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A Warning

“Hey Jaune, you said you wanted to talk?”

The blonde teen turned around from the sunset view of Mistral he had been admiring to find Oscar there, looking a little nervous.

And the former farm boy had good reason to be. His obvious attraction to Ruby had not gone unnoticed by the rest of their group. Qrow had been giving him drunken death glares at every opportunity, Nora had been trying to play matchmaker with leaving the two alone with each other quite a bit, Ren mostly just went along with Nora.

But not Jaune. Jaune had just watched the two, quietly observing their interactions. The seriousness of it all greatly contrasted with Ozpin’s memories of the blonde teen and while he was pretty sure that this wasn’t going to lead into a fight, that didn’t mean he wasn’t nervous.

Jaune nodded, his expression serious as he turned his head back to the sunset. “Yeah, come on over.”

Oscar did as he asked as he soon stood by the young fighter, the two just silent for a few moments.

Then Jaune spoke. “Ruby was the first person I really met at Beacon. I still remember that first day, man that was an explosion. Anyway, she was just as awkward as I was though for very different reasons. She was really worried about being pushed ahead two years. As for me….I won’t go into all the details, but let’s just say I didn’t have much confidence in myself that first semester.”

Oscar nodded, not telling him he knew all about the forged transcripts (‘Why did you let him in anyway?’….Reasons.)

“I did a lot of stupid things and Ruby was the first one to help me snap out of it. She’s first friend I made at school and she’s like a little sister to me.”

Okay, good. Oscar let out a metaphorical sigh of relief. He hadn’t been entirely sure of how Jaune viewed her, but it was clear that outside of Qrow, Jaune was the one Ruby felt the most comfortable around. It had made him a LITTLE jealous. (A little? 'Shut up, you.’)

“So, I just have to say this to you: don’t hurt her.”

Oscar turned his head, finding that Jaune’s gaze had turned from the sunset to him.

The blonde Huntsman to be went on. “You weren’t there, so you don’t know what happened at Beacon. She’s been through a lot, we all have. But Ruby’s lost more: Pyrrha, Penny, her team, and that’s not even counting what’s going on with her family. Despite all that, she keeps on going. The difference between us is she’ll never talk about it. I think part of the reason she’s so focused on this quest is so she doesn’t have time to think about it. Back when we thought Qrow might not make it, she took it pretty hard. Either way….she’s not the same girl I met that first day.”

A memory flashed in Oscar’s mind; one of a slightly younger Ruby in a different outfit with her signature red hood, but with a smile that was a tad more genuine than some of the smiles he’d seen from her. He understood immediately, the former headmaster in his mind quiet with regret.

Finally, he spoke. “I get it.”

Jaune waited as Oscar explained. “You’re right, I wasn’t there when Beacon fell, but I do understand what it feels like to have your life thrown about and when you come down, its not the place you used to be in. Besides, I don’t plan on hurting her.”

Jaune smiled at that. “Good. I like you Oscar, I’d rather not see either of you get hurt.”

Oscar smiled as well. “Yeah, no offense Jaune, but Qrow’s been pretty straightforward on what would happen and he’s a lot more intimidating than you.”

Then Jaune’s expression turned back to serious as he put a hand on Oscar’s shoulder. “Oscar….neither I nor Qrow is the person you need to be afraid of.”

That made the farm boy confused. “Huh?”

“Let’s just put it this way, if it’s your fault that Ruby gets hurt, nothing in the world will be able to save you from that person’s wrath.”

That didn’t answer anything for Oscar. “Who are you talking about? Her dad?”

Jaune shook his head. “Nope!”

“Well then, who is it?” (Ozpin’s laughter in his head was not a good sign.)

Yang was just about to down her well awaited Strawberry Sunrise in a bar not too far away from the city of Mistral when she suddenly felt something go off in her mind. She placed her glass down slowly.

Somewhere, somehow; someone is thinking of my baby sister in ways above a PG rating.

The bartender noticed her actions. “Hey blondie, aren’t you going to drink that?”

She got up from the bar with her unsipped drink still on the table, she turned walked towards the door. “Change of plans. I need to get Mistral, FAST.”

Plot bunny of mine. I ship Rose Garden so hard and I also think Jaune and Oscar will have some likeable chemistry with each other

Headcanon: Anyone who has ever thought about asking Ruby out at Signal has had to face Yang Xiao Long. The result being total annihilation.

If anyone wants to do something visual based on this, go head. Just make sure to send it to me first.

