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He made his way to where he knew the anon to be when not making her rounds of the family. Wings flexed as he approached, he hoped the difference in his appearance was not offputting. "Guardian? " He called softly. He wished to speak with her like he had to Yami.

The anon was on high alert when she felt the presence enter the room.  This was the nursery afterall, not just anyone could waltz in here.  Thankfully Hera was with her parents this day, leaving the anon alone to watch over the abode.  So when a unfamiliar yet familar pesence entered the room, the canine lifted it’s head to snarl, preparing to deal with the intruder who had somehow made it pass all the…

Wait… ‘Guardian?’  That voice… she knew that voice.  ”Silly Horus? Is that you?”

The world was ending. The sky had turned a shadow frightening gray, cracked in several sections and was starting to crumble down, taking out anyone who was to stupid to think to get out of the way. If you walked far enough you would find the sidewalk did end and starting to degenerate like parts a video game that was trying to kill the character. There was already more than half of the world gone; the scientist had timed the end of the world to be in exactly twenty minutes or less. From the clock that was ticking away large red times in front of a small male, ninety minutes and seventeen seconds left before the world ended. The teen, who went by the name of Heba Yugi Moto, was frantically flipping through a large black book in an attempt to find some sort of thing that would get him out of Anti-Domino before it was destroyed. He glanced up to the clock and sweated a bit when he realized that time was ticking away like water and now he only had a few minutes to finish his spell. Getting to work he lit a few candles and dropped the plants into the cauldron before pulling the book of shadows over to him and reading the spell. “Hear these words, hear the rhyme. Heed the hope within my mind. Send me to where I’ll find, what I wish in place and Time!” The cauldron sparked before turning in a dark black fire and shooting some sort of light across the room. Against the wall a black swirling vortex appeared and just at the same time an explosion was heard outside his house. Heba grabbed the book and held it against his chest, peeking out the window through the wood boards to see that the erosion was starting to come for his house. Eyes widening he rushed over to the vortex and leapt for it, spinning around it as he started to fall into a dark pit. He tried to stay awake, tried to pay attention to where he was going but the darkness soon enveloped him and Heba passed out.

When he finally came around Heba blinked his eyes open to the blinding bright light, a confused look crossing over his space as he stared up at the strange blight blue… was that the sky!? He had… never seen such a bright blue color, or such a lack of clouds. His hands brushed against the ground beneath him and Heba sat up, pulling the book into his lap he looked around at all the bright colors that seemed to envelop the land around him. The plants of this world looked strange… and the grass… it was full of life and soft. It was strange to say the least he was trying to understand it and where he might have ended up when a stray sharp object flew past his head and embedded in the ground next to him. Heba frowned, glancing over to it and plucking it from the poor flower it had murdered. “A knife, why would someone throw a knife at me in this world?” It seemed different from his own but then again—don’t judge a book by its cover. Moving to his feet Heba glanced around, the frown slipping back into the emotionless expression he was taught to keep. “Hey! I think someone lost their knife! Why don’t you come out and get it!?” And die.

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(Hi.) He waited nearby, knife in hand. She was....he wasn't quite sure yet but assumed this little test would clarify that for him. He was very curious, not wanting to waste more time with talking. Horus made his move, shifting and raising his blade to strike as the mass of shadows rushed past her.

Korra had been wheeled outside at the same time of day to the same exact place she always went to on a daily basis since she arrived back in Air Temple Island since the fight with Za Heer and the other member of the Red Lotus.

She hadn’t been expecting anything to happen today, nothing ever happened, much less an attack, which was one of the main reasons why she sent away the member of the White Lotus who’d accompanied her to the gazebo despite the pickling skin and feeling of some bad fortune waiting to come knotting her stomach in a ball.

She didn’t notice the rapidly advancing shadows making a bee line straight towards her at first, but she turned her head just as they’d neared the gazebo and the only thing she could do was stare with a dry mouth.

The feeling she’d felt since this morning had turned to a pit of iron, and it was because of this.