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Da:I how would they react to an orphan/refugee child taking a shine to them.

yoooooo I’m here. I’m so sorry but idk why this one took me so long to write. Some of the characters were easy to come up with ideas but others were hard. Also I might have gone away from the prompt a little, looking back at the original prompt and what I wrote. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted and thank you for all of your patience with me on this blog…

Cassandra:  When the refugee child approaches the party, Cassandra acted almost like a stray cat, almost like the hair of her back was standing up with distrust. She doesn’t know if she can trust the child, not knowing their enemies’ tactics. The child asks the Inquisitor if they could spare a few coins so that they could eat. Cassandra is constantly on caution of the child but she couldn’t help but wonder where the child’s parents are. Before the Inquisitor could give the child any money, Cassandra gives them a few of the coins that she carries. It didn’t hurt he, if it was an agent of the enemy and if not then it was an act of charity. The child, a young girl, looks at Cassandra with eyes of wonder and thanks her. When Cassandra finds herself in the same place later where the girl was, she see the girl again approaching the party. She thanks Cassandra again for her help and gazes curiously at her weapon. Cassandra unsheathed her weapon and shows it to the girl. The girl seemed a little scared by it but still found it pretty cool. Over time Cassandra frequented the place where this refugee girl was to help her out and showed her some tricks with a sword. Some of the people who saw the two would say that Cassandra was just as taken with the girl as the girl was with her.

Solas: Solas hated going into the alienages but this time the Inquisitor had official business there so he forced himself to go. While he was in the Alienage, he was approached by a small elven child who held curiosity in their eyes. They asked him if he was Dalish or from another alienage, to which he simply scoffed and said he was neither. The child continued to question him about where he came from and such. In the end, the whole time the Inquisitor was doing their business, Solas talked to the child and explained many things about the fade and ancient elves to them. The child seemed to drink in everything he said with the curiosity that only a child could possibly have. Solas found himself having fun and it surprised him. He only found out as he was going to leave with the Inquisitor that the child was an orphan within the Alienage. He later found himself making a point of visiting the child more often to talk with them, since it never seemed he could have conversations like that with anyone in Skyhold.

Varric: Varric knew urchins like the back of his hand after living so long in Kirkwall. He knew all the tricks that they pulled so when the kid tried to steal from the Inquisitor, Varric quickly stopped him. It wasn’t necessary to shoot the kid like he had when saving Hawke from an urchin similar to this one. Instead he just grabbed the kid’s arms and took back the Inquisitor’s wallet. He could see that urchin child was no more than eight and what had Thedas come to if one so young had to turn the life of crime. He felt like it was all turning to the shithole of Kirkwall and that was too much. “Andraste’s tits…” he mumbled before releasing the kid again. He handed over a coin or two since his writing made him decent enough money. “Make it count kid.” Later in the Tavern, Varric was warm with alcohol and telling one of his famous stories to anyone who would listen. The urchin child has in the tavern near the fire and decided to listen to the stories being told. They were amazed by his stories and listened for hours until Varric had to leave. He could tell that the kid loved the tapes so made sure to keep telling them as the night went on. Before he left, the kid asked if he would tell stories again some other time. Varric didn’t often make a habit of revisiting taverns if they weren’t the Hanged Man or the Herald’s Rest but this kid, well he liked them. So he promised they that he would come back to tell stories again soon.

Sera: Of all the people for her friends to be the one to sell out a noble, she didn’t expect it so be someone so young. It was a child really, a child of one of the servants at the noble’s manor. The young boy knew how the noble mistreated the servants and gathered information within the manor. The loot that she got for messing with the noble was hardly more than a child’s allowance but meant something to her. It was almost like when she was a child, living with that noblewoman that she now hates. Often after that, she got information from this friend, this kid, who worked hard to gather it for the person that helped him. One day, Sera met the young boy at the loot drop and he told her how much she appreciated what she does. It made her feel slightly fuzzy inside bc even though she likes sticking it to bad nobles, this, helping people is really what being a Red Jenny is about. After that, Sera helped the young boy become an official Red Jenny as well.

