mistletoe making of

Harry: Malfoy…

Draco: No, don’t even think about it.

Harry: We’ve been here for hours!

Draco: So I’m sure you can wait a couple more.

Harry: It doesn’t have to mean anything. Just a quick peck and –

Draco: I don’t want a quick peck.

Harry: Alright, I’ll use tongue then.

Draco: Potter! Don’t be crass.

Harry: I’m tired. And I’m hungry. And my legs hurt. So I’ll be as crass as I want, thank you very much.

Draco: So uncivilized.

Harry: At least I’m not such a proud snob that I can’t even lower myself to kiss someone just for a second.

Draco: The mistletoe can only hold us in place for seven hours so we’re already halfway there. Stop being so impatient.

Harry: Come on, Malfoy. I want to go to bed. Just let me kiss you.

Draco: No.

Harry: Why are you being so difficult about this? It’s just a kiss.

Draco: It’s not just a kiss, Potter. It’s never just a kiss.

Harry: What does that mean?

Draco: It means I am not kissing you.

Harry: Come on, it could be fun.

Draco: What did you just say?

Harry: I’ve been told I have a wicked tongue.

Draco: Potter! Stop. I can’t unhear that. What is wrong with you?

Harry: You’re really going to make us stand here for another three hours?

Draco: The mistletoe is making us stand here, Potter.

Harry: You’re infuriating.

Harry: Free at last! No thanks to you, Mal -  

 Draco: Do you still want to kiss me?

Harry: Excuse me?

Draco: I’m asking if you would be amenable to us kissing now, Potter?

Harry: You want to kiss me?

Draco: Yes. If –

Harry: So we’ve been standing here all night and now you’re telling me you want to kiss me?

Draco: Yes.

Harry: Are you having me on?

Draco: You haven’t answered my question. Are you amenable – “

Harry: Why didn’t you let me kiss you before?

Draco: I don’t want you to kiss me because you have to. I want you to kiss me because you want to.

Harry: You bloody bastard! Why didn’t you say this earlier? We could have solved this in two seconds if you just told me this. WE’VE BEEN STANDING HERE FOR SEVEN HOURS.

Draco: There’s no need to shout. If you’re not amenable to –

Harry: I AM AMENABLE. THAT’S WHAT I’M TELLING YOU. You made us wait seven hours for nothing. I’ve wanted to kiss you long before we got stuck under this stupid mistletoe.

Draco: Oh.

Harry: Seven hours. I can’t believe you.

Draco: Does this mean I can kiss you now?

Harry: No. Come find me in another seven hours and –

Draco: Potter!

Harry: Fine. But only because I can’t bear to wait any longer. Seven hours. You absolute twat.

Humans are weird: mistletoe

Okay please don’t ask me why i got this idea in mid july.
What if it were december and a human puts a mistletoe somewhere.
The aliens would see that everytime two of the humans stand under it, they would kiss.
Of course it would confuse them.
But what if one of the aliens gets the idea that the human body is reacting to the mistletoe making us kiss others when we get near it? What if it was like a disease?
Then one of the humans is kissing one of the aliens and it is freaking out because it got the disease and doesn’t wanna die.
Then there is human steve who just gives hershey kisses.
And don’t even get me started on “missile toes”


Harley managed to grow a mistletoe plant and she makes sure to show it off to her GF before she accidentally kills it, Ivy shows her support by awarding her with smooches.
(the mistletoe is nothing compare to the jungle that ivy made out of their room, but Harley doesn’t let it get to her)


Widowmaker’s Under the Mistletoe Highlight Intro plus Junkrat’s Heroic Highlight Intro

aka I learned how to make gifs

The mistletoe

After so many years Draco should already know that he shouldn’t piss Pansy off, but, since he doesn’t now he had to suffer the consequences.

It was the week before Christmas break and Pansy was feeling extra inspired by the holidays when she decided to point her wand at Draco and now he had to walk around with a mistletoe hovering above his head.

“What do you mean this will only go away once I kiss the person I love?”

“I mean exactly that, darling” she smirked. “Next time, don’t piss me off.”

“But I don’t love anyone” Draco tried.

“Shut up, Draco, if you didn’t the spell wouldn’t have worked.”

She smiled at him and left him alone, in the Slytherin common room, with a mistletoe on top of his head.


When Draco got to the Great Hall the normal noise of the conversations faded. The Slytherins were smirking at him – Pansy had already told them everything, probably; the Gryffindors were trying not to laugh, but it wasn’t really working; and the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws were looking at him weirdly, but amused. Even the teachers were looking at him from the head table trying to understand what was in front of them.

