Welcome to Mistmoore Harbor, Maine. Population 926 and counting.

Founded in 1702, it’s no wonder that the almost ancient town’s history is so long and winding. Word travels just fast enough for you to hear of the curse that plagues this place with suspicion and regret.

Legend has it, along with the settlers who arrived here in hopes of escaping the tragedy of the Salem Witch Trials and leaving it behind came a real witch. One who’d just seen potential mirrors of herself condemned and burned alive. The travelers wanted nothing more than to put it all past them, ignoring the torment her kind fell victim to.

For their selfishness, their descendants would suffer just the same. These humans, and the other insufferable monsters beneath their noses would destroy themselves in time. All they needed was a pull to gather them in one place for fate to unravel itself.

Mistmoore is a small town supernatural OC roleplay centered and focused around character development. Our aim is to create meaningful interactions and relationships between the people of Mistmoore.


Hey members! Good news:

Though our pace has slowed significantly, we’ve made a lot of progress character-wise with this group and we wanted to remind everyone that we’re not heading anywhere. We have a handful of great members with fleshed out, developed characters who’ve really made a place out of Mistmoore that we couldn’t appreciate more (no pun intended). 

In any case, we wanted to again, thank you for your patience. It’s hard to handle a slowness like this or jump in, but we’re all around if you ever want to plot or shoot ideas back and forth! The admins have been incredibly busy, and we’re all doing what we can. 

That said, we’re looking forward to some great things up ahead and hope you stick with us to see them play out. Have a good day/evening!

Dear Diary, I can explain. (Story Arc)

Sometimes things don’t always go as you plan.

I was so adamant, I was gonna stick it to the man, so I went back to Mistmoore to tell him he can take his contract and shove it.

Well, things happened.

“A shame, I guess i’ll take back what’s rightfully mine.” I felt my body weaken as the shadows fled from me. 

“What is this? You take my powers? I did not strike a deal with you!”

“Ah, but these powers were borrowed, you were given something that was not Gareths to give.”

I roll my eyes, a small price to pay I figure.

Or is it?

“My village, those powers were given to me in order to protect them, to take that away from me-”

“Ah, therein lies the question, should we renegotiate? I can promise you that no harm will come to your village from me.”

“…”   I can’t sign this contract, I can’t. I turn to leave.

We nearly reach the door now, I feel lost, empty, worried, what’s going to happen to my village now?

I turn and face the Employer, “I can’t abandon them.” The contract appears in front of me, I sign it. 

“Done.” *snap*

The Shadows return to me once more, what have I done?

“I won’t delay you all any further, bring me the child, and you can renegotiate the terms of your contracts, or you can be free of them. This will be your decision”

We leave to set out on this wild goose chase in search for this child that the Employer asks for-

My Employer.


We’re given little information to go on, but we set out on this new journey. Should I run into Gareth again who knows what would happen, after all he used to work for the same employer, though the past tense is key. I’m told by a party member that Gareth had also been working for Cyric, the Lord of Lies.

There was never any winning in this, who knows if Gareth was even ever truly capable of  keeping his word.

I must walk in the shadows so that my people my live in the light.