meme it up im so sorrry

answer the questions and tag 10 ppl you want to get to know better :^)) forever grateful that despite my slow ass @jjpsdaughter​ still tags me in this stuff i lov u n im sorry 

1. nickname: jo
2. sun sign: gemini honestlee
3. height: 5″1 or 155/6cm tragick i kno
4. time rn: 1:08am 
5. favourite music artist: rolls up sleeves,, fickle friends, the neighbourhood, the 1975, alunageorge, ariana grande, ELO, day6, dean, misterwives, glass animals, years and years!!! everythin rlly
6. song stuck in your head: 24k magic - bruno mars B^))
7. last movie watched: toy soldiers 1991 it was on tv ok
8. last tv show watched: ?????? yes its been that long
9. what are you wearing rn: black sweatpants, grey jean michel basquiat shirt n a poofy vest!!
10. have any other blogs?: @polluxcastors​ and @sevcns​ are my main and insp blogs!!
11. do you get asks regularly: im never online so imnot surprised ;;’^)
12. why did u choose ur url: i wanted 2 be aesthetic ok 
13. when did u create ur blog: ok so i made this blog from my main to seperate my anime stuffs back in like 2014 and it was SUPER embarrassing likei would not SHUT UP and i basically never used it Until i found got7 but then i moved to twit mainly!! but atm im focused on exams :’’^//
14. what kind of stuff do u post: the escapades of my parents and their five children
15. gender: female
16. hogwarts house: ravenclaw!!  
17. pokemon team: instinct!!! yellow is the cutest colour 
18. favourite colour: Bluee, 
19. avg hours of sleep: 6/7 hours its an improvement from 4 tbvh
20. favourite characters: look dont @ me on this but rin matsuoka from free (na splash kasaneta) i was like 13 please dont talk to me about this
21. how many blankies do you sleep with: 1, 2 in the winter. haha blankies,, cute,,,
22. how many people are you following: 283
23. dream job: cat farmer and/or that person who dabs the sweat off of jinyoungs forhead 

tagging (im awk and i havent talked a lot but only if u wanna!!): @cutepimook @got7demboys @jtnseok @leafhuff



We had too much fun.