Vivienne: There were always apprentice mages of all ages in the Circle and some were so young they could barely control their magic yet. To Vivienne, they were the real victims of the Mage rebellion. When all the rebel mages wanted to rebel, not one of them seemed to think of what would happen to them. Many of the apprentices stayed with the loyal mages so that they didn’t have to live in fear of themselves. One of the apprentices, a young boy that was unfortunate enough to join the Circle only weeks before the rebellion, he stuck to Vivienne’s side as much as he could. As a First Enchanter, Vivienne knew she had to make sure the apprentices were learn what they needed for their Harrowing so she allowed the boy to stay by her during the times she was in the Circle. When she would go away, she found that he was intensely ice magic like hers and it made her feel a little proud. The boy was soft spoken most of the time and he looked up to her with eyes of wonder that even she couldn’t deny. When it became time for Vivienne to join the the Inquisition, she made only the request that the boy come along with her and he could stay in Haven after everything he and all the other apprentices went through during the rebellion.

Blackwall: He noticed the child following him each time he went with the Inquisitor to Val Royeaux. At first the following was merely a far distance but it soon became close following in the shadows. So one day, he calls out to the child, trying to get them to reveal themselves and speak with him. Out of the shadows steps a little boy who couldn’t be more than ten years old. Blackwall smiles at the boy and noticed the way he gazes with awe at the shiny armor he wore and the sword at his belt. “Are you a soldier, Mister?” The boy asks Blackwall and he could see the curiosity in his eyes. Blackwall nodded and wonder lit up in the boy’s eyes. “That’s so cool.” The boy said and Blackwall almost felt his heart melt a little. He offered to show the boy some tricks to swordfighting if he wanted. The boy honestly could not nod fast enough and Blackwall doesn’t regret the offer like he thought he would. He knew that the world didn’t really need another soldier with the peace the Inquisition was trying to achieve but he couldn’t resist this kid.

Iron Bull: Iron Bull had met many different people in his travels everywhere. He faced many enemies, had many allies, and seen many die. The worst had been seeing some Tevinter mage kill an orphanage of kids.  After that happened, Iron Bull seemed to always want to visit any local orphanages near jobs that the Chargers took. He didn’t look like he cared that much since he was a Qunari and looks kind of big and scary but he honestly did. In fact when the Inquisition was settled in Haven, he often visited an orphanage near Haven. He told the children stories of several jobs with the Chargers, sparing the gory details  for the younger children. When he told the children, they always sat on the edge of their seats to listen. Iron Bull knew that his team would give him shit if they knew and once Krem found out he really did, but he still visited them. Even after Haven was destroyed by Corypheus’s forces, Iron Bull would often check to make sure the children there were still okay. The kids got extremely worried for all the Chargers when news traveled about Haven. Iron Bull and the Chargers became those children’s heroes and they really liked them. After a long while with the children constantly asking, he brought the Chargers with him to see the children. It was obvious how much Iron Bull cared.

Dorian: Dorian didn’t travel to Tevinter often after leaving his home to go south. However the Inquisitor had some business and it was his duty as their companion to go with them if they so ask him. Once they were actually in the Tevinter City, not Minrathous but another city, Dorian felt the knot of homesickness in his stomach start to unwind. For all the time he had been away from Tevinter, he had missed the beauty of it. As Dorian travels with the Inquisitor through the city, he hears some of the rumors that have spread throughout the city. One such rumor was of one of the noble’s daughters, who refused an arranged marriage with one of the magister’s sons in favor of a female companions who happened to be a Soporati. It was one of the biggest scandals the city had seen in quite some time and Dorian couldn’t help but think of his own family. The Inquisitor insisted on stopping at a tavern after their business was complete and while Dorian nursed a hot cup of wine, he noticed a young girl about the age of 15. She didn’t look like she was used to the tavern environment and something about her drew him to talk to her. Upon speaking to the girl, he found that it was the noble’s daughter whom the rumors spread about the city like disease. They chatted and he told his story, similar to her’s, and strangely they bonded. Dorian never really thought that he was good with children but he could relate to her personally. By the time he had to leave with the Inquisitor, the girl had seen Dorian as a hero to her and begged him to take her with them, away from Tevinter. Dorian’s heart soften at this girl whom struggled similar to himself and he smiled and invited her to join the Inquisition, with the permission of the Inquisitor of course.

