camilla. Though Azura sort of saw her as a replacement for her mother’s affection, she still didn’t feel all that close to Camilla.

But aside from her adopted siblings, it seemed no one in the castle wanted her around. She felt as though she was seen as a hassle. She was often mistreated by the servants and castle guards. Finally fed up with it, and not one to ask for help, young Azura fled. The guards must of been having a bad day because they had been extra aggressive towards Azura that day.

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Starter for @toudaimoto-kun

  When Mikaela overheard some vampires in his faction joking about White Day, he had an idea to make a surprise for Kurashi. Rather than being out the majority of the night for battle training, where he told Kurashi he would be, he was actually in the kitchen, making a small chocolate cake. Despite being a vampire that couldn’t digest human food, many years ago, when he was a child, he cooked all the time for himself and the other kids. While he rarely made sweets, he only needed a few pointers from the kitchen staff to make something that looked like it belonged at a restaurant.

  By that time, the servants were aware that something was going on between Mikaela and Kurashi. Someone had apparently heard them making a ruckus one day, and while that wasn’t too strange for a master and personal servant, Mikaela clearly doted on the man. Were it anyone else, the servants probably would have informed the vampires. Because it was Mikaela, who never mistreated the servants, he was given special gifts and instructed in ways to win over Kurashi, which he pretended to brush off, but both knew he used them.

  Finally, with slightly disheveled hair and clothes spotted with various ingredients, Mikaela entered his room and moved over to Kurashi’s door. He knocked on it quietly, in case he was sleeping. “Kurashi, can I come in. I, um, have something for you.”

  Once he was given permission, he entered the room and looked at the man with a gentle smile and pink cheeks, holding out the cake towards him. “I heard that it’s White Day today, so I made you this. It used to be a tradition at the Hyakuya Orphanage, so I do have some experience, and it should taste pretty good.”