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what happened with the sequels? did something happen? honestly i really want an obi wan movie but that would be another thing but id also like to see hayden back cause he deserves it

I don’t think anything happened. To be honest, I don’t keep a close track of what’s going on in the sequel trilogy, but it seems like Disney has no clear direction of where they are going with these movies and the fandom is beginning to notice. you add that to all the other issues with ST like its disregard for the prequels, lack of originality, almost no non-human characters, claiming the wealthy side of the galaxy was never explored before, etc. and it becomes obvious that Disney is more concerned about making money than to really expand the SW universe and offering views a really unique experience. And now fans are beginning to wonder if all the mistery surrounding the ST is because it’s a secret or because they don’t know the answer either and are making stuff up as they go along.

Like, is Rey’s backstory a secret because it’s fundament to the overall story for it to be a secret or it was just a cheap attempt to create mistery and later have a big reveal? Based on some of the Rian’s interviews it seems like he came up with a lot stuff for TLJ and had a lot of freedom with the plot. That wouldn’t be possible if the ST had been as carefully planned and detailed as some claim it was.

I would do anything for an obi-wan movie and a Hayden cameo. One of the few things that are keeping me interested in TLJ is the possibility of some Obi-Wan/Anakin force-ghost cameos. That and seeing Luke and Leia again is what keeps me going lol

Era affascinante, intrigante, in lui percepivo un pericolo attraente, assomigliava all'oceano, uno splendore fin dove filtra la luce ma il fondale un mistero celato dalle tenebre.
—  Lucrezia Beha
Ambedue non avevano alcun ritegno. Provavano una gioia indicibile a lacerare tutti i veli, a palesare tutti i segreti, a violare tutti i misteri, a possedersi fin nel profondo, a penetrarsi, a mescolarsi, a comporre un essere solo.
—  Gabriele D'Annunzio, “Il piacere”

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Once Larry come out I want any interviewer to show them all the supposed “Larry Kisses” so they can finally reveal which are legit and which aren’t

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I mean


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Ok, this one seems pretty legit but I just want to hear them confirming it

Are those doubles? I don’t even know anymore

I dont even know what this one is



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What is that. WHAT IS THAT.

Plus what really happened in Wellington, that would be nice, thank you very much.