Cole: “Helpless, hunger, hard, heat, homeless.” He says as he feels a rush of emotions in the back alley of Denerim. He traced back the source of the sorrow to a child, about the age of ten, bundled in a pile of trash. They reminded him of Cole as he called out for death after the mistreatment from the templars. He reached out his hand to the child to help them and they shrunk into themself more. Cole then got out some of his rations from the things that he carried and offered them to the child. He didn’t really need much food so he always had extras in his rations. “Here you go.” He simply offered and left the child with the food. After that, every time he came to Denerim, he would see the child, a young girl, and give them some food. Soon enough the girl began to follow him as he traveled around Denerim. She would ask him some questions and even help him help others. Cole liked the girl and her presence so he eventually invited her to Skyhold where she could help them there. That is how Cole basically became a father to a young girl and no one thought a thing of it.

-Direct From Orzammar

Okay but what about role swapped Ava and TiTAN.

Ava Ire was an abused and heavily mistreated servant of Wrathia who eventually betrayed and destroyed her own Vengess people to spite Wrathia and establish her own empire. Not too terrible of a leader but can easily lose her temper at the mere mention of Wrathia’s name and unfortunate things tend to happen when Ava loses it. Despite this she can still be a shy awkward bean. 

TiTAN is a small silent scavenger out-casted and hunted by the others thanks to Wrathia’s efforts and being tied to him. He absolutely hates her but he does admit that it was through Wrathia he loved to appreciate all worlds and grieve for the ones his fellow scavengers destroy. Can’t help but still feel as though organic life is beneath him, though he’s trying to work on that.


Imagine: Known Merlin is Ermy’s and hidding a giggle when Merlin puts Arthur in his place.

“Oh, I have heard how you… mistreats your servants.” Ermy’s said as Arthur gives him a look.

I giggled looking down as Arthur turned to me.

“You think this is funny?” He asked as I cleared my throat.

“Not at all big brother.” I told him as he turned back around as a huge smile spread across my face.

5 Mistakes Dr.Frank-N-Furter Made In The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Although The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a film that is senseless to make sense of, it’s inevitable to analyze it when given the chance. 
Given Frank is, arguably, the primary attraction of the film, I gathered five reasons Furter induced his own obstacles, and ultimately own demise.

1.) Frank went off base of his “mission” to Earth.

This is the uttermost obvious mistake he had made, and it is stated plainly by Riff-Raff’s interruption during the floor show. However, Frank’s objective in coming to Earth is never distinctly specified. What may be assumed is Frank’s personal agenda was pleasure, given he created a muscle man for self-gratification, likewise pursued and seduced Columbia, Brad, Janet, and Eddie for the sole purpose of fulfilling his lustful desires.

 If the initial “mission” was pursued, it more than likely would not have involved gathering playmates to distract Frank, likewise ticking off Riff-Raff.

2.) Frank chose native Earthlings for lovers without investigating their origins.

Despite Dr.Frank-N-Furter stating he was aware of who Dr.Everett Scott was, it was rather peculiar that Frank was oblivious to the relation his delivery boy, Eddie, had to Dr.Everett Scott as his nephew. In consideration of that mishap, it was rather naive of Frank to assume that Brad and Janet, two young Denton native’s, would not have any correlation with Dr.Everett Scott who was in fact a science teacher at Denton Highschool (Brad’s jacket even has a Denton Highschool 1963 patch on it). 

A part of me suspects Riff-Raff may have held this knowledge, but, withheld it to trap Frank in a folly out of envy of his master’s success

3.) Frank did not consider his own creation’s sexuality.

A  remainder of the rising events to the floor show revolve around Frank’s jealous rage over Janet and Rocky’s fleeting affair. However, this make’s it evident Frank was oblivious to the possibility that Rocky may in fact prefer women. It’s safe to assume Frank’s ego had him rest assured that his lustful tactics would inevitably charm all potential lovers- regardless of gender.

Frank does, however, make a brief acknowledgment of this lapse of judgement, as he questions whether or not he made a mistake in splitting the brain of Eddie- whom had also slept with a female, Columbia, in spite of Frank- to transplant into Rocky. 

4.)Frank simultaneously pursued lovers.

In term’s of Frank’s apparent jealousy ranging from Eddie and Columbia, to Rocky and Janet, there’s a foul case of hypocrisy on Frank’s behalf in terms of his “playmates.” Frank seduces multiple partners in a lone night, however, he demonstrates entitlement of faithfulness from his lover’s to devote themselves to him alone, and not with each other. With the apparent exception of pool orgy’s, if Frank desired subservient lover’s, it would’ve been a far more realistic approach to pursue his prey in separate time frame’s, without other playmates roaming about after Frank had them tasting blood and wanting more. 

