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Mistletoe [Draco x Reader]

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A/N: PEDID day 9/31. Going to be doing a Cedric, Newt and Sirius one of these too. If you want another character, just let me know.

  • In your fifth year, there was a trend started by a bunch of seventh years to cast spells that resulted in mistletoe growing above unsuspecting victims.
  • It soon spread so much that you couldn’t go anywhere in the castle without having the spell cast over you. It started getting a little out of hand - there were constant arguments in the common room about it. 
  • Everyone was paranoid and either followed their crushes around oping to get the chance to kiss them or else avoided them completely.
  • You were one of the latter; you barely spoke to Draco Malfoy all December.
  • Every time he walked over to talk to you, you would excuse yourself quickly. Perhaps it was a little unnecessary, but you weren’t risking it. You really didn’t want him to know that you liked him.
  • During the last week of term, he caught sight of you in a busy corridor.
  • “Y/N! Wait.”
  • He shoved through the crowd. You had turned around before you remembered you were supposed to be staying away from him. He caught your forearm, stopping you from walking away. You wouldn’t have walked away anyway - you were rooted to the spot. 
  • He didn’t understand why you had been ignoring him. It was impossible to deny that he had noticed your absence and missed you.
  • “Why have you been ignoring me?” 
  • You stood open-mouthed, before smoothing your face into a look of mild amusement,
  • “I’m not ignoring you, I’ve just been…busy.”
  • He narrowed his blue eyes, knowing you well enough to tell when you were lying to him.
  • His gaze suddenly flicked upwards, catching sight of the mistletoe growing above you and the group of Slytherins laughing in the background. So they were responsible.
  • Before long you noticed and felt your heart sink. Your eyes met with Draco’s and suddenly it all clicked in his mind.
  • A lazy smirk spread across his face - a stark contrast to the horrified expression on yours.
  • “So that’s why you’re avoiding me…Well, it would be a shame to break tradition.”
  • Before you could process what was happening, his mouth was on yours. Just for a moment you forgot you were in a busy corridor because you were kissing Draco Malfoy.
  • “You know, I think I’m starting to like mistletoe a lot more.”
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Mistletoe Kisses

3.3k words, G rated

All Albus wants is to kiss his boyfriend under some mistletoe, but how is he supposed to do that when Scorpius won’t stay still, and everyone keeps interrupting all the time? 

This one is for @anthonyboyles, and it got a bit long. Sorry about that! I hope you had a great Christmas. Thanks for all the cupcakes and Tom Mackley chat, and here’s to more of the same in 2017! 

Beta’d by @abradystrix.

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Dramione: Pouty Draco

I know it’s nowhere near the time for mistletoe but I keep seeing one of those “imagine your OTP” Posts about it so I decided to just write it. It’s kinda rough, but I love it! ENJOY! :)

She didn’t want to wake up. She was exhausted from a night of decorating and… other things. 
They’d been married for only a few months and it had been total bliss. The road to this point had been a long and painful one, but they arrived. He still had that horrible black tangle of lines on his left forearm that he hated to look at, but she didn’t mind. 
“Hermione?” She heard it like it came from somewhere far, far away when, in reality, the smooth voice floated from only a few feet down the hall.
She rolled over to find the bed empty and whimpered a little; she loved to cuddle in the morning.
“Hermione?” She heard again and groaned, flipping onto her back underneath the plush comforter.
She lay there for a minute longer, hoping to relish the warmth and comfort of the bed before placing her bare feet on the icy hardwood floor.
Finally, she mustered up the energy to sit up and rub her eyes until little stars appeared in her vision.
"I’m awake!” She yelled in exasperation; she was NOT a morning person.
As she climbed out of the king-sized bed she heard chuckling from down the hall. Before exiting the room, she slipped on some socks to keep her toes warm in the winter chill. As she swayed down the hallway she noticed a tall, thin, muscular figure leaning casually against the doorframe leading to the kitchen. The figure held a small book - maybe 150 pages - in his pale, long fingers. Without glancing up from the pages of the book, Draco smirked.
As Hermione walked past she noticed that the book was upside down and there was a sprig of shrubbery hanging above the doorframe where Draco stood. She reached up, patted Draco’s cheek, then continued on into the kitchen.
Finally, Draco looked up from the upside down book, “Wha-?" 
"You must’ve grabbed the muggle mistletoe, love.” Was all Hermione said as she began to make herself some coffee in the coffeemaker she had convinced Draco to buy (it just didn’t taste the same when you made it with magic).
A defeated sigh slipped from Draco’s lips, “I’ve been standing there for ten minutes, waiting for you to get your arse our of bed,” he mumbled and plopped down into a tall chair at the counter. 
Hermione smiled into her coffee mug, took a sip, then glanced at her husband, “Is that so?" 
Draco locked eyes with her and said a stiff, but pouty "Yes.” Before standing and walking into the living room.
“Aww, is the big, bad Draco Malfoy gonna pout now?” Hermione teased as she followed him into the room and planted herself next to him on the sofa.
“Well I thought it would be… romantic.” He grumbled.
The frizzy - haired brunette giggled and sat her coffee mug on the side table. She then leaned ever so slowly closer to the striking blond, just waiting for him to notice. He suddenly turned his head to find his wife just centimeters from his face.
“Oh, hi,” he whispered.
“Hi,” She smiled.
“You have morning breath” he stated, slowly closing the distance between them.
“So do you.”
“And you know how disgusting that is? Just revloting, really.” His lips quirked up in the tiniest smirk.
Her heart began to beat fast and she wanted to kiss him so badly but was waiting just because she knew it annoyed him. She loved how, even after a long courtship and months of marriage, he could still make her pulse race like she was a 15-year-old girl about to be kissed for the first time.
“Revolting? Definitely.” Her voice was barely above a whisper and she was so glad that they lived in their own modest home so they could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted and not have to worry about any interruptions.
His eyes had been locked on hers this whole time but now they flicked down to her lips and her breath hitched slightly. Then, he ceased the opportunity to gently press his lips against hers and tangle his fingers in her hair. The kiss was long and soft and mind-melting. When they finally pulled away, after several minutes of gentle, unbelievably soft kisses, Hermione had to suck in a deep breath.
“No more pouty Draco?” She said, her voice barely audible.
“No more pouty Draco.” He smiled against her lips then kissed her again.
This time it was faster, harder, more hungry and soon he had wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her as close as possible on the couch. She ran her fingers through his white-blond hair and returned the kiss with vigor. Soon, they were tangled with each other on the couch like teenagers in a Hogwarts common room. Their mouths never strayed from each others and hands didn’t roam, but there was an intense love that radiated through every fiber of their beings that they just stayed like that for who knows how long.
This was love. Not mindless groping or random, sloppy kisses; just getting lost in the innocence of kissing each other on the couch for a solid hour before finally breaking apart, sitting up, and finishing their coffee (well Hermione’s coffee) before going about their normal day.
This was love.