Draco just raised an eyebrow, scowled and, with squared shoulders and head held high, headed to the Slytherin table.

“How are you, Draco?” Blaise smiled innocently.


“When are you going to get rid of that?” Pansy asked and Blaise laughed.

“Shut up, you two.”

That made Pansy and Blaise laugh even more and Draco asked himself the same question his friends had asked him before.


For the rest of the week Draco walked around with the mistletoe, since he didn’t dare kiss the person he wanted to kiss.

“I can’t believe you didn’t get rid of that before the break” Pansy narrowed her eyes at him.

“I told you I don’t love anyone.”

“Shut up, Draco” she hugged him since the train was already ready to go. “We both know who you love.”

“Goodbye, Pansy, Blaise is already waiting for you.”

“Enjoy your holidays, darling.”


Draco wasn’t sure if he would enjoy his holidays. He was one of the five only Slytherins that were staying at Hogwarts for the holidays and the other four were all younger than him.

After supper, Draco went to the library wanting to, at least, study in the holidays since there wasn’t much he could do. He was in the middle of a transfiguration essay when someone sat next to him.

“Whoever you are I’m not going to kiss you!” He said without looking up; he had already had some people going up to him offering a kiss because of the mistletoe.

“What makes you think I came here to kiss you, Malfoy?”

“What are you doing here, Potter?”

“I came here to study, hope you don’t mind.”

“Don’t let me stop you.”

They studied for some time, ignoring each other and focusing on the books and parchments in front of them.

“When is that going to go away?” Potter asked suddenly.


“The mistletoe. It’s very distracting.”


Draco was really confused, not understanding what Potter was trying to tell him with this stupid conversation about the stupid mistletoe, but Potter started packing his things and got up before answering him.

“The answer to your question is that the mistletoe makes me want to follow the tradition” he grinned before exiting the library.


It was Christmas day and the students that had stayed at Hogwarts were having supper together, all sitting at the Hufflepuff table.

“Can I sit here?” Potter asked behind him.

“If you want to” Draco shrugged.

Harry smiled a little and sat next to him, starting a conversation with the Ravenclaw boy in front of him.

“Potter” Draco called when they had almost finished supper.

“Yes?” Harry looked at him.

“The other day in the library… what did you mean?”

“What did I mean when I said what?”

“Stop being difficult, you prat!”

“I mean exactly what I said… Draco.”

“Can people stop saying that?” He muttered. “And since when are we on first names basis, Potter?”

“You better get used to it and start calling me Harry.”

“You didn’t answer my question!”

“You know what I meant.”

“If I knew I wouldn’t be asking.”

Harry grinned and got closer to Draco in order to whisper on his ear.

“I meant that I want to kiss you and that that mistletoe on top of your head is making it harder to ignore the urge.”

Harry saw Draco blush and tried to hide his smile behind a spoon full of desert.


Harry was near the lake watching the sunrise; he had gotten up early just to watch it, the beautiful colours of the sun shining shyly and reflecting on the snow calmed him.

The sound of the snow crunching under footsteps made him rise his head and look at the place the sound had came from. He was surprised to see Draco appear in his view, but his lips curved into a smile when he saw the boy’s nose and cheeks red from the cold, making him look adorable.

“I didn’t know someone was here” he said once he was close enough for Harry to hear.

Draco moved his hand to take the hair out of his eyes and Harry’s eyes were drawn to the mistletoe above his head and his heart warmed with hope seeing that the blond boy hadn’t kissed anyone yet.

“Come sit with me” Harry smiled at him. “We can watch the sunrise together.”

“The sun has already raised, Potter.”

“I don’t care, just sit with me.”

Draco raised an eyebrow, but sat next to Harry anyway and looked at the view with a little smile on his face.

“I see you still haven’t done anything about that” he pointed at the mistletoe.

“Good to know your eyes work.”

Maybe if it was some years ago Harry would have answered in a different way, but now he couldn’t feel offended and he didn’t have the urge to reply in the same way so he just laughed like he never thought he would do with Malfoy.

“What are you laughing at, Potter?”

“It’s just… you’re funny, Draco.”

The other boy just looked at him surprised and, even though he tried to cover it, there was a smile on his lips when he faced the view again.

“What does it take to get rid of the mistletoe?” Harry asked curiously.

“A kiss.”

“Just that?”