5.) Frank underestimated his servants, and overestimated his invincibility. 

This is the sum of the plot of the film, likewise Frank’s existence. Despite Frank being the ‘master,’ and from Riff Raff’s statement, the old “commander” it is discreetly, but, plainly shown throughout the film that whilst Frank plays with his Earthling toys, the ‘faithful handy man’ and domestic are plotting against him. However, Frank met his demise as any other mortal, and Frank was in fact no more or less “human”, despite his God complex. In that, he mistreated his capable servants, awhile overestimating their “loyalty,” in which strayed Frank from the consideration that they could ever turn on him.

In the end, Frank’s ultimate flaw was the inability to foresee the consequences of his actions. 


Villains Appreciation

Villainesses Version (x)

Because maybe something as a Villain doesn’t exist at all. They are all only poor souls, being forced into their role to cause others pain. Dragged into this pain by their past and those who control it.


Night on the Town (Arthur x Azura)

Takes place many years before the events of Fates.

Azura was the distant type. The young girl wasn’t one to converse or make friends. The only person she ever really let close after her mother had passed away was Camilla. Though Azura sort of saw her as a replacement for her mother’s affection, she still didn’t feel all that close to Camilla.

But aside from her adopted siblings, it seemed no one in the castle wanted her around. She felt as though she was seen as a hassle. She was often mistreated by the servants and castle guards. Finally fed up with it, and not one to ask for help, young Azura fled. The guards must of been having a bad day because they had been extra aggressive towards Azura that day.

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  • Uther: Have I wronged you in some way, old man?
  • Old Merlin: You have wronged so many people, in so many ways. You're blinded by your hatred by magic. You have tortured, and executed, innocent people. You, Uther Pendragon, are a stupid, arrogant old TYRANT.
  • Arthur: Hold your tongue!
  • Old Merlin: And you, ooohhhh I have heard how you... ... Mistreat your servants! They do everything for you, but do they ever get any thanks!? No! You're a spoilt arrogant brat with the BRAINS OF A DONKEY
  • Gaius: *Rolls his eyes*
  • Old Merlin: AND THE FACE *hiccups* ... of a toad.

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I love your metas, they're always fun to read. What's your opinion on the Kindly Man? Was Arya's blindness supposed to end like that? Was he trying to confirm his suspicions on her skinchanging? Is he manipulating her? There's something really eerie about him

You should find him eerie, the Kindly Man is horribly untrustworthy. The guy is actively manipulating and remolding Arya to something else. People may want to give him a pass on this because she’s “choosing” (does it count as a choice if you are a homeless and family-less eleven year old who thinks there is no other option???) to become a member, but people really shouldn’t.

“I don’t want to leave.”
“Then stay… but remember, the House of Black and White is not a home for orphans. All men 
must serve beneath this roof. Valar dohaeris is how we say it here. Remain if you will, but know that we shall require your obedience. At all times and in all things. If you cannot obey, you must depart.” AFFC

“We shall require your obedience. At all times and in all things. If you cannot obey, you must depart.” And the KM says this to a little, hopeless and penniless child. A child who said this to him upon meeting him:

“The House of Black and White is no place for Arya, of House Stark.”

“Please,” she said. “I have no place to go.”

Not to mention Arya’s thoughts on the HoBaW, which make it very clear that she’s so traumatized and been so horribly abused that her entire mentality of what is and isn’t fair and good treatment is messed up.

Weese would have beaten her bloody if he had caught her in a lie, but it was different in the House of Black and White. When she was helping in the kitchen, Umma would sometimes smack her with her spoon if she got in the way, but no one else ever raised a hand to her. They only raise their hands to kill, she thought. 

Supper was her favorite time. It had been a long while since Arya had gone to sleep every night with a full belly.  

The idea of not being beaten bloody, the idea of having food every night, it’s all so foreign to Arya now. Her entire worldview and concept of what is nice behavior towards herself has been distorted. So even without the KM, she’s having her mind messed with in this way. 

