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carrie today is my birthday but it's been awful. i feel so alone and sad 'cause no one really cares its my birthday and so many people who are my friends forgot. can you please write me some fluffy sterek, maybe coffeshop or fake bf au, please? i need something to cheer me up and i already read most of the fics on your rec list :/

[happy birthday buttercup! i’m sorry you’re feeling sad, have some fluffy sterek college au with fake boyfriends in a restaurant.]

Stiles folds his napkin delicately in his lap, staring at the array of cutlery in front of him. Oh no, he’s not gonna be able to do this, this is way too fancy, and if he wasn’t on the final shortlist for this really prestigious scholarship, Stiles wouldn’t have cared less about impressing the Dean or any of the other judges (the event description had said they would be dining with alumni, but Stiles has a feeling these are the people deciding who gets the awards). But as is, he’s in a ridiculously fancy restaurant, and has no idea what he ordered. 

And he’s the only one who didn’t bring a date to the event. 

Stiles totally forgot about the “plus one” thing on his invitation card, and now there’s an empty chair next to him, blatantly obvious, and Stiles already can feel himself losing points with one of the elderly patrons, Judy Everheart. She had looked approvingly at the happy and adorable relationships of all the other students and clucked her tongue at Stiles’ empty seat. Being in a relationship is clearly not a requirement to win the scholarship but it apparently is making everyone look good— except for Stiles. 

A waiter dressed in an immaculate suit that looks tailored and more expensive than the one Stiles is wearing whisks his (clean) plate away (???), and sets down a dish in front of him.

Everyone is getting their food, and Stiles isn’t sure what he ordered, but it looks good. Some sort of fancy looking steak covered in a rich mushroomy sauce over a bed of wild rice. It’s delicious. 

Stiles is digging in as graciously as he can, but the meat is so tender and falls apart in his mouth.

“Excuse me, sir?” The waiter is back, and there’s an incredibly gorgeous guy behind him, whose annoyed expression disappears when he sees Stiles. 

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So as soon as he started talking about Lube I started squeeling

I was like really, Misters Berry? At the dinner table with Burt?
Cause you gotta think Burt’s sensitive about the whole gay sex thing because of his baby boy.
But at he same time I couldn’t get over how perfect they were. They are everything I want Klaine to be.
Leroy even overheard part of it and got all nervous like “Hiram, we should keep that in the bedroom" 

And then they were talking about cars. 

And then I started cackling madly.

And then I rewound and watched it again.

I question these websites.

They are more than likely just going to be a distraction from my educational achievements and my ability to shine in Glee club, however, I suppose since all of my fellow Glee club members have one of these, it only makes sense that I get one as well. It also will help to get to talk to past members and get more of a feel for what to expect because despite the fact that we came out victorious (and rightfully so) we still clearly have a ton of work to do. But I know that with Miss Berry and Mister Hummel, we are destined for greatness and I am so thankful to be a part of it.

Now that, that is out of the way. My name is Jane Hayward, and if you have anything you’d like to know, please feel free to enter my askbox. I will answer any and all questions.

Regionals here we come!

Even though we had like the weirdest week ever (though I would defs do that glitter bomb thing again any day, anywhere), you heard it here– #SPOILERALERT– New Directions totally won Sectionals! 

I say major props to Miss Berry, Mister Anderson-Hummels, and Mister Schuester for helping us through everything. I think there’s also a more than well deserved shoutout to everyone’s main man last night– Roderick, for thinking up the coolest thing to spice up our performance! Who knew if you bound two clubs together that don’t usually see eye to eye, that everything would be honestly okay? Okay, maybe all of the coaches knew, but that’s besides the point.

Let’s just say though, that was such an awesome performance by Vocal Adrenaline, honestly. That was such a wicked performance. But hey, it’s inevitable that when Madison and I do any sort od duet, we’re clearly going to blow the competition out of the water. Sorry not sorry.

I think things are looking up. This is going to be the best year of high school thanks to this Glee Club.