“Then why haven’t you kissed anyone yet?”

“Firstly, because I don’t go around kissing random people” he narrowed his eyes. “And because it has to be a kiss from the person I love.”

“And why haven’t you kissed that person yet?”

“Because I don’t think that that person wants to kiss me.”

“So you’re just going to walk around with that on top of your head your whole life?”

“Well, I don’t think this person would ever want to kiss me, but I’m hoping that Pansy has a counter spell.”

“Why do you say that that person would never want to kiss you?”

“Just drop it, Harry” he sighed.

“I don’t see why anyone would refuse to kiss you.”


“I think you should just go for it, Draco. No one in the right state of mind, unless they are taken, would refuse you a kiss.”

Draco looked around with rosy cheeks that were like that not only because of the cold and a confused expression that made Harry’s heart warm and sad at the same time, because Draco shouldn’t be this insecure.

“I’m trying to give you a hint here, Draco. Stop overthinking and just get on with it.”

“Are you trying to say what I think you are trying to say or am I completely misunderstanding you?”

“I have to do it myself, don’t I?”

“Do what?”

“Honestly, Draco!” Harry shook his head with a chuckle.

Harry smiled at Draco with shiny green eyes and placed his hand on the back of his head, leaning forward and placing his lips on the other boy’s ones. Draco gasped a little and after a few seconds of wide eyed surprised he gripped Harry’s arms and kissed him back.

“I’m glad to see it’s gone” Harry smiled when the kiss ended.

“Is it?” Draco’s hands flew to the top of his head. “How did you know that it was you? How did you know that I love you?”

Harry sucked in a breath when he heard the other boy’s confession.

“I didn’t know, Draco, but I was hoping that you did.”


“Because I love you, too” Harry said simply and kissed him again.

Draco couldn’t help but think, when they were watching the beautiful colours of the early morning while walking back to the castle holding hands, that Pansy would be extremely disappointed to know that Draco and Harry kissed and he got rid of the mistletoe while she was still home.


“YOU WHAT?!” Aubrey exclaimed.

Chloe threw a hand over her mouth in panic that her best friend had just woken the Bellas. They stayed like that for a moment as they listened to the group snore a couple times, reassuring themselves that the other girls were in fact still asleep.

Chloe let out a deep, shaky breath before finally admitting. “Yes I do.” She held her bottom lip between her teeth as she glanced over at her other best friend asleep in the bed that they would currently be sharing if Chloe wasn’t having a late night gossip session with Aubrey. And then the “oh she’s so cute when she’s sleeping thoughts” were banished as a whole batch of “Oh My God if Beca ever finds out she will freak and I will lose her forever” worries clouded her mind. Chloe looked back at Aubrey who was subtly smirking but it wasn’t enough to put her at ease. “Just please don’t tell anyone. I can’t lose Beca. I need to have her in my life in some kind of way.”

“But you’re completely sure that she doesn’t like you back?”

Well no. Chloe wasn’t COMPLETELY sure. Of course there were moments where the pair of them would share a special look, lingering touch or a sweet comment. And of course Chloe was the person that Beca opened up to the most, the only person she would allow to hold her hand and kiss her on the cheek, the only person that she would return those acts of physical affection to, the only person that she would give that goofy, gorgeous grin that showed every single one of her dazzlingly white teeth. “Um I don’t know. But I’m a girl. It’s too risky.” She spoke the complete, heart shattering truth.

“But it’s painfully obvious that she adores you!”

“Adoration doesn’t just have to be romantic.”

Aubrey took Chloe’s hand and gave her a reassuring smile. “Chlo, I’m just saying that it’s pretty evident that over the time you guys have known each other, you’ve shared a bond I don’t think either of you have ever really experienced with another person. I mean earlier she was practically begging you to come to bed because if she was going to share with you she wouldn’t be able to unless you were in it.” Aubrey lowered her voice into an amused tone. “Which we all know is because she wants to spoon and cuddle the crap outta you.” Chloe giggled in the short pause that Aubrey left before talking normally again. “Plus it’s Christmas. There’s freaking mistletoe everywhere! Make something happen girl!”

“Thank you Bree.”

“Chlo?” Beca let out a sleepy mumble. “Why aren’t you in bed? The heating in this hotel is super shitty and you were keeping me warm.”

“Sweet dreams Chlo.”

“Night Bree.” Chloe smiled to herself.

Maybe this was going to be her best Christmas yet.

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So listen.....

According to Sahdowhunter social media….they are filming like episode 6 or so…..

