So as soon as he started talking about Lube I started squeeling

I was like really, Misters Berry? At the dinner table with Burt?
Cause you gotta think Burt’s sensitive about the whole gay sex thing because of his baby boy.
But at he same time I couldn’t get over how perfect they were. They are everything I want Klaine to be.
Leroy even overheard part of it and got all nervous like “Hiram, we should keep that in the bedroom" 

And then they were talking about cars. 

And then I started cackling madly.

And then I rewound and watched it again.


“Ah, I see! She seems to be fitting in with my little blue berries well already! You are right Mister Lion! We should help her feel at home! Peace and all that!”

*Tries to drag mister Lion over with me.

“Hello Celeste! I’m Tinsel!”

*I look over to my kids.

“Glad to see my little blue berries are being good today!”

*I clapped and grinned.

*Miko seemed a little confused at Celeste’s statement.

(Miko): “Not the face?.. Then where?.. The… ear?…”

*Miyuri grinned up at me.

(Miyuri): “Doing my best momma berrie! Hi Mister Poppa Lion! Would you like to be painted too?! You’re” mane wiould be sooooo pretty!”