But the thing is that Arya doesn’t continue to get treated in this way she considers nice in AFFC. By ADWD, she’s once again become accustomed to being abused. 

She bit her lip. “I—”

He slapped her.

The blow left her cheek stinging, but she knew that she had earned it.

"Thank you.” Enough slaps, and she might stop chewing on her lip. Arya did that, not the night wolf. “I do deny it." ADWD

She begins to lie and is immediately cut off with a blow that “left her cheek stinging.”

But does she think of Weese? Does she wonder where the great treatment- that only consisted of not being beaten when she lies- went? No, she thanksthe priest for it. In fact, she thinks that she “earned” it.

And this is not the only way in which she suffers there. While she’s blind:

She had smell and touch and taste to help her, but touch and taste could be perilous when grinding poisons, and with some of the waif’s more toxic concoctions even smell was less than safe. Burned pinky tips and blistered lips became familiar to her, and once she made herself so sick she could not keep down any food for days.

Without eyes, even the simplest task was perilous. She burned herself a dozen times as she worked with Umma in the kitchens. Once, chopping onions, she cut her finger down to the bone. Twice she could not even find her own room in the cellar and had to sleep on the floor at the base of the steps. 

A stinging cut from behind her caught her in the back of the legs.

And all at once his own stick was between her legs, tangling them as she tried to turn again, scraping down her shin. She stumbled and went down to one knee, so hard she bit her tongue. There she stopped. Still as stone. Where is he?

Behind her, he laughed. He rapped her smartly on one ear, then cracked her knuckles as she was scrambling to her feet.

Oh, and what does the KM say?

"You have five senses,” the kindly man said. “Learn to use the other four, you will have fewer cuts and scrapes and scabs.”

And that’s to say nothing of the whole plan to take everything from her legs to her private parts.

So why doesn’t Arya leave? Well, besides the intensity of her trauma confusing her sense of good vs. bad treatment towards her, she thinks this when offered an out:

“Do they frighten you, child?” asked the kindly man. “It is not too late for you to leave us. Is this truly what you want?”

Arya bit her lip. She did not know what she wanted. If I leave, where will I go? 

Arya really has no clue what she wants other than survival. And her options at the moment are really horrible. She has nowhere to go. As she thinks, “if I leave, where will I go?” It’s not, “no, I don’t want to leave this great place”, it’s “she did not know what she wanted” and had no other options.

So here’s where the KM really suspect nature plays in. Let’s just ignore the fact that he’s using and taking advantage of a terrified, traumatized, and hopeless eleven year old and analyze the rest.

He gives her alternatives (sort of) to the HoBaW, but to put it bluntly, they suck. And they might even purposely suck.

“You believe this is the only place for you.” It was as if he’d heard her thoughts. “You are wrong in that. You would find softer service in the household of some merchant. Or would you sooner be a courtesan, and have songs sung of your beauty? Speak the word, and we will send you to the Black Pearl or the Daughter of the Dusk. You will sleep on rose petals and wear silken skirts that rustle when you walk, and great lords will beggar themselves for your maiden’s blood. Or if it is marriage and children you desire, tell me, and we shall find a husband for you. Some honest apprentice boy, a rich old man, a seafarer, whatever you desire… 

“Is it Westeros you dream of, child? Luco Prestayn’s Lady Bright leaves upon the morrow, for Gulltown, Duskendale, King’s Landing, and Tyrosh. Shall we find you passage on her?”  AFFC

“You were a cat, they tell me. Prowling through the alleys smelling of fish, selling cockles and mussels for coin. A small life, well suited for a small creature such as you. Ask, and it can be restored to you. Push your barrow, cry your cockles, be content. Your heart is too soft to be one of us." ADWD

The KM knows everything. Besides for the fact that he is scarily aware of what Arya thinks/feels (look at how he immediately sees through her to know that she believes there is nowhere else for her,) he also knows much of everything. He collects information. He definitely knows at least the basics of Westeros- which is kind of implied when he seems to recognize who “Arya of House Stark” would be and that she’s a lord’s daughter.

So how come all of his options for her are so terrible? 

And why doesn’t the Wall come up? Arya hears of Jon all the time on the Wall, so the KM must know of him.

Jon. Some nights she heard talk of him, in the taverns and brothels of the Ragman’s Harbor. The Black Bastard of the Wall, one man had called him.

