One more night || Cassandra & Brody

After Cassandra got a phone call by Brody,she went to the bathroom to get ready.She liked the idea of Brody coming over like for everyday.And she also liked that he missed her after last night.And it was totally making sense.She took her makeup on and brushed her hair.She went to the fridge for another bottle of red wine and then just waited for him,sitting on a sofa and drinking.

Midnight dancing || Cassie & Brody

Cassie knew that it may be ending wrong tonight, but through everything she needed Brody’s help. She bit her lip as she shoved some clothes into a backpack and made her way out to her car. She was decided to not to do the same mistake as at their last meeting. She kinda wanted ,but through it she couldn’t. She was really nervous about it. Something about Brody never made her feel nervous but now.

When she got to her classroom,she turned on the lights,dropped her bag to the floor and took a few steps forward to the mirror. She started practicing without him while he was still on his way.