There is ABSOLUTELY NO REASON why they couldn’t film a Malec Christmas special for the holidays. Minimum of like 2 hours long of adorableness-fluffiness……

I am sure Matt and Harry would be on board!

Teasing - Elijah Mikaelson Christmas Oneshot

Word Count: 816

Authors Note: I am so sorry this is up later that I anticipated I was struggling to write this one because I’m having some serious writer’s block but nevertheless i hope you enjoy it! 

Christmas Day with the mikaelsons was exactly the kind of wonderful day you had dreamt of. Christmas presents were exchanged, the house was decorated to perfection with Christmas ornaments, and the delectable food and drink was flowing all day, spirits were high, even with the sibling bickering which had absolutely no affect on the jovial festivities taking place before you. 

You were celebrating Christmas with the mikaelsons because of the strong connection you had with the family, Elijah in particular. In fact, in the time you had met Elijah you had developed quite the crush and had fallen for the charms of the noble mikaelson. Though noble as he is, he had never addressed the feelings you harboured for him, and the feelings which you believed were mutual.

‘So Y/N, I hope you have had a pleasant day with us today’ Klaus began, uncharacteristically kindly.

'Yes, though it may not have been out most extravagant christmas, I do believe that it may have been one of our most successful, and happy Christmases.’ Elijah added, a smile spreading across his face as he recalled the days events.

'And of course, we hope you got all of the gifts you could hope for, darling, although I suspect that wish was unfulfilled.’ Kol smirked, not bothering to look up from the book he was reading, you assumed he was trying to stir trouble, for a change.

'Actually Kol, I have had the perfect Christmas, despite the fact I had to spend it listening to you inflate your ego even more so than usual!’ You exclaimed, causing Kol to throw one of the cushions from the sofa in your direction, hitting you square in the face causing everyone in the room to laugh at the bickering between the two of you.

He was right of course, all day you had watched couples exchanging kisses under the mistletoe; Rebekah and Marcel, Kol and Davina, even Klaus and Cami, and yet with every opportunity which had arisen for Elijah to kiss you, for whatever reason he had shied away.

'Well I for one would not be impressed if I were you, all day and not a single kiss under the oh so festive and romantic mistletoe’ Kol smirked. It was if he had read your mind, Kol had always known you had a thing for Elijah and now he was taunting you with this knowledge.

'Alright enough Kol, I do believe you’re embarassing out dear Y/N’ Elijah interrupted before Kol had a chance to continue.

'The only thing embarrassing, brother is the amount of time it is going to take you to make a move on the girl who you are clearly interested in.’ Klaus added to Kol’s remarks. With this Elijah closed his book, setting it down on the coffee tabled beside him and retreated to his room.

'C'mon guys that wasn’t fair.’ You defended Elijah from his brothers before following Elijah to his room.

Knocking on the door with trepidation before entering, standing just beyond the threshold of the door silently.

'Y/N’ Elijah sighed at you.

'I hope I;m not interrupting?’ You asked him, your caution still prominent in your voice.

'No, of course not, I hope my brothers did not cause you too much embarrassment Y/N.’

'Don’t worry, they didn’t, I know they didn’t mean anything by it’ You laughed off his concern, in reality, you knew Klaus and Kol were telling the truth and it did hurt you that they noticed where Elijah failed to. This is when you made the decision. You may aswell tell Elijah how you feel. At best he will feel the same way, at the worst, at least you tried.

'Actually Elijah’ You started, hesitating while trying to find the right words. 'The thing is, what they said, well it isn’t entirely untrue and its fine if you don’t feel the same way, i mean why should you. Thats not thy im telling you, I’m telling you because i owe it to myself to find -’ You had been cut off from your flustered ramblings by the taste of Elijahs lips on yours, within a second you had reacted to his kiss, moving closer to him, winding your arms around his neck. Within a few seconds you had parted from your passionate kiss and looked into Elijah’s eyes, with mixed emotions of both complete contentment but also confusion.

'Y/N Y/L/N, I cannot tell you how long I have waited to do that’ Elijah smiled down at you, pulling you closer. As you rested your head in the crook of his neck.

'Well well well, look at this brother, and it didn’t even take mistletoe for you to make your move.’ Kol bellowed from the hallway.

With that you slammed Elijah’s bedroom door shut, earning a chuckle from Elijah as you leant in again for another kiss.

MERRY CHRISTMAS from your Secret Santa, @lemoninasin!!

