So as soon as he started talking about Lube I started squeeling

I was like really, Misters Berry? At the dinner table with Burt?
Cause you gotta think Burt’s sensitive about the whole gay sex thing because of his baby boy.
But at he same time I couldn’t get over how perfect they were. They are everything I want Klaine to be.
Leroy even overheard part of it and got all nervous like “Hiram, we should keep that in the bedroom" 

And then they were talking about cars. 

And then I started cackling madly.

And then I rewound and watched it again.

Regionals here we come!

Even though we had like the weirdest week ever (though I would defs do that glitter bomb thing again any day, anywhere), you heard it here– #SPOILERALERT– New Directions totally won Sectionals! 

I say major props to Miss Berry, Mister Anderson-Hummels, and Mister Schuester for helping us through everything. I think there’s also a more than well deserved shoutout to everyone’s main man last night– Roderick, for thinking up the coolest thing to spice up our performance! Who knew if you bound two clubs together that don’t usually see eye to eye, that everything would be honestly okay? Okay, maybe all of the coaches knew, but that’s besides the point.

Let’s just say though, that was such an awesome performance by Vocal Adrenaline, honestly. That was such a wicked performance. But hey, it’s inevitable that when Madison and I do any sort od duet, we’re clearly going to blow the competition out of the water. Sorry not sorry.

I think things are looking up. This is going to be the best year of high school thanks to this Glee Club.