So if you watched the final episode of volume four, you were probably a little surprised by the revelation made at the end that immediately sets up the next volume in a big way. Now I have a number of ideas where this idea can go and I thought I’d run with it since I’m actually in the mood to express my thoughts on my blog rather than keeping it to myself.

The rest will be under a read more since many people haven’t seen the final episode and I’d rather not be that guy.

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Okay, so, in RWBY, we still have that town to the south of the City of Mistral (Mistral’s capital city) called Kuchinashi, which is the Japanese name for the Gardenia flower, which means “secret love” in Japanese flower language.

RNJR has already gotten to the City of Mistral, and Weiss is on an airship to Mistral. Yang is driving there but will probably go find Raven at some point, and Blake… hasn’t left Menagerie yet.

What if

what if

Yang and Blake run into each other in Kuchinashi

what if

Bumbleby? Sunny Bees?

waht fi


There’s never an inappropriate time for an AU 

Kagecrack AU of sorts. I didn’t think this through properly oh well

Mistral City Actors!

Sage Ayano Ayana (Sage’s Theory of Happiness c’mon~)

Neptune as Konoha (Has amnesia.Only remembers how to flirt and eat noodles)

Sun as Mary (Both their powers involve their hair I don’t have a better reason)

Scarlet as Shintaro (He’s close friends with Neptune and wears red.Could probably write songs)

wait there’s more

adventure maps+first Tekkit -> old mod testing -> yoglabs -> moooOOONQUEST -> yoglabs part 2 -> voltz -> tekkit -> yogscraft -> original MC series -> survival island -> shadow of israphel

some kind of crazy mixture between this and a bit of this

alright so a few points before I start delving

1. YogLabs is the laboratory under the sands in SoI

2. the evil under the sands in Shadow of Israphel is science. science is only found in places with cult activities/under the sands/soon to be taken over the sands, which would be 

  • under the big desert along with YogLabs
  • the mechanical turtle thing which has sand over it
  • Skyhold, with cultist activities and made of sandstone

3. Lewis having control over who lives and who dies in YogLabs is a reference or a call-back to The Journey (at the end), where he chooses to burn down the town, becoming the Grim Reaper (a thing which has control over life and death). The Journey is one of the first, if not THE first moment where Lewis was evil/dark, and if that isn’t one giant ball of foreshadowing I’m disappointed.

4. Xephos isn’t William Riker, but some kind of distaff counterpart 

so we start with Xephos landing on the planet because of a reason unknown. Honeydew is born in the dwarf city of Stoneholm when he sees a spaceship crash or something and goes over to pick up Xephos. Xephos has lost most of his memories but has an intense curiosity about the world which he has landed in, leading to those old mod tests they use to do way back in the day which YogLabs replaced later on. at first, they go on adventures (the adventure maps), which makes them hailed as a hero (this is why in SoI everyone calls them heroes and there’s a mural of them on the wall). during those times, Xephos sometimes also finds out more about the world through the old mod tests. naturally, it turns into a point where he invents scientific stuff and starts YogLabs (the Tekkit mod spotlight episode was one of the last ones and personally I think that’s the gateway from mod spotlight -> YogLabs)

in one of the earlier YogLabs, Honeydew is shown to spawn from Stoneholm, this is explained here that Honeydew still has not “set spawn/moved into” YogLabs, and once he gets an office there that’s fixed.

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I-…I don’t…I don’t even…

*is at loss for words*

H-how do I find such wonderful things? I-

*mind=very much blown*


Ren’s Semblance Pt. II, Kuroyuri & The Great Footprint

Alright, so we’re back this week with more of Ren’s Semblance, and this time I wanna talk about a few other things I’ve had on my mind concerning Ren, too. If you’d like to read my prior statement on Ren’s Semblance, it can be found here.

It’s very apparent from the very second that Ren even sees this sign, that he’s not happy about it, even so much to the point that Nora is the only one that can calm him down when he gets adamant with Jaune and even Ruby about it. He’s angry, noticeably so, and he doesn’t get angry often. Other than the huge ‘X’ through the name of Kuroyuri (which should tell Ruby that ‘hey, maybe you shouldn’t try going to that town’…)

Why? Because I believe he was using his Semblance again to scout ahead. It’s important HERE, because he states beforehand that there’s ‘no way of telling without the map’ (which they all threw away before the encounter with Tyrian in Oniyuri, when they saw it in shambles). However, he’s saying that he can ‘feel something’. That’s important, because as of right now, he doesn’t know what that something is.