I hope I did your Space Ranger Partners justice..!
Thanks so much @mothisland for organising this - I’m very happy that I got to be a part of it! ☆


He Tian x Mo Guan Shan ‘Porn Without Plot’


Tags/Warnings: pwp (literally i didn’t even try?), tianshan, the boys are university age, established traffic light system (green = yes, orange = let’s talk or go slow, red = stop); forced orgasm, come-marking, rimming, blow jobs, deep-throating, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, bareback, aftercare, filthy filthy dirty talk, eeer, face-fucking, come swallowing, i’m so sorry guys

‘Seriously? Mistletoe?’

‘You make things ridiculously fucking difficult for me. Yes, mistletoe.’

Guan Shan stared at it, hanging in the doorframe of He Tian’s apartment, and then he stared at He Tian. The smile was barely there, a ghost of a thing curved at the corners, settled in the lines of his lower lip. Guan Shan looked away.

‘Aren’t you going to come in?’ said He Tian. The smile was corporeal now, and laughter was creeping in.

Flatly, ‘There’s something in my way.’

‘You’re good at avoiding things.’

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  • Friends, gather round
  • I am going to share with you a story
  • of Remus Lupin, Professional Beard
  • It started when he was in uni and Marlene McKinnon was crying because she didn’t want to go home for Christmas and be interrogated about why she didn’t have a boyfriend
  • (spoiler: it’s because she is Very Very Gay)
  • Remus is a very sympathetic and attentive listener
  • Not to mention helpful
  • and maybe a little hard up for cash
  • so he just blurts out, “I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend for fifty quid and I’ll go home with you for Christmas and meet your parents and you have to feed me while I’m there.”
  • she stares at him for a solid ten seconds before bursting into tears again and hugging him
  • it’s a good thing they’re already best mates because there a hundred and one pictures of them together on each of their phones and various online places that they can use as evidence
  • “no mum he really is my boyfriend look at this picture where his lips are on my cheek”
  • remus nods seriously
  • “this was right before we started making out”
  • “his tongue was practically down my throat we’re seriously dating”
  • when they get back to school, Marlene pays him almost double what she promised because her parents are officially off her back and she is now free to go smooch cute girls whenever she wants to
  • (as an added perk, when she informs her parents a few months later that she and remus have had a very messy and painful break up, she’s able to use that excuse for years until she finally gets fed up and deliberately gets caught snogging her girlfriend of three years in her parents’ kitchen)
  • but anyways Remus is pleased with the money and Marls was very impressed by his acting abilities, so when her roommate Lily gripes that Potter the High King Arsehole keeps insisting that she’s single because she’s secretly waiting for him, Marlene recommends Remus
  • The fake relationship lasts longer, almost three months
  • Remus gets paid on a weekly basis
  • It’s lovely, Lily is a lovely person and they get along splendidly
  • Actually, it’s not just Potter that they manage to convince that they’re dating
  • eventually he gives up though, so Remus and Lily fake a mutual breakup
  • (it is an unending source of amusement for Remus that she ends up marrying James a few years later after all, and he never lets her hear the end of it)
  • but actually it’s a good thing that they did have that arrangement
  • because Lily was so impressed that she suggested he do this sort of thing more regularly
  • she sets him up a website, prints out business cards, works with him to figure out various rates for different services
  • date to a party, staged kissing/cuddling/hugging photos to show off to friends and family, going home on weekends or breaks to show off in person
  • He literally makes so much money that he only has to work part time after graduation
  • It makes having a relationship of his own a little difficult, but he survives and he has a ton of really close friends
  • then one day Lily, now his sort-of manager, says she has a special job
  • “family discount, you remember James’ friend Sirius? It’s for his cousin”
  • of course Remus remembers Sirius
  • Sirius Black is unforgettable and Remus hasn’t so much carried a torch for him as his has miserably dragged it around behind him
  • for years
  • thank God the man travels a lot
  • he met him in passing a few times in college
  • and then of course at the wedding
  • he showed up in a blindingly yellow coat to match Lily’s bridesmaids’ dresses (and Remus’ tie, but that was unintentional and all the groomsmen had yellow ties anyways so it wasn’t like Sirius matched him on purpose even if it did make his stomach squirm a little bit)
  • (just a bit)
  • but anyways, Nymphadora Tonks is really tired of her mother’s less than subtle hints that she needs to settle down, so she needs to give the appearance, for two weeks at least, that that is exactly what she’s doing
