Cillian’s episode of Autobiographies is now live on the go90 app. If you’re in the U.S., get the free app and watch. It’s a great 12 minutes. Cillian walks through his career, from Disco Pigs through to Peaky Blinders. With some never before seen footage of Misterman too. Plus a visit to a guitar shop. Enjoy! (for non-U.S., have a feeling it’ll be up online shortly, stay tuned).

It’s kind of a special relationship. But don’t say that to him. He gave me my first ever professional gig 20 years ago. And I just love his writing. I’ve just read the David Bowie musical [Lazarus] that he’s doing in New York. It’s him at the peak of his powers. — Cillian Murphy on Enda Walsh (photographed by Suki Dhanda at the National Theatre during Misterman rehearsals, March 2012)

One less thing on my bucket list!!

And it comes with a story! :D.

So, Misterman. Dear Lord in heaven, it was the best acting I have EVER seen (and I’m not just saying that because I adore this man). But it was so genius and he played the character like it was not hard at all.

But the show got done at 3:30. Now, like my plan before, I did ask 3 different people if there was any chance of him coming out after the show and they said the same thing; no because today was a double performance and he probably won’t (except one girl that was a complete bitch to me and said it in a mean way). But nevertheless, I waited in the lobby to see if he would come out. Ten minutes later, they announced that they were closing the lobby so everyone had to move outside, into the FREEZING COLD. I met two other older men that wanted to meet him too. People were going in and out of the theater and saying the same thing as they were saying inside and one person tried to convince us that there was a show at 5 and not 7, but we knew it was a lie because at 4:20, not a single person had arrived yet. At 4:28, my mom and nana went into the restaurant that we had reservations at 4:30 for and was a couple buildings down and my two new friends left to go back home to Long Island. At 4:30 I gave myself 5 more minutes.

At 4:34, a guy and a blonde girl walked out of the stage door and began walking down the block. The face of the guy didn’t look like Cillian’s so I just waited for the last minute, but then I looked at his legs and shoes and something told me to start following. I followed close enough to hear them talk until the end of the block, just to see if I could hear their accents. Before they crossed the street, I said “Excuse me, sir?” As if it were a cartoon dream-like state, he turned around slowly and looked at me. 

Now, I’m frozen.

I stammered for a second before showing my copies of Disco Pigs and Sucking Dublin and asked for his signature. He was nice to give it to me and as he was signing, I asked for a picture too, and he said yes! The girl he was with took the picture and my mom called in the process.

What I learned today: mothers call at the worst possible times.

…I also learned that waiting in the freezing cold for an hour messes up hand function BIG TIME.

‘It’s most satisfying on the stage. If it reaches the point of being transcendent, where you’re not actually conscious of being on stage performing, because you’re only aware of the character and his world and his needs, well, that’s what you’re always aiming for, that’s the moment that theatre people are always chasing. It’s the ultimate rush, if you will, for an actor, when the self disappears completely.’ — Cillian Murphy

Happy World Theatre Day!

Norton: Cillian Murphy
  • Norton: Cillian Murphy
  • BBC Radio 2 14 April 2012
  • Graham Norton

Here’s an interview that Cillian did with Graham Norton in 2012 on the morning before the premiere of Misterman at the National Theatre in London. It’s a really good one, the second half is fun listener questions (“sometimes I plug in”, “I can’t talk about Batman”), and for the nth time he patiently explains why it’s pronounced Kill-ian, actually. Excited about new ones for Ballyturk!

(Requested by elaine32ish) 

Cillian & Enda in conversation about Misterman (Dec 2013)
  • Cillian & Enda in conversation about Misterman (Dec 2013)
  • Interviewer: Aonghus Og McAnally
  • A conversation about Misterman (Dec 2013)

A lovely interview that Cillian and playwright Enda Walsh recorded for the 10th anniversary of Landmark, Misterman’s production company. Lots of details about how Misterman came to be, the opening night shocker and all the “laughing and messing” behind the scenes. At the very end they tease about their next collaboration. (X)

Which is Ballyturk and which will be premiering at the Galway Arts Festival in July, and also at the National Theatre in London (no date yet). GAF will make the announcement about the festival this week!