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I wasn’t sure first if it was just her posture, but a “bump” is more noticeable here

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Oh, I agree. From this angle it is a bit more noticeable, since you can see how the black banding goes up and out a little bit. Doesn’t that mean she’s probably closer to 4 or 5 months then? Anyone know anything about this type of thing?

The future is so bright for my #SantaBarbarian buddy #CassEbbin age 8 seen here. Always a crack up listening to his stories and watching him improve on his surfing. Nice job today @casstheshredder at your Volcom Contest it was fun helping you out! Looking forward to seeing where he will be in ten years with his surfing. #casstheshredder #grom #grommet #surfer #misterserious #gromlife #canonsl1 #vscocam #mattsonculbertphoto @cisurfboards_sbstore @michelleebbin @jre03 @hurley @surfhappens

Wait a minute!!! Is that *Max* having fun!?! With DOGS!?! At the PARK!?! Hahaha! #crabbyoldman #imnotadog #littlenapoleon #misterserious #yorkie #yorkielove #yorkielife #yorkshireterrier #terriersofinstagram #terriorist #littleman #littledog #dogsmile #happydog #smilinglittledog #tampayorkie #tampadog #southtampadog #dogpark

classiccatherine replied to your post: One thing about the smoking argument. the only concrete evidence ever was her photographed with a packet of cigarettes in her purse. No one has ever caught her actually smoking and if the French photographer had captured her smoking we would have surely seen the pictures as evidence of her not being pregnant or whatnot. I take everything I read about the royals with a grain of salt. While there might be some truth in some of the articles a lot is just made up to sensationalize the story

lol i really like misterserious. they wrote me an ask recently that was filled with so much logic and i was like BOOM! LOVE THIS.

Yes, he is always very insightful! :)