  • really she’s just aro as fuck and could care less but she knows her parents won’t understand
  • luckily, her second cousin’s best mate’s wife’s best mate exists and sirius said he’d foot half the bill
  • after all, he’ll be there for the two weeks, too
  • Remus is not informed
  • at least not until he’s in the car on the way there, working out a backstory with Nymphadora (”shut your fucking mouth, you call me Tonks or I’ll shove you out the window”)
  • and she says that they met through Sirius, James, and Lily
  • “Sirius knows, by the way, so don’t worry about him giving us away”
  • and???
  • what????
  • Sirius cannot give away anything because isn’t he in Vietnam right now connecting with his roots????????????
  • he has never bailed on a client before though so even if the thought of seeing Sirius every day for two weeks terrifies him he will stay 
  • at least until Tonks just casually mentions that the two of them will be sharing the guestroom 
  • “because mum has some misguided notion that you and i will shag if left alone for two minutes”
  • remus has never jumped out of a moving vehicle before but he is seriously considering it now
  • too late though they’ve pulled up to the house
  • and there is a disgustingly familiar bike in the driveway
  • this is the end of life as he knows it
  • but he is a professional so he will handle this gracefully
  • and professionally
  • and not blushing and stammering every time sirius fucking black walks in the room
  • or smiles
  • or looks at him
  • or walks in the room, looks around, sees Remus, and THEN smiles because he is just reading too much into this he absolutely is oh fuck no
  • he sneaks into Tonks’ room at night to moan loudly and bang her bed against the wall for her parent’s benefit
  • (their rooms are at opposite ends of the house so he’s not actually sure they can hear them pretending to have sex, but it gives him an opportunity to talk to her without being overheard)
  • and generally what they talk about is “your cousin is really fucking hot and i died three separate times today”
  • “tonks he handed me a plate and our fingers didn’t touch but they almost did and I nearly cried”
  • “he pretended to have rabies while brushing his teeth and then started laughing so hard at himself that he choked and I had to pound on his back until he spat the toothpaste back up it was the most precious thing i’ve ever seen in my life”
  • “do you even know how perfect his abs are they’re really perfect and I sort of want to lick them”
  • Tonks just nods and pats his head comfortingly while she gets ready for bed
  • two weeks go by and remus has nearly gone insane
  • he was tempted several times to call lily and ask her to fake an emergency for him so he could leave early
  • but also he really likes tonks and wants to help
  • and he maybe wants to spend some more time with Sirius
  • it’s Christmas, after all
  • maybe he’s a little desperately praying for someone to leave mistletoe around
  • maybe the thought of mistletoe being left around makes him throw up a little bit in his mouth
  • he’s a complex person
  • well fortunately for him no mistletoe was left carelessly hanging in strategic points throughout the house
  • unfortunately for him, Nymphadora Tonks has magician’s fingers
  • which is why he doesn’t even notice her tucking a sprig of mistletoe behind his left ear
  • he definitely does notice when Sirius pulls it out
  • raises his eyebrows
  • and kisses him
  • it’s just a little peck but remus is actually dead this time, no exaggeration, 100% no longer alive
  • he has transcended this plane of existence
  • he has become a being of light
  • he has seen heaven
  • he has been standing there for three and a half minutes saying and doing absolutely nothing until Tonks grabs his hands and drags him away
  • and says that she will come out to her parents once and for all if he’ll go back out there and tell Sirius how he feels
  • “by which i mean I’m coming out to my parents anyways because this was fun but way too much effort, but they’re gonna freak out so you need to distract them by making out with my mum’s cousin, capisce?”
  • well
  • it is for Tonks
  • and Remus is a very selfless person
  • he doesn’t want her family to be upset with her
  • thirty minutes later he and Sirius have hardly stopped making out and the Tonkses are all chatting happily about romantic and sexual orientations
  • Sirius decides that he’s connected with his roots enough and would like to examine the rest of the plant
  • tree or a bush
  • maybe flowers
  • he doesn’t fucking know Remus just did something with his tongue and he sort of lost the metaphor
  • but anyways it boils down to he’s gonna stick around for a while so he can date Remus and kiss him and hold his hand
  • punk rock shit like that
  • he’s gotta thank Tonks later

Day 6 Winter

I’m such a failure right now… Sorry Guys! I quickly drew this because I felt really bad for the lack of drawings…

So here is Another Terrible Camera shot quality of a bad comic about a mistletoe… original
I might make another one at redraw this to make it look better.. OH WELL!

(Oh… And and don’t mind the History book in the background… Lol)