misterkarofsky replied to your post: In the entirety of the show, at the end of his 4th…

quality not quantity tbh

i’d agree with this for the most part, were it the case that he even got half of what he deserved as far as quality. ie, i’d take a meaningful duet with finn about being family than several out-of-context numbers with people he doesn’t really have a relationship with. but why has he never had a real duet with his brother, while blaine has had a duet with both his brother AND kurt’s brother?

why does he not get to sing with his new love interest?

why did he not get ONE duet with sam to prove they could fuck what’s expected of them, while blam can Bowie it out to their heart’s content? mercedes was, at one time, kurt’s best friend– why is blaine now getting the duet with her in one of the few episodes Amber and Chris even have together anymore? even knowing the few songs kurt DOES get are A+++ doesn’t quite make up for all the missed opportunities 

Maddie’s picture has giving ZOe and I Kurtofsky Target feels. Dave works at Target and Kurt needs help finding the cute jock section and Dave is all “I think I can help you find it” and then they go to the back room and Kurt is like “I’m not so sure, do you have any others in stock” and then they probably have sex or something. I dunno. Dave works at target and it was 1am twice.

misterkarofsky replied to your post:“Can I just ask… where did the whole “Blurred Lines” thing come from, exactly? Did RIB mention it or something? It just seems… quite unrealistic, even for Glee, y'know? Especially after watching the videoclip (there are - literally - naked girls shaking their boobs everywhere. It’s horrible). If Glee does this - and I don’t care which character they use, really - it’ll be disgusting. There’s just no way of ‘softening’ those lyrics. Urgh.”

Darren said he wanted to sing it in some interview

well alright then anon there u go

darren smh

misterkarofsky replied to your post: After you were sure they bring karofsky back in season 4, and they didnt, how can you still believe that Adam will be back?

didnt Oliver mention filming something too

I wouldn’t know, I don’t keep up with Oliver’s facebook page if that might be where he said it.

I just know when people ask him about Glee, he often seems very hush, hush about it and says he can’t say anything really.