And yet when he speaks of Westeros, all we get is Gulltown, Duskendale, King’s Landing, and Tyrosh. Obviously after being captured and enslaved and hunted in that area, Arya would have no desire to go there. But I’m 99.99% sure the KM knows of Jon’s connection to the Starks just by nature of his job at collecting secrets. More importantly, you’ll notice he never asks what Arya wants- just gives her bad options.

And they aren’t great. Becoming a courtesan- that’s basically a glorified whore. And Arya probably has a messed up view on sex after witnessing tons of women get brutalized in Harrenhal and the God’s Eye. A servant in a household for a merchant, well, that probably seems the same as whore to Arya who watched the mistreatment of “servants” in Harrenhal. And marriage could seem even worse considering all that- being carted off to some random man would hardly seem ideal or even safe to Arya. 

And then there’s the other quote by the plague faced priest, the life as Cat. Just look at the priest’s words “a small life, well suited for a small creature such as you” and he finishes it up by saying she’s “too soft”… He’s really selling that one, isn’t he? It almost seems like he’s baiting her at the end. KM is a master manipulator and good at reading people, no doubt he’s picked up that Arya won’t take well to being told what she can or can’t do/is or isn’t capable of and told this guy. And that bit about a “small life”, it’s almost like it’s meant to be unappealing. He’s (like the KM) pretty much challenging her every time he says you don’t have what it takes.

The FM are definitely manipulating her. Just the whole process of training her out her identity. And this makes sense. While Arya has too strong of a sense of self to become faceless, but she is otherwise an ideal candidate. Who’s going to give up “all you have and all you ever hope to have” and become faceless unless they are an extremely lost and traumatized person who thinks they have nothing else to live for? So in that regard combined with Arya’s cunning and wits and quickness and quick study, she is a prime candidate.

As for the bit about skinchanging and the blindness training, I doubt it. Skinchangers are only really known beyond the Wall. To everyone else (including the Starks) they’re myths and fake or utilized in poorly concealed propaganda. The KM wouldn’t make that connection just as how Arya knows about skinchangers from Old Nan’s stories,  knows so much of the Starks, is a skinchanger herself and yet is completely clueless of her own ability. I think that the KM was just surprised she picked it up so quickly, but she had a good grasp on being blind already.

It all became much easier. She learned to hear the lies, to feel them in the play of the muscles around the mouth and eyes.

She could feel air currents on her skin now. She could find the kitchens by their smell, tell men from women by their scents. She knew Umma and the servants and the acolytes by the pattern of their footfalls, could tell one from the other before they got close enough to smell (but not the waif or the kindly man, who hardly made a sound at all unless they wanted to). The candles burning in the temple had scents as well; even the unscented ones gave off faint wisps of smoke from their wicks. They had as well been shouting, once she had learned to use her nose.

"Are you blind?”

She did not answer. Talking would only muddle any sounds he might be making. He would be moving, she knew. Left or right? She jumped left, swung right, hit nothing. A stinging cut from behind her caught her in the back of the legs. “Are you deaf?” She spun, the stick in her left hand, whirling, missing. From the left she heard the sound of laughter. She slashed right.

This time she connected. Her stick smacked off his own. The impact sent a jolt up her arm. “Good,” the voice said.

She was able to sort of fight the KM while blind with no aid from cat eyes and also perfected the lying game, ascertaining who’s who and what’s what by footfall, smell, and air currents. It’s not like she had made no progress and then suddenly suspiciously could handle everything.

I think that the KM doesn’t know what to make of Arya since she’s hyper resistant to the loss of identity training but is also quite capable and breezing through her other training.

Turning Points //Closed RP with catsglitterandsass


It hat been about 5 years since Lucy had met Magnus. she did sometimes contact him when she needed someone to talk to but at this particular juncture it was early May and it was supposed to be happy occassion because they were plannign for her 16th birthday but her uncle gabriel had snapped and he was mistreating the servants and he had tied up his sons.

Lucy was hiding in the small secret room behind her bed and she tapped on the necklace twice she wasnlt sure if magnus knew thislace but she knew her uncle had no idea it was here. she was huddled in the little room crying. she had always been a little scared of Gabriel but she had no idea that anythign like this was possible

Se could hear screaming in hallway. she reached over and grabbed ahold of the bag she had packed in case she needed to get out of hte hosue for any reason “Magnus I need you.”