As I stated in my previous post, Ren seems to have some sort of ability to sense things around him, and that gives him superior scouting abilities, which is why we’re seeing him in front in a lot of these scenes, because he can sense things that are coming, especially if it has something to do with the wind.

Something I didn’t mention in my last post is that the wind was traveling downwards from Ren last time, which would’ve helped him sense Tyrian’s presence, despite him technically being further from him (in case people were wondering about it; ‘That doesn’t make sense! Tyrian came from behind them, he was in front, he should’ve sensed him late!’ Not saying anyone said it, I’m just clearing it up).

Anyways, back to Kuroyuri and Ren (and a little bit about Nora, too perhaps). Once Nora approaches the sign and is happy to explain that they’re going in the right direction to Mistral, she quickly subverts that with a ‘oh’. And this is on Ren’s behalf. She knows Kuroyuri means something to Ren; perhaps it’s his hometown, or somewhere he lived when he was younger. 

Now let’s think about it. Considering how close it is to Mistral, this city likely had to conform to kingdom standards. However, Ren states that this village was destroyed for years, and that Ruby will find nothing there. Another place that has been destroyed for years is Oniyuri. Oniyuri has the distinction in this single case of being a city that ‘could’ve been’. It was made by the people that didn’t want to conform to the laws of the kingdoms. So…

What if the people that went to create Oniyuri were the people originally from Kuroyuri? In namesake and in story sense, that adds up. People didn’t want to deal with Mistrali laws and ways, and move up and away to a more open place that didn’t have to conform to laws? From ‘Dark Flower’ to ‘Demon Flower’ (direct translations of Kuroyuri and Oniyuri, respectively).

Finally, I want to talk about this footprint. We know it’s a footprint now because it’s on a trail, not in a town, so it’s not a symbol (as many were speculating, that it was Raven’s Tribe Symbol; I can assure you that’s not the case now). How do I know?

Episode 4 of Season 4 lets us know that. When Qrow and Raven are talking about the people of Shion and how their town was destroyed, Raven states that ‘We couldn’t have known the Grimm would settle in that fast’ and Qrow INSTANTLY retorts with ‘I’m not talking about the Grimm. And I’m not talking about you, either.’ Look at her eyes in the scene cap above. She’s just as puzzled by what he means (why do the Branwens speak in riddles… I love them, but god). Anyways, right afterwards, she changes this subject.

We don’t know what this thing is yet, and I’m sure it’ll be revealed by the end of the season, but at the moment, I’m starting to believe that every continent on Remnant has a ‘Great Beast’, that’s not Grimm nor human, and it kind of just… destroys whatever it wants or wherever it goes. The reason for me stating this is because Ren said he could ‘feel something’ when they were at the crossroads. Grimm don’t have Aura or souls, so it couldn’t have been a Grimm, and even when Tyrian was attacking, he sensed him, however faintly, EVEN if he was masking his Aura. This is just my theory on it at the moment. 

Stars Still Shine (Closed RP w/ the-amazon-goddess-nikos)


Everyone at Beacon had been talking about it. Hell, every kid in any of the top four high schools heard about it. Beacon and Haven had been hit particularly hard. Pyrrha Nikos, Beacon’s all-star track athlete had been in a horrible wreck. The girl was originally from Mistral, so the city was wracked with grief.

Neptune Vasilias was from Haven. He was on the school’s competitive swim team. He was basically a fish, his second home was in water. He and a friend were on their way to see the track star. This friend, Sun Wukong, was a track athlete as well. And the boy was Neptune’s reason for even knowing Pyrrha. The blue-haired swimmer was a bit of a flirt, and Sun took him along so he could work his charms on some of the girls from the other schools. Neptune met Pyrrha at one of these track meets. The boy had a certain affinity for strong woman, and Pyrrha was overall amazing. Neptune developed feelings for the female. After Sun gave him a push, the blue-haired boy talked to her. They became friends, and when he heard the redhead had been in an accident, he knew he had to see her. 

Sun had been the one to tell him about it. She was hit by a drunk driver, or that’s how Neptune understood it. He had learned recently that she was awake now and visitors could see her. That’s where Sun and Neptune were now just arriving. They entered the hospital and, after a quick talk with the woman behind the desk, found the room the girl was in. Neptune, with a bouquet of flowers he picked up on the way, opened up the door and looked around.

There were flowers lining one wall, stacked high to the ceiling. The blue-haired boy’s own bouquet of gardenias felt meager in comparison. He looked to the bed, finding Pyrrha lying on the bed, looking tired. Neptune put on a small smile as he saw her. “Hey, Pyrrha,” he greeted.