mistery of time

Idk about you guys, but so far i find Henri’s Secret to be quite an awful game.

MIKLEO AS A WATERBENDER - aka the moon prince(ss)

So when I first stepped in the zestiria fandom I was reaaaaaaally surprise to not find any avatar au ! (atla and lok, whatever ). I mean, c’mon ! A dude who has to master all the four elements to beat the big boss’s ass, seriously, no one ?

And the more I thought about it, the more I was like “I need to draw this”. And then I had so many headcanon I could just write a whole story (but I probably won’t because english isn’t my first language and I’m probably really bad at it. But I’ll be really happy if a generous soul write it for me *ha* Not especially with my headcanons, but just an atla au would be awesome ! )

UNDER THE CUT IS MIKLEO’S STORY (with a bit of Sorey’s obviously) , I’ll do this for every character, then when I’m done I’ll do a whole post to sums it all. (there are probably a lots of mistakes, you can notify me about them)

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Sexually Frustated Ronan Lynch headcanons

- Sometimes Gansey use to get the boys around his journal to show a new discovered about Glendower, or a new connection he had made. But it was a very small journal to four tall builden boys to share room without invading the other’s personal space. Ronan who is slighly taller than Adam is drowned by the smell of Adam’s curls, he tries to move but ending up with his nose too close to Gansey’s shoulder who smell like mint and expensive cologne. He then tries just to hold his head up, ignoring the journal but he is invaded by the smell of Forest and rain that came from Noah ( he always smelled like that, like Cabeswater, like mistery and bittersweetness). At this time Ronan is just trying to control his boner

- At times Kavinsky got too close and flirty in his teasing interactions with Ronan around Gansey. Ronan would try ridiculously hard to not stare at K’s lips although they were only a inch afar.

- Ronan trying not to call Kavinsky ‘K’ in front of everyone. One day Gansey walks on him sleeping saying “K…K…” Ronan later says he was dreaming of chainsaw and in fact was trying to say ‘kira’. The boner however was not explained.

- Ronan making Latin pick ups lines for Adam everytime he wears that Coca-Cola t-shirt. Or let’s his Henrietta’s accent slip. Or have messy hair. Honestly he does that just for the fact Adam exists.

- One day Monmouth Manufactury’s fire alarm goes off, Gansey has no time to put any of his usual horrible clothes that are a crime against humanity. He just run out with jeans pants, no shoes nor shirt. Ronan at this moment almost lost his faith in God, his balls are so blue.

- Sometimes he has sex dreams, but there are no actual boner. However he wakes up with a penis shaped obeject next to him.

- Just Ronan Lynch being horny with everyone and everything and getting none. Beautiful baby.

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Do you have any Ushioi or Ushioiiwa angst fix recs? Im dying and I want to at least read something angsty 🙏

oh boi here we go :-)

ushioiiwa angst

Make your final choice (this one is my favorite by far)

It’s all about getting used to it (its the sequel but its also so good)

ushioi angst (cause lets face it i dont really read many ushioiiwa fics)

To unravel a walking mistery 

This time, this time

ushioi (but not necessarily angst because i like to avoid that like its the plague :-) )

The Best Fix

Slow Burn

Cloudy with a chance of UFO’s (this one was the first ushioi fic i ever read lmao) 


Iwaoi (just because there’s this one fic in particular i really want to talk about)

No touching allowed

(bruh most of these are E rated im so sorry)

*busts door open*
*flips desk*
*launch self on the bed*
*lays face down, muffled screaming coming from the pillow*

Kidnapping arc:

And  the time we all found out that Sebastian is a fucker.

Jack The Ripper arc:

And the time that Ciel had to crossdress.

Curry contest:

And the time they tried to resolve important things with curry.

Circus arc:

And the time all fandom agreed in something: Kelvin sucks.

Murder Mistery arc:

And the time when we knew shit about what was happening.

Ship Voyage arc:

And the time when everybody was fucking dork and cool, almost in every page.

Weston arc:

And the time we found out that Kuroshitsuji wasn’t that gay. Yet.

Werewolves arc:

And the time where we realize that lies and death are the only canon things in Kuroshitsuji.

And Ciel had to crossdress again.

Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde relationship
  • Producers: See two characters with diferent backgrounds and discriminated by their conditions by society while resolve a mistery and at the same time face with the prejudices they have about each other as their friendship grows in a platonic way with zero romantic neither sexual tones.
  • Others: The rabbit and the fox love each other! I SHIP THEM! *Make a lot of art like fan arts, fanfics, etc. of them as a romantic couple,included explícit material*