Welcome Home Master/Mistress (Open Rp) (Can be NSFW or SFW)

Being a house servant had it’s ups and downs. It was a delight for several house servants. They loved working for their current employer. They had a good pay, a bed to sleep in, food in their bellies, and they were almost never mistreated.

The servants were a Neko, a Minotaur, a Shark Girl, and Twin Dragons. They were especially useful, with skills that made anyone lucky to employ them. They themselves felt lucky to be hired by a very rich individual.

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Hi! So I've read a few of your analyses for Cinderella and I couldn't help but wonder about one thing about Lady Tremaine: It's obvious that she really does not like Cinderella (and she wants to climb the social ladder), but by law since she IS Cinderella's stepmother, wouldn't that make her the Prince's mother-in-law when Cinderella got married to him? Do you think she ever considered that? I know she was more focused on her own daughters, but I still wonder...

Hi Amelia! Now, I have to say, that is actually a very interesting question and concept. However, I think that Lady Tremaine does not ever, or more like never, consider this possibility largely because, like we agree, she does not like Cinderella at all.

The point goes back to the fact, that after her husband dies and she reveals her true colors, Lady Tremaine also reveals her jealousy of Cinderella’s kindness and beautiful appearance, not only because her daughters are the complete opposite of Cinderella, but because she makes all three Tremaines look far worse in comparison. Lady Tremaine absolutely hates the idea of her or her daughters being inferior to another girl this close to them, particularly since Cinderella is roughly the same age as Drizella and Anastasia. So as the girls grow up, Lady Tremaine spoils and pampers Drizella and Anastasia to the extreme (to the point where they become so needy and lazy that they won’t do any housework and very few things on their own), but she turns Cinderella into their servant, mistreats her while giving her very little, and forces her stepdaughter to do everything for her, her daughters, and Lucifer, from cooking meals to mending clothes.

One reason why Lady Tremaine forces Cinderella to become a servant is because she hopes that dressing like one and doing a lot of dirty work will hide Cinderella’s beauty and make look her ugly and unattractive, which would then make her daughters look like the beautiful ones. She also has taken Cinderella’s material possessions away from her, abuses and humiliates Cinderella, and forces Cinderella to do a lot of work, even throwing in one chore after another at the last moment, because she wants to turn Cinderella into a miserable, bitter person. Not to mention she wants to make Cinderella lash out at or talk back to them, because the Tremaines would enjoy seeing her this way, and they’d also be given more excuses to overload her with work as punishment. Basically, Lady Tremaine does all of this so she can finally make Cinderella look and act inferior to her and her daughters.

However, even though Cinderella does resent her situation and is unhappy, she never openly shows it in front of her stepfamily. She acts patient, calm, and treats them kindly even after everything they have done and still do to her. Because their attempts to change her have not happened, this greatly annoys and infuriates the Tremaines, not to mention it makes their hatred for Cinderella increase every day. But Cinderella is not merely being passive or submissive to the Tremaines; she remains gentle and kind because this is who she is. She wants to be true to herself and refuses to let them change her into a completely different person or affect her world view. She knows what the Tremaines are capable of doing and what they are trying to do to her. But Cinderella never cries, whines, or gets angry in front of her stepfamily, nor does she give them a taste of their own medicine. If she did any of this, she would be behaving just like them, and she does not want to do that.  She also does not want to risk getting into even more trouble. And if Cinderella got angry or cried in front of them, she would giving them the chance to mock her. She would be allowing herself to be their victim. Regardless of what they do or try to do to her, Cinderella bravely denies the Tremaines their desired satisfaction every time. She indirectly tells them that she won’t let them get to her, that she won’t let them take away her dignity, and that she hasn’t given up.

Another reason why Lady Tremaine does this to Cinderella is because they are not of flesh and blood. She has never regarded Cinderella as one of her own daughters, neither before nor after her husband died. One other motive of her jealousy and dislike of Cinderella is that she views Cinderella as a threat to improve her own family’s social status. You see, Lady Tremaine is determined that her daughters marry wealthy noblemen so that they will stay in the upper class, not to mention she wants the backup support for herself (until she dies, I bet). One of the reasons why she spoiled them so much is because she wanted to make them beautiful and desirable to men, and especially to outshine Cinderella, who had her own natural beauty and became more beautiful as she grew up. But Anastasia and Drizella have no, nor did they ever have any, natural beauty, and they are very unladylike. No matter what Lady Tremaine did, her attempts to change her daughters did not work. Getting back to Cinderella being a threat, the Tremaines see her as one, and also as competition, because Cinderella’s beauty and charm makes her the kind of woman that men would want and love. This is certainly not at all possible for her stepsisters. The girls would not stand a chance against Cinderella’s charm and good looks if she was at the ball, which means that Lady Tremaine would not stand a chance in using one of her daughters to woo and marry the prince. Because of their view of Cinderella as a threat and competition, they do not want (particularly since they face it from her every day already) her to go to the ball with them.

Moving away from that, all of what she does to Cinderella clearly shows that Lady Tremaine has never regarded Cinderella as her daughter, all because she is and has everything that her real daughters aren’t and don’t have. And I largely believe that blood ties are part of what Lady Tremaine thinks what makes a real family. Her daughters are her own flesh and blood, but Cinderella is nothing more than their servant; therefore, they don’t, nor want to, treat her as a family member. So I think because they are just step-relatives and not related by blood, Lady Tremaine did not see Cinderella as a family member who could help improve their status; she only saw her biological daughters as her tickets for that. Heck, I think she also wanted to exclude Cinderella because she was also the “odd one out” among them; in other words, she had grace and beauty, but Drizella and Anastasia (and their mother) did not.

Because of this, and as part of her being seen as a threat, Lady Tremaine did not want Cinderella to have a chance to succeed over her daughters, at least not before them, since she already bests them for reasons already mentioned. Even when both Drizella and Anastasia fail to make the glass slipper fit on their feet, Lady Tremaine fruitlessly attempts for Cinderella not to get a chance to try it on, because she does not want Cinderella to have what her daughters have already been denied: marrying the prince and becoming a princess.

If one of her daughters married the prince, their blood ties would make Lady Tremaine the real mother-in-law from the marriage. By being the real mother-in-law of the prince, then she would be in the highest place in the upper class. It would make Lady Tremaine so pleased with herself, and she would get great delight from bragging about it and rubbing it in other people’s faces. So think about this: when Cinderella and the prince marry, that only makes Lady Tremaine the “stepmother-in-law” of the prince, and I seriously doubt that she wants to be known as that. It wouldn’t give her the same level of importance as it would if one of her daughters was the wife of the prince. I think that the Tremaines wouldn’t have counted as Cinderella’s real family since they are not her blood relatives. This marriage doesn’t make them official in-laws to the prince, either, and hell, they aren’t even invited to the wedding or to live in the palace afterwards.

In conclusion, I really believe that Lady Tremaine’s jealousy of Cinderella being nicer and better-looking than her daughters, and the fact that they are not official, blood relatives, is why she never considered Cinderella to be another daughter who could help improve the Tremaines’ place in society.

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  When Mikaela overheard some vampires in his faction joking about White Day, he had an idea to make a surprise for Kurashi. Rather than being out the majority of the night for battle training, where he told Kurashi he would be, he was actually in the kitchen, making a small chocolate cake. Despite being a vampire that couldn’t digest human food, many years ago, when he was a child, he cooked all the time for himself and the other kids. While he rarely made sweets, he only needed a few pointers from the kitchen staff to make something that looked like it belonged at a restaurant.

  By that time, the servants were aware that something was going on between Mikaela and Kurashi. Someone had apparently heard them making a ruckus one day, and while that wasn’t too strange for a master and personal servant, Mikaela clearly doted on the man. Were it anyone else, the servants probably would have informed the vampires. Because it was Mikaela, who never mistreated the servants, he was given special gifts and instructed in ways to win over Kurashi, which he pretended to brush off, but both knew he used them.

  Finally, with slightly disheveled hair and clothes spotted with various ingredients, Mikaela entered his room and moved over to Kurashi’s door. He knocked on it quietly, in case he was sleeping. “Kurashi, can I come in. I, um, have something for you.”

  Once he was given permission, he entered the room and looked at the man with a gentle smile and pink cheeks, holding out the cake towards him. “I heard that it’s White Day today, so I made you this. It used to be a tradition at the Hyakuya Orphanage, so I do have some experience, and